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How to Make a Traditional Turkish Coffee (An Ultimate Guide)

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Most people cannot imagine a morning without caffeine kick, and since coffee is one of the most popular and most consumed beverages, it is crucial to understand different types of it. If you would like to enjoy a strong and flavorful brew that will provide you boost of energy as soon as you get up, Turkish coffee is the best way to do it.

We are talking about unique coffee, which is not that, common in the Western world, but it is still efficient when it comes to its health and taste benefits.

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Before we provide you a comprehensive guide on how to make it, we wish to present you the entire significance that you will get with it.

What is Turkish Coffee?

The first thing you should know when it comes to Turkish coffee is that it is originated in European and Middle Eastern countries such as Greece, Iran, and Turkey.

It comes from finely ground coffee beans that you combine with water, and in most cases sugar, with an idea to bring the beverage to a foaming stage.

The best way to make this particular type of coffee is by using a traditional pot, which is called cezve. As soon as it reaches the desired stage of foam and brew, you should place it into the cups.

Have in mind that when compared with filter coffee, the grind will remain at the bottom during the consumption. Since it is unfiltered, it means that you will be able to enjoy higher caffeine concentration when compared with other preparation methods.

You can serve it with sugar or unsweetened, and add cardamom as the common ingredient to improve its overall taste.

Benefits of Turkish Coffee

  • Enhances Athletic Performances – Since the caffeine is used to spike your mental and physical levels and performance, Turkish coffee is an excellent beverage because it features a concentration of caffeine, which is highly beneficial for most athletes. According to one study, athletes that consumed Turkish coffee experienced performance benefits such as raised energy levels and reaction time when compared with people that drank other types of coffee.
  • It Contains Healthy Compounds – We have mentioned above that Turkish coffee tends to be unfiltered, which means that it features more minerals and beneficial compounds than other brewed coffees. We are talking about chlorogenic acids that will provide you numerous health benefits in general. For instance, it can help you improve cholesterol, blood sugar levels, inflammation as well as high blood pressure.
  • Protection Against Dementia – Caffeine is a potent alkaloid that will help you protect your brain against severe and chronic neurological issues and conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Reduces Risks Of Specific Conditions – Studies have confirmed that Turkish coffee can quickly reduce the chances of getting heart disease and diabetes as well as liver cirrhosis, endometrial cancer, and depression.

Facts you Should Know About Turkish Coffee

  • Historical Significance – Have in mind that coffee was brought in Istanbul by Syrian traders in the middle of the 16th century, and it became the essential part of Ottoman’s ceremonies in general. For instance, the sultan always got coffee by the specific people that were hired to do it, and this ritual played an important role in marriage customs and other social gatherings.
  • The Famous Coffeehouses – Five centuries ago, the first coffeehouse was opened in the Tahtakale, and since then they started to be the central part of social life for men in Turkey. These places were the centers of oral culture in which playwrights created shadow plays.Even nowadays, coffeehouses are still places in which men can talk politics, socialize, and play backgammon over coffee or cup of tea.
  • UNESCO Cultural Heritage – Due to its particular way of preparation as well as rich communal culture and brewing techniques, in 2003, UNESCO implemented it into cultural heritage list. This specific tradition presented an idea of hospitality as well as friendship, so coffeehouses, as we have mentioned above, were necessary for social gatherings and inspiration for poets and playwrights.
  • Fortune Telling – Turkish coffee cup reading is one of the most popular ways of fortune telling primarily because grounds inside the cup are representing both future and past of the drinker. Since the layer of properties appears at the very bottom, the idea is to close the cup and turn it over. As soon as the cup cools down, it will create shapes that people could read, and this became an essential factor that connected people throughout the times.

Turkish Coffee vs. Espresso: Caffeine Content

When compared traditional espresso that most people from the Western world consume, you should have in mind that caffeine intake is highly similar and varies depending on beans and roast that you decide to purchase.

Therefore, consuming and making coffee from the dark roast will result in high levels of caffeine, and espresso machine will not extract too much of it, which means that you will be able to enjoy it along the way.

In most cases, people enjoy for Turkish coffee since the water is always in contact with the coffee, so you will extract more caffeine when compared with espresso.

Turkish Coffee vs. Espresso: Grind

When it comes to Turkish coffee, you should have in mind that it requires finer ground when compared with other types of coffee, and it is finer than espresso in general.

Even though espresso features a fine grind, Turkish coffee is finer for one level, and you will get the coffee that resembles soft powder and consistency of flour.

When you decide to go to the roaster, most of them will provide you an option to get beans in espresso consistency, but they do not offer service to help you grind coffee so that it can reach floury state.

On the other hand, you can find pre-packaged Turkish coffee so that you can rest assured and use it straight from it.

Regular grinders can help you make this particular type of coffee, but if you want to make it perfect, we recommend you to purchase burr grinder that will help you along the way.

Turkish Coffee vs. Espresso: Taste

When compared with espresso, Turkish coffee features rich flavor due to its intense and dark perspective that will provide you the real sense of strength and boost. Since it is not filtered, you will get other textures as well throughout the beverage.

It may start frothy due to creamy foam, and it will get grittier and muddier as you drink it, but that should not be a deal-breaker for you. Since it features this particular experience and texture, you should consume it gradually and slowly without the wish to drink it as soon as possible.

On the other hand, espresso can quickly get calm down, and you get to consume it in a single sip, and you will notice refreshing, clear and robust taste that will provide you a completely different experience than Turkish coffee.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Prepare Perfect Turkish Coffee

If you want to prepare it yourself inside the kitchen you own, you do not have to worry because you do not need an expensive machine or kettle that will boil the water. Of course, it is vital to have a few supplies.

We have mentioned above that Turkish coffee requires unfiltered brewing, and when you serve it, grounds will settle at the very bottom of the cup. This particular method of serving and brewing will provide you stable and strong coffee, and it is usually served with water on the side.

Things you Need

You will not be able to brew this particular type of coffee by using a coffee maker or machine. However, you will need the old and traditional one that you would place on stove. At the same time, you will need a coffee ground that will allow you to do it.

Most coffee shops and roasters should make a completely fine coffee by using Turkish Grinder, however, you will be able to purchase it for affordable price tag both online and in specialty shops.

Apart from the grinder, you will need this equipment:

  • Turkish grinder
  • Coffee pot
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Spoon
  • Turkish Coffee

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Type of Beans you Should Consider

Even though the Arabica is tastier and will provide you citrus and chocolate notes, have in mind that this particular coffee can be made with any bean that you prefer. The main idea is to find the one that will meet your taste so that you can improve overall enjoyment.

When it comes to roast, we recommend you to start with a medium roast, because the process of preparation will require roasting beans even more on the stove. In case you go too dark, the outcome may be too intense for you in general.

Step-By-Step Guide

As soon as you gather all the materials and supplies you require, it is vital to start with the perfect Turkish coffee experience.

Have in mind that this particular process will not take too long when compared with brewing other types of coffee, and you will get a unique coffee experience that you can enjoy all the way.

  1. Place the desired amount of water inside the pot based on the numbers of cups you wish to make afterward.
  2. It is essential to heat it over medium heat until it reaches the point of boiling.
  3. The next step is vital because you should add one tablespoon of ground coffee per cup, which means that if you are making four cups, you should add four tablespoons inside and add the appropriate amount of water for it. Do not stir anything to wait for it.
  4. The first coffee goes with sugar that you place inside the pot, but it can go sugarless as well based on your specific taste and preferences. Avoid stirring it up yet.
  5. Do not leave it from the stove but wait for the sugar and coffee to sink inside and to dissolve, and stir it until you notice foam.
  6. As soon as foam creates a ring, you should remove it from the stove or another heat source.
  7. Do not allow it to boil ultimately, but keep stirring to create better and more luxurious foam than before. The more foam it has, the better it will taste, and that is something you have to remember.
  8. Maintain the foaming stage as much as you can, and as it starts to rise, you should remove it from heat and wait for it to fall. Repeat this particular process a few times before it gets perfect.
  9. Place it into the cups by adding a small portion to each cup so that everyone could enjoy in beautiful and rich foamy taste and strong caffeine intake.

How To Drink Turkish Coffee

Apart from the specific and unique brewing method, you should have in mind that you should drink it appropriately so that you can ensure that you get the most out of it.

  • Always pour a separate glass of water next to a Turkish coffee because strength may overwhelm you along the way.
  • You should wait for a few minutes after boiling for grounds to settle down at the bottom.
  • Take a sip so that you can determine whether it is okay to drink or not.
  • Always sip slowly and do it for each cup in a small portion.

It is essential to understand that drinking Turkish coffee is not something you can do on-to-go because it is ritual, and you have to follow the artistic approach that you will get by doing it. Therefore, the experience will be much better than before.

Have in mind that it is exotic beverage for people that live in the Western world, so if you have an opportunity to enjoy it, and you are a coffee lover, we recommend you to do it.


As a coffee lover and enthusiast, you should know that drinking Turkish coffee would bring you a completely new and unique experience that you cannot find in filtered drinks and espresso coffees you drank before.

That is why you should first try it in specialty shops, and if you like it follow this guide so that you can make the perfect cup within your household.

In case you have anything to add, we recommend you to leave a comment in a section below.