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Volcanica Coffee Company Review

volcanica coffee company review
volcanica coffee company review

For those who enjoy coffee, a good blend is everything. But before that, you will need good beans. Volcanica Coffee is a great solution since they offer blends made of the best beans. They have a wide range of products like Volcanica Coffee Blue Mountain, flavored coffee, Volcanica Coffee Metcalf, Kenya, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee, and Costa Rica.

They also offer peaberry beans, Peaberry, and Tanzania Peaberry is especially popular. Peaberry beans are known for their shape, they are more round than regular beans, and therefore easier to roll around while roasting. They also taste slightly different, there is more brightly acidity in them, and their smell is a little bit more complex.

Volcanica Peaberry beans are available even if you like decaf versions. Decaf Peaberry is made for those who love to drink a hot cup but do not prefer to consume caffeine. Besides Peaberry, there are other decaf coffees, from different parts of the world, and enriched with various flavors.

Peaberry beans are known for their unique taste and aroma. They are quite sweeter than the regular ones, and more flavorful, which is why some people prefer them instead of the flat beans. Peaberry beans are smaller in size than the plain one and more round which makes them even easier to roast because they will roll in the roasting machine or any other frying device you are using to roast your beans.

Why Volcanica?

volcanica coffee beans review

Volcanica is a small business, driven with love, faith, and friendship. Since they are family-run businesses, they care for the well being of their customers and their employees. The company is trying to provide the best service for its customers, and they share similar values when it comes to this great drink.

In their offer, they have Volcanica Coffee organic range for those interested in organic products. Their beans are grown in organic farms, and the whole process is done without using harmful chemical substances. They also want to take care of farmers, and to make able for them to have a better profit, thus to live easier. Taking proper care of nature is very important. We should not take it for granted. Being considerate towards people isn’t enough, we need to protect the planet and to stop further damage.

The place of origin of beans is playing a  big part in the coffee business. They tend to choose places that are already well known in the coffee world since there is a reason because those places are so popular. Countries in South America and Africa are the best-known coffee producers. Climate and soil conditions are great for the best coffee beans to grow. Volcanica Coffee beans are usually a single origin, to keep the pure flavor and to keep original taste.

Volcanica, as its name suggests, is grown on the soil near volcanoes, and some of the best world coffees are from regions near volcanoes. The soil is rich with nutrients needed for proper beans growth and development. But what is a secret ingredient? The soil is full of volcanic ash which is making it fertile and so good for coffee. It’s called andisoil, and with right altitude is crucial for some types of coffees.

Besides these great features given by nature, there are other good things contributed by Volcanica stuff. Their service and work ethic is great and driven by faith and love. Your coffee will be fresh since they always make sure to pay attention to each of their customers. It’s something rare today, but Volcanica Coffee is making it look easy and manageable.

volcanica coffee reviews

Even though coffee beans seem rough and hard, they are very sensitive, especially when they are roasted. The flavors in coffee are reducing quickly, and it’s best to use roasted beans within two weeks after they are prepared. Volcanica is roasting them just before they dispatch them so you can enjoy fresh coffee as long as possible. They also have the option of „roasted on-demand“ for most of their coffees.

Where and how to buy Volcanica Coffee?

Volcanica Coffee is available on the online store, and they ship from their roastery that is located near Atlanta, Georgia. If you are looking for international shipments, they ship worldwide, and they have various Volcanica Coffee shipping options, so there is a way for you to enjoy their delicious products.

volcanica cofffee company review

Types of coffees available at Volcanica online shop:

Volcanica Blue Mountain

These beans are coming from Jamaica, and it’s very popular with coffee lovers. It’s a great combination of sweetness, acidity, and great aroma. It’s mild and for those who don’t like bitterness, Blue Mountain coffee is great since it’s known for its lack of bitterness. Volcanica Blue Mountain is coming from the very heart of the Blue Mountains area, which is noted for one of the best coffees in the whole world.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

It’s ideal for those who don’t like their cup strong, with a sweet taste and beautiful aroma. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is very fragrant, and ideal for hot and cold brews. Its mellow and mild taste is usually accompanied by berries, nuts, chocolate, lemon, or wine flavor. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee is frequently rated as one of the best Arabica coffee in the world.

Tanzania peaberry

Grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania peaberry is known for its intense brightness and high acidity. It’s usually medium roasted, but Volcanica also offers dark roast on demand for those who love it this way. It has a sweet finish and a very rich flavor. People say that it has chocolate or fruity flavor, with some hints of citrus fruit, coconut, and pineapple. It can be consummated hot or iced, as one wishes.

Estate coffee

Some coffee lovers and experts prefer to drink only Estate coffee, and you can find it at Volcanica online shop. Estate coffee is a blend made of beans from the same farm or estate since they are so good that there is no need to mix them with beans other farms or estates. This is just another proof that Volcanica is taking care of its standards and is trying to be at the top with the coffee makers in the world.

Available flavors

When it comes to flavors, Volcanica is keeping up with some of the strongest brands worldwide, they have a wide range of regular flavors, even some crazy ones. Amaretto, Caramel chocolate, Chocolate raspberry, Creme brulee, Irish cream, or Pina colada. Just name it, chances are high that your favorite flavor is available at their online store.

They have a Holliday section full of tasty flavors with funny names like Java Jingle, Mistletoe Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, Eggnog, Rudolph Peppermint Stick, or Sleigh Bells Vanilla.

Metcalf Coffee

Among their big offer,  there is something special for football lovers, Official Fullcaf Metcalf Coffee, inspired by Seattle Seahawks player DK Metcalf. It was made after Metcalf was called „Decaf Metcalf“, so it was great a idea to promote his name and Volcanica brand. They also have a caffeinated version, because it was demanded due to its popularity.

Fairtrade coffee:

Volcanica has shown that they can be picky when it comes to the source of their beans. They have certain conditions for farmers to meet about the environment, and they are showing efforts in our collective aim to save the planet. They also take care of their farmers and make sure that they can earn enough money to provide their families and their own business. It’s a nice thing to see and it’s encouraging for other companies to follow this example.

volcanica coffee beans review

Financial side:

Volcanica is offering a great deal, good quality products for a significantly smaller amount of money comparing to other coffee companies. They sell 16oz of coffee for the same price as other companies sell only 8oz. This is a very promising start, but Volcanica Coffee has very good products, so it is great in every way, you can still enjoy a fresh cup and save some of your money without losing on quality.


Volcanica shows many good sides, first of all, a great product is their trademark. They have a wide range of products, they ship worldwide, and they listen to their customers very carefully. This is why they have a lot of satisfied customers all around the globe and the number is rising constantly.

We also need to mention their great relationship with farmers, and the way they treat the environment. Last decades have been rough for Planet Earth, and some companies, including They, are trying to make it up to our planet by taking care of the environment.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs):

Why is Volcanica Coffee different from others?

Volcanica Coffee is offering a good quality product, double the amount of product for the same price comparing to other companies, and they are contributing to fair trade coffee.

What are the most popular coffees at Volcanica?

Blue Mountain, Volcanica Coffee Metcalf, Kenya, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee, and Costa Rica.

Where to buy Volcanica Coffee?

They have an online store and they ship worldwide.