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Why Don’t Mormons Drink Coffee?

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I couldn’t go a day without having at least 1 cup of coffee as it’s a part of my life now. There are some beliefs and religions that limit what the follower can drink/eat with set rules that must be adhered too. These aren’t forced rules. Followers choose to adhere to them.

One of these that I have been made aware of recently that I wanted to share with you is that latter-day saints, commonly known as Mormons, don’t drink coffee. In fact, there are a few drinks they miss out on, but as a coffee blog, we obviously will answer the question – Why Don’t Mormons Drink Coffee?

For Mormons, these aren’t standard rules they must follow, or else, they’re known as the Word of Wisdom. Mormons do not view the Words of Wisdom only as a set of rules but as a revelation from God on his council on how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

 What Does the Word of Wisdom Say About Coffee?

The Latter-day saint’s Word of Wisdom does not explicitly mention coffee, but the lord commands Mormons to abstain from harmful substances. Latter-day Saints are taught not to drink any kind of alcohol, not to use any form of tobacco, and do not drink any hot drink except an herbal tea.

The word of wisdom specifically says: And again, hot drinks are not for the body or belly.

So, the Word of Wisdom is not Specific Against Coffee, Just Hot Drinks?

Book of Mormon

This would’ve been true if coffee came after the words of wisdom, maybe they don’t understand how great coffee is? Perhaps coffee wasn’t around then, so they need to change the words of wisdom.

Sadly, coffee was a popular choice of drink back when the words of wisdom were revealed to Latter-day saints, so when revealed, it would’ve been directly related to stopping Latter-day saints from drinking coffee.

In a recent article by the church of God, I found this quote: “modern prophets and apostles have frequently taught that the Word of Wisdom warns us against substances that can harm us or enslave us to addiction.”

Caffeine is, of course, known to be an addictive and would be directly against what the prophets and apostles in the quite above are talking about, so stopping followers from drinking coffee would be a wise choice.

So, no Hot Coffee, What About an Iced Coffee or a Cold Frappe?

You’re trying to find ways around the rules like I am. Ok, so the words of wisdom say no to all hot drinks, that’s fine because in 2022 we’ve got iced coffees and Frappuccino’s that are cold, have we just found a big loophole in the words spoken by God himself? Surely, we aren’t that smart?

Here is the paragraph from the newly published article updating on the words of wisdom for modern-day use, as mentioned above.

Coffee and espresso drinks: Whether it’s cold brew, lattes, Frappuccino’s or some other Starbucks concoction, it’s pretty much all against the gospel, the church says.

“If you’re in a coffee shop (or any other shop that’s well-known for its coffee), the drink you’re ordering probably has coffee in it, so either never buy drinks at coffee shops or always ask if there’s coffee in it,” the article advises. “Drinks with names that include café or caffé, mocha, latte, espresso, or anything ending in -ccino usually have coffee in them and are against the Word of Wisdom.”

It seems they’ve thought of everything. Which makes sense, leaders of the church are here to interpret the old text and translate and modernize it for us while including new products that could be a loophole. Unfortunately, somebody spread word to the members of the church about iced coffee, and they’ve blocked that.

Do All Latter – Day Saints Stick to This? Every Group Has a Few Rule Breakers!

You’re right, every group does have its own rule breakers who try to break rules behind closed doors, we’ve all done it at some point in our lives, right?

Below, I’ve listed some interesting figures from a 2016 survey called ‘The next Mormons’ – you can view it here in detail: Mormons Survey and www.dialoguejournal.com

  • Four in ten Millennial and GenX Latter-day Saints in the United States said they had consumed caffeinated coffee at some point in the last six months. These are in the dialogue journal above.
  • 62% of current temple recommend holders affirmed that they had not consumed any of the substances forbidden by the Word of Wisdom (alcohol, caffeinated coffee and tea, tobacco, or illegal or recreational drugs)* in the last six months. The other 38% of recommend holders had consumed one or more.
  • In a separate question, younger Mormons were less likely to say that it was “essential” to avoid coffee and tea in order to be a good Mormon. Fewer than a third of Millennials or GenXers said this was an “essential” part of a Mormon identity, compared to 52% of Boomer/Silent Saints

Some of these figures are quite surprising. 40 % of millennials and GenX Mormons are admitting to drinking coffee, and not only that but the thought process of younger Mormons who will soon lead the way is that coffee isn’t so bad after all. You can be a good Mormon and have a love for a Starbucks Cappuccino, who knew! I can’t help but think that these thoughts by younger Mormons will be struck down by the older generation who are currently holding the mantle.

Can Mormons Drink Soft Drinks?

This is a tricky one to answer and is up for debate around the Latter-day saints. Some Mormons are against drinking soda and similar drinks like Coca Cola and Pepsi due to the fact they’re caffeinated, and they believe God wanted them to avoid caffeine altogether.

The Mormon Church, however, does not prohibit Coke or Pepsi in its teachings, so Mormons are free to drink soft drinks, and of course, many do.

What Happens if a Mormon Drinks Coffee?

Do they get kicked out of the club? According to online research, if a Mormon gets caught drinking coffee, it’s unlikely that they’ll get excommunicated. Still, they’ll likely be considered unworthy to enter the temple and will get told they can’t have the spirit with them while putting pollutants in their bodies.

The problem will lie if an active member of the church is trying to persuade others than drinking coffee or tea is ok and that the words of wisdom are wrong in its teachings. That doesn’t become a matter of drinking coffee, but faith itself.

Today we’ve hit you with a religious article around coffee, which may be a lot to digest compared to other articles on the best bulletproof coffee to drink. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll feel more grateful you can drink your cup of coffee freely without guilt that God is watching you, at least I will, anyway.

Why Don’t Mormons Drink Coffee