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Tea vs. Coffee for Weight loss: Which is better?

tea vs coffee

We are all aware that tea and coffee are the world’s two most popular drinks. Just the number of tons imported and exported each year into the US alone, let alone the whole world, are just mind-boggling.

When it comes to tea vs. coffee popularity, some would say that tea is the winner, but not by a long shot. Both beverages are widely consumed around the globe and both coffee and tea are great options if you’re looking for a boost in the morning, or just a relaxing time-out during the day. But at the end of the day, which one of these is better if you are trying to lose a few kilos?

We will go in detail about the nutritional facts regarding our two favorite drinks, giving you the correct information, if you’re looking for every method for optimizing your health and body.

Tea vs. Coffee-Caffeine

Since coffee is a stronger drink than tea, it would come to a surprise to many that tea leaves contain more caffeine than coffee beans, but only before brewing.

An average cup of tea could contain anywhere around 10mg of caffeine, while it’s opponent could contain anywhere from 70-145mg, depending on the variety, temperature control, and brewing method.

Also, to the surprise of many, people do drink tea, more often the black tea, for a boost in the morning that is provided by the average cup of Joe as well. This is maybe because more people prefer it since it is a “greener” beverage because tea is more eco-friendly than coffee.

However, the flavors that these two drinks offer are two completely different flavors, and some cultures simply imply more on one drink, and some on the other.

So in the end, tea vs. coffee in the morning is a suitable comparison, since they both provide a boost of energy and a small increase in focus and mood. The fact that both of them are drinks is why they kind off lift you since when you wake up in the morning, your body is still partially asleep.

Drinking fluids while your body isn’t fully wakened up, refreshes your system and gets it up and running, and that is the major part why you feel more aware; though we do not recommend drinking any kind of energy drinks, because the commercialized liquid that is designed purely for profit isn’t the best idea to wake up, and surely not the best idea if you’re looking to lose a few pounds!

Tea vs. Coffee Drinkers

Tea vs. coffee consumption does show a difference in its drinkers. Of course, this may differ depending on who you ask, but in general, coffee consumers seem to be a bit tense than those who drink tea.

This is of course because it contains a lot more caffeine, so they are a bit more “excited” as we can put it. There is no saying that tea drinkers cannot be tense, or that coffee can’t make you relax, because it very well can! As we said, it’s all about who you ask on this topic. One thing we can confirm is that tea drinkers have better tea health since the ground coffee beans in your cup can stick to your teeth. If you ask them about weight loss, it will be two-sided as well, since group T will tell you that they consume a drink that is less-caffeinated and less caloric, while group C (as we’re sure that you figured out which one is preferring which drink) will tell you that their drink releases chemical compounds that activate the brain to start spending the fat reserves in your body, and that if you drink their drink before hitting the gym, you are for sure to lose a bit more weight than if you didn’t drink. Group T will tell you that tea is better than coffee for anxiety, while Group C will tell you otherwise. This never-ending quarrel about which drink is better can generally be simplified in one sentence: There are two types of people!

Several comparisons:

We have to take into consideration that there are multiple versions to each drink, therefore, we can put some into direct comparison to see what kind of results they have on weight loss for you to see:

First of all, we talk about espresso. A cup of espresso has much less quantity than the average cup of Joe, so to think that it’s better for weight loss is logical, right?

Well, it turns out that espresso is slightly different, but only because it has its brewing method using high-power hot steam combined with water that you can hardly recreate without an espresso machine. And remember that it has a layer on top called “crema”, which other coffees don’t have. The thing is, it’s very often combined with sugar and all sorts of milky-fatty additions that aren’t the best (and not the worst) thing if you’re looking to lose a few kilos. And as any cup of Joe, regardless of its form, on an empty stomach, it can create some unwanted stomach pains, let alone if it was a bad espresso, which is out there in some cafes, so be on the lookout for that.

Then let’s turn to its opponent, group T. We will be discussing caffeine in green tea vs. coffee.  It contains anywhere from 27-45mg of caffeine, so that makes its caffeine content three of four times lower than the average cup of its opponent, group C. It also contains certain compounds that help your body to metabolize fat, and the best kind is Matcha green tea, that contains the most antioxidants and nutrients, and it can make a slight headache go away. We can say for sure that when it comes to green tea vs. coffee for weight loss, group T is the winner, but keep in mind that all of these benefits are not significantly higher, but they after all better overall.

One more thing- the additives we add to our drink to make them more smooth, silky, sweet, and such is also a component of the entire weight loss process. Group C’s main additives are sugars and milk, while group T’s main additives are lemon and honey, to which there is no discussion about which one is healthier and more suitable for weight loss (Group T, just to be sure for skeptics). Although you can try adding honey to a cup of Joe, which is recommended because of its advantages over sugar, lemon can be a problem, because it can make the drink too acidic, while lemon is an excellent addition to a cup of tea, because of its complementary effects on the flavor. Overall, lemon tea vs. coffee for weight loss is yet another no discussion topic- group T is the winner, and again, not by a long shot, but just by a step above it.

In the end, we did come to knowledge on which one is the winner. Some would disagree because as we said, the competition between the two has two sides saying that their drink is better for weight loss. On the topic of tea vs. coffee for weight loss, there are tons of battles about tea vs. coffee on Reddit and the competition has gone to even the extent of creating a lot of tea vs. coffee memes. Both group C and group T have some qualities that are suitable for weight loss, but group T simply has the “greener” aspect overall. Like we said before, the advantages are not that big, and you should not expect any major weight loss results by switching from one beverage to another. You shouldn’t even expect any major weight loss results by only drinking, but both beverages are an amazing complementary to the entire process because of their chemical nature and the compounds inside that makes your body a bit more “workable”.

If you do decide on the change of your beverage for the good of your health, now you know for sure which option is the one to go for. Group Twins over Group C!

Final Verdict

My recommendation would be- combine the two! If you’re a die-hard group T fan than stick to your present technique. But if you’re a group C fan, then try adjusting the time you drink which beverage. Maybe a cup of Joe is better for you in the morning, since it will give you a larger boost, but tea in the afternoon or the evening,

Frequently asked questions(FAQs):

Which is more healthy, tea, or coffee?

Both drinks are good and healthy for you, but when put into direct comparison, tea is the healthier option because of its benefits for your brain and its higher content of nutrients.

Which tea is the best for weight loss?

Green tea is the best one for weight loss, and the Matcha kind is the optimal option.

How much weight will I lose if I drink a cup a day?

Drinking either tea or coffee every day isn’t the thing that will set you back a few pounds, but it is a great addition to a good diet or exercise because then it does have effects on weight loss.