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White Coffee What Is It? – Ultimate Guide

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Have you ever heard of white coffee, or tasted it? Is it the same thing as the white and black chocolate, or is there some difference to it?

So there are some names out there that can lead to confusing white coffee with something else, for example, there is “Flat White Coffee”, a unique brewing method. The version we are talking about here is actually a type of roasted coffee beans.

With the constant rise of smaller shops around the world, we notice a big rise in the use of micro-roasters and small-batch roasting. This way you have several different options when it comes to flavors because almost all of them get their unique coffee and roast the beans in their places. And thanks to these smaller shops, you’ll be able to find nice white coffee.

How to Make White Coffee

White coffee is made by roasting the beans at a lower temperature than you would usually presume, and for half of the time that it takes to roast normal beans, because the normal coffee is roasted somewhere about 230-250 Degrees©, and the white beans are roasted at 150 Degrees©. This ends up in a lighter brew compared to black coffee. 

To be exact, common coffee is roasted in a few stages. The first stage is called “the endothermic stage” in which the beans are left to dry out. In the second stage, the chemical compounds react and the beans make cracking noises and they grow in size. They also change colors- from green, to whitish and then yellow. At this stage, the beans stop roasting, giving us the characteristic white color, but the exact time of roasting depends on the company’s standards. 

So if it’s white, does it mean it’s better than the regular coffee beans? Is it healthier? Does white coffee stain teeth?

Since white coffee is roasted at lower temperatures and for a shorter amount of time, the less you thermally process something, it makes it healthier, there’s a higher volume of organic acids and other compounds. But it’s not a major health improvement. Overall, it isn’t substantially healthier than regular black coffee. The name “white” is not there because the beans are white, it’s because the drink obtains a white color with the milk stirred in at the end.

Of course, since it’s not dark and black, there will be less teeth discoloration, which is always a good thing. By the way, when it comes to coffee teeth stains, I find it useful to rinse my mouth as soon as finish a cup of coffee.

Flat White Coffee Recipe (Homemade)

What is the recipe for the best white coffee? Are there more recipes or is there just one?

So to make it at home, just follow these few easy steps:

1. Dissolve one shot of instant coffee in a shot of hot water

2. Prepare the milk that you slowly and gently heat on the stove or even in the microwave

3. Pour the coffee into the milk and serve, and then enjoy of course.

This recipe is very similar to the Flat White that is widely known, but it requires a bit advanced equipment such as an espresso machine, that has that special part that heats milk fast and to the desired consistency. A Flat White is an espresso drink with steamed milk that contains small, fine bubbles and so they have a glossy and velvety consistency. Overall, the espresso method is the most practical of them all, since the espresso machines push the water at the right temperature under the right amount of pressure, extracting as much flavor as possible.

The closest that you can get to the desired consistency that resembles milk from the cafѐ, gently heat your milk over the flame, then put it in a jar of some sort, close it and shake it.

The milk you use is also a very important component since somewhere around 30-40% of white coffee is milk. Try using full-fat organic milk that you would drink at breakfast or dinner.

White coffee is great for people who are new to this drink in general, because it’s so smooth, it has a delicious aftertaste, and the flavor is not as strong and pungent as the traditional black coffee. Of course, like any other, add your desired additives, sweeteners or such. One fail-proof addition to your cup is vanilla sugar, or maybe even a little bit of vanilla extract (but just a small drop, since the extract is super concentrated). It’s even okay for the younger population since many of the younger people mind the strong aroma, but still want to have a nice energy boost. Better this than some energy drink.

So where to buy real white coffee beans? It is getting more and more famous around the globe, so most shops and even restaurants should serve this amazing beverage. So go out and see if your local shops serve it, most cities are familiar with this amazing version of the drink. 

When you buy white coffee at a shop, they will sell you ground up beans, and that is good since the beans are way too dense at this stage that they would create chaos in your kitchen if you tried to grind them yourself. Apparently, you need special equipment for it.

White coffee facts

White Coffee _n0

Some people say that this drink has the biggest amount of caffeine in it. If you’re making your Flat White using the espresso method, it will, of course, depend on the beans you use, the machine and so on.

A Flat White contains anywhere from 30 to 40mg of caffeine per 100ml of the drink itself. Generally, the less roasted beans have more caffeine in it.

Some people are skeptical about trying it because they are familiar with the bitter taste that it can have. This bitter taste is a result of a dark-roast. Again, there are so many factors that can make an impact on the taste, so this entire bitterness thing is a hard subject to determine entirely. But basically, the bitterness goes off as the roast goes on.

And yeah, beware of low-grade beans, they are much more likely to be bitter. So if it’s cheaper, it doesn’t mean they’re better.

White Coffee Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros announced the serving of this beverage at their locations. According to them, it has lower acidic elements and contains 70% more caffeine than their three-bean blend. They said it will be a great option for the part of the population that doesn’t care about the taste of regular coffee.

People were hoping for a new, dynamic, magical drink with special qualities when they heard the news about this, but then they found out that it’s just under-roasted regular coffee beans.

White Coffee Indonesia

In Indonesia, the name “White Coffee”, or as the locals call it “kopi putih” are beans that are roasted for much less time at a much lower temperature. The result is a light-colored bean, very harder in structure and different in flavor than regular coffee. It has a savory and mild taste and has a higher concentration of caffeine.

White Coffee Seattle

In Seattle, this drink is very popular and you can find it almost anywhere. There are many bakeries and other places that can sell you this wonderful drink. Some of those are Seattle Works; Storyville Company; Capitol Works, Espresso Vivace Sidewalk Bar; Monorail Espresso and many more yet to be recognized globally.

White Coffee Near me

It is up to you to go out and experience new places, new locations, new memories, and find new favorite shops to go and relax in. Some of the best places recognized globally are Simple Kaffa in Taiwan, The Barn Roastery in Berlin, VCR in Malaysia (very good Malaysian white coffee), Mrs. Atha’s in England, 3fe in Ireland and many more.

In Serbia, for example, you have a lot of Coffee Dream shops, very elegant and comfortable places to have your daily dose of caffeine. A lot of Bistro places, all with different names, Manufaktura, Koffein and a lot of other places.

Are there any white coffee beans near me?

Well, same as the shops, you have to go and look for them. A lovely thing called the Internet will make this a very easy journey. In some countries, for example, Brazil, we suppose that the beans will be way more fresh, since they are produced locally, rather than getting shipped from one part of the world to the other.


What’s the difference between white and black coffee?

White coffee beans go through a different roasting process which gives them the characteristic white color. Basically, white coffee beans are a lot more raw, and they are harder to grind.

Is it healthier?

Not necessarily. White coffee has the same ingredients, and usually it contains a lot of caffeine.

Does it affect teeth discoloration?

Not as much as dark coffee.


It’s a wonderful beverage, great for those new to the coffee world, great flavors all around. As with all drinks, customize it! Do your little magic on it! You might surprise yourself with the tasty concoction you’ve made. Maybe this drink was the one you were searching for.

As we said earlier, the vanilla addition to this amazing caffeine beverage is excellent and it pairs with the flavors and aroma quite well. Milk is also important, it is the thing that gives the velvety body to the drink, so don’t skimp on the milk and use the right sort! Don’t be afraid to try new things! This caffeine beverage is so loved across the globe, it’s so versatile since you can add pretty much anything in it.