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Jura Z8 Coffee Machine Review 2022

jura z8 review

Jura Z8 coffee machine is the first of its type. It offers 21 different beverages to choose from, making it a great machine to bring home.

With a touchscreen of 4.3″, navigation through the several options becomes a breeze and the specialty options let you customize your cup of coffee exactly according to your demands.

The Smart Connect option makes it great for people who are always in a hurry, as you can control your machine using the Jura Coffee application on your phone.

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Jura Z8 Coffee Machine Review 2020
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Jura Z8 is the world’s best super-automatic coffee machine, which not only serves a huge variety of drinks but also lets you fully customize the menu and the graphics associated with each drink.


A single click on the app will indicate the machine to start brewing your coffee so you can have it on the go. This can be a great feature as it removes the need to get up and prepare your next cup of coffee.

The huge variety of drinks offered by Jura Z8 is what seems to catch everyone’s attention. It offers 21 different drinks, which include Ristretto, Espresso, Coffee, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Café Barista, Americano, Macchiato, Latte Macchiato, Flat White, a portion of milk foam, a portion of milk, a jug of coffee, hot water, green tea, and black tea.

Unlike most machines, this one does not concentrate on any specific drink. Each beverage has its unique taste.

The design of Jura Z8 makes sure that it stands out at every countertop and looks sleek and stylish, while also blending in with the interior.

One of its defining features is the simultaneous heating of milk and brewing of coffee, exclusively using its two thermoblock heating systems and two pumps, so you do not have to wait long to satisfy all your coffee cravings.

The other notable features of Jura Z8 include fully customizable drinks, integrated coffee grinder, the patented Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.), and smart connectivity.

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Jura Z8 Coffee Machine Review: Pros and Cons


  • Automated machine, hence easy and fast to use
  • The touchscreen panel is easy and fun to use
  • Does not require heavy maintenance
  • Offers a consistent taste
  • The app is reliable and makes it easy to prepare coffee
  • Customization features are excellent


  • A little on the expensive side
  • Bigger and heavier than other machines on the market

All in all, it is an easy to use super-automatic coffee machine that can be perfect for both coffee enthusiasts and coffee novices.

Jura Z8 Coffee Machine Review: Specifications

The sleek and stylish look of Jura Z8 makes it perfect for those who are very particular about the aesthetics of their countertops, as although it is a little big, 12.6 x 17.7 x 15 inches in dimensions, it definitely adds up to the elegance of your space.

The casing of the coffee machine is a mix of metal and plastic and the entire system weighs around 25 pounds.

The 4.3-inch high-resolution color touch screen display lets you customize the system according to your requirements, as well as navigate through the options already available.

You can scroll through the menu just by a swipe of your fingers, which is more easy, efficient, time-saving, and swift than the conventional use of buttons and knobs.

The 21 different drink options consist of 16 drinks, 3 brew options, and 2 milk options. The 16 various drinks are all of the cafe grades, with the highest possible quality you can make at your home, and with a high level of consistency. Moreover, the settings are customizable, so you can adjust the quantities of the ingredients exactly as per your choice.

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It offers three different brew options:

  • Single shot for those who prefer light coffee
  • Double shot for those who want the ‘kick’ from their coffee
  • Full so you do not have to go through the hassle of making a single cup again and again.

You can choose from two milk options – splash or foam.

Customization is what makes Jura Z8 the best among its competitors.

The 2.4L water tank has light blue illumination and a filter cartridge at the side of the coffee machine, so you do not have to move around the entire machine to access it.

The water from the water tank is accessible through the hot water spout, which is situated close to the coffee spout for easy accessibility.

The height and width of the coffee spouts can be adjusted according to the height of your coffee cup, so you never have to compromise on using your tall coffee mugs in the morning.

The cup platform is also adjustable and has a drip tray situated right below it to make sure you do not have to deal with any mess. You can conveniently slide out the drip tray, rinse it with water, and place it right back in its position in case you have to deal with accidental spills.

The coffee grounds container is situated behind the cup platform. You can access it by pulling out the platform. The container has a maximum capacity of 280 grams, which is equivalent to around 20 servings of coffee.

The On/Off button is located at the top of the coffee machine, along with the coffee bean container.

The coffee bean container has an aroma preservation cover on its top, which ensures that the beans do not lose their freshness and aroma over time. This is of huge importance because coffee beans can lose their freshness if not kept sealed.

Along with these two major components, the top also contains a rotary switch, a covered powder chute for ground coffee, and a covered grinder adjustable switch.

The center of attention of the entire system is the touch screen display that makes navigation easy. Along with variety, you can save proportions for customized drinks in the system, so you do not have to set the amount of ingredients every time you have to make it.

Jura Z8 Coffee Machine Features:

JURA GIGA 6 Automatic Coffee Machine

Here are some of the most notable features of this machine:

1 Integrated Grinder

Jura Z8 has an AromaG3 integrated grinder that removes the need to worry about grinding.

The grinder grinds exactly the required amount of coffee beans, thus ensuring that the particular aroma and flavor of the coffee are intact and none of the beans go to waste.

The AromaG3 grinder is also known to be twice as fast as other grinders, hence you will not have to waste hours waiting for your cup of coffee.

2 Jura Operating Experience (J.O.E.)

Jura Z8 is the first automated coffee machine by Jura that supports Jura Operating Experience (J.O.E) for iOS as well as Android devices within the United States of America. This allows you to have complete control over your coffee machine.

J.O.E comes with an additional feature of a Jura App, through which you can access all the information related to your Jura Z8. This includes, but is not limited to, maintenance instructions, how-to videos, and a wide array of cleaning accessories that you can buy to make maintenance easier.

In addition to this, you can use Bluetooth to connect your Jura Z8 with other Bluetooth supported counterparts, such as a Cool Control Wireless milk cooler.

3 CLEARYL Smart Water Filter

The Smart Water Filter by CLEARYL is integrated within the Jura Z8 system, so you do not have to worry about filtering water before adding it to the tank. The filter will do it for you every time you start making coffee for yourself, so you only have to refill the water tank when it becomes empty.

When the filter is activated and running, the top of the display will show a blue filter symbol. If the display does not show it, check to ensure the filter is correctly placed.

When the water filter needs to be replaced, the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) within the filter will let you know and you can swap it to a new one. The filter is reliable and will run for a good few months.

4 P.E.P. Technology

P.E.P. technology focuses on automation and improving the speed, simplicity, flexibility, and accuracy of the machine’s automated processes.

The machine goes through the entire process every time you use it to prepare coffee. None of the ingredients is processed before you need them, whether it be grinding the coffee beans, brewing the coffee, or heating the milk.

This is what ensures your coffee always tastes fresh and delicious.

5 Touchscreen Display

Touchscreen Display Z8

The touch screen helps you navigate through the two pages of the variety of drinks, along with their graphics and coffee labels.

The screen responds to both: tap and swipe. The tap feature allows you to click and select options, whether it be customization in the ingredients or a selection of your favorite coffee.

The swipe feature allows you to navigate through the pages (up and down and left and right) to look at all the options available.

If you still need any more details, there is also a rotary switch at the top right corner of the machine, which takes you to more technical details and information.

6 Milk Settings

The customizable milk settings let you adjust the texture and temperature of the milk exactly as per your liking.

The fine foam technology lets you play with the thickness of the milk, which especially comes in very handy if you are using Jura Z8 to make cappuccino or latte.

You can try a handful of different combinations of milk textures and temperatures to find the one that suits your requirements the best, and then you can save it in the system’s settings so you do not have to go through the hassle of making the adjustments every single time.

Jura Z8 Coffee Machine Review: FAQ

How to set up the Jura Z8 Coffee Machine?

Once you get your Jura Z8, the installation and initial set up is not very difficult. The box contains a disconnectable power cord, which you will have to attach to the back of the machine.
Once it is attached, you can fill the water tank with water and the coffee bean hopper with coffee beans. Make sure you attach the transparent aroma preservation seal on the top of the coffee bean hopper after filling it, so your coffee beans can stay fresh and aromatic for a long period of time.

If you want your coffee to have milk in it, you will need to attach a separate milk container, such as a vacuum milk container or a milk cooler, to the coffee machine through the dual spout.

The touch screen will be there to assist you throughout the installation process, as step by step instructions will keep popping up on the screen. Also, you can customize the preset drink options if you want any changes in the proportion of ingredients.

It is recommended to go through the product settings, maintenance status, display settings, amount of water, and other options to make sure you are familiar and accustomed to all of them.
Once the coffee machine is set up, you are all ready to brew your first cup of coffee.

How to use the Jura Z8 Coffee Machine?

The first screen that appears on the touch screen upon starting the machine says ‘Welcome to Jura’, followed by ‘Machine is heating’.

Once the machine heats up enough, it goes into a self-cleaning mode, with the screen saying ‘Machine is rinsing’.

As soon as the machine cleans itself, it is ready to use and the standard screen will appear before your eyes from which you can choose from a variety of different drinks to start your day.

If you want any more options apart from the ones displayed on the screen, you can use the rotary switch to explore the advance options.

Before clicking on your required choice of coffee, make sure you have a cup placed beneath the dual spout, on the cup platform.
Once you click on your preferred coffee option, the machi
ne will start making it with the preset proportion of ingredients.

You can always customize this according to your liking by exploring the advanced settings. Also, if you need to stop the coffee-making process in the middle, you can click on the ‘Cancel’ button on the rotary switch to halt the process.

If you are in the mood for something like latte or cappuccino, which has milk, you might need to attach a milk container to the coffee machine.
The milk texture and temperature will be according to preset conditions, which can be customized.

Can we use ground beans?

Yes, you can.
If you prefer pre-ground coffee over freshly ground coffee beans, you can leave the coffee bean hopper empty and add pre-ground coffee through the powder chute.

Make sure not to overfill it, as the screen will display a message saying ‘Not enough ground coffee’ if it is underfilled.

The remaining process is the same. After you close the powder chute, you just have to select your choice of coffee and it will be ready in no time.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, the machine comes with a 2-year warranty in the US. There are, however, some terms and conditions so make sure to read the fine print.

How to Clean And Maintain the Jura Z8?

Minor cleaning needs to be done after every use, which includes a couple of basic steps.

You will have to empty and rinse the coffee grounds container and the drip tray with warm water and clean the dual spout with running water. Moreover, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the entire machine, including the touch screen (make sure the touch feature is locked while doing so, which you can disable under the Maintenance Status).

Apart from daily cleaning, you will have to incorporate a new milk pipe every three months and have to descale and clean the water tank thoroughly after regular intervals.

The features offered by Jura Z8 come in handy especially while cleaning, as there are a couple of programmed cleaning tasks incorporated within the system to make the process easier and more convenient for you.

Jura Z8 Coffee Machine Review:

Jura Z8 Coffee Machine Review

To conclude it all, although Jura Z8 has a comparatively higher price tag attached to it, it’s still worth the money, especially if you are a regular coffee drinker.

Get the Jura Z8 here.

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