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Jura WE8 Coffee Machine 2023 | Review

jura we8

It can be hard to find the right coffee machine that can deliver cup after cup without fail. This is of great importance especially in an office where everyone is a power drinker and no two people have the same coffee order.

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Some people prefer regular flat-white, while others prefer to be more adventurous and crave a new type of coffee every day.

You need a coffee machine that not only has a generous-sized coffee bean storage, but also has a long list of drinks that it can prepare within seconds.

You might be wondering what coffee machine fits all the above requirements. This is why we are here to talk about the Jura WE8 coffee machine.

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In this Jura WE8 review, we’ll have a complete look at the machine:

About the Jura Company

Coffee fanatics consider Jura as the pioneer of pure and aromatic coffee.

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Whether it’s the traditional American espresso, a fancy latte or a simple flat white, Jura coffee machines are equipped with innovative and smart technology that make them capable of providing you with every type of coffee.

First established in 1930, Jura has been the mastermind behind some of the most innovative technologies that are only found in Jura coffee machines.

These machines have quickly become the top choice of baristas, coffee fanatics and even those who want the taste of professionally made coffee from the comfort of their homes.

What Makes Jura Coffee Machines So Special?

A sleek design that is both modern and minimalistic is not the only thing that Jura coffee machines have to offer.


These coffee machines stand at the forefront of what a ‘super-automatic coffee machine’ actually means.

Jura coffee machines offer a simple bean-to-cup experience that is fully automated all the way from grinding the coffee beans to producing a hot cup of aromatic coffee.

When it comes to offering the infamous bean-to-cup experience in an office, the Jura WE8 coffee machine has a lot to offer.

1 Features and Functions

The Jura WE8 coffee machine has been called the best office coffee machine. Not only does it fully automate every aspect of the coffee making experience, but it does so with accuracy and speed that remains unmatched.

2 Innovative Brewing Technologies

If there is one thing that Jura coffee machines are famous for, it is the innovative technologies that they make use of. However, the Jura WE8 coffee machine has set the bar higher with its brewing technologies.

The first brewing technology worth pointing out is the I.P.B.A.S. technology. This technology works on preparing the coffee beans for the next step.

It makes use of a special process to lock the aroma in the coffee beans so that they do not lose their original roasted aroma even through the grinding process.

Next comes the P.E.P (Pulse Extraction Process). This step involves pushing ground beans through water in short intervals. This process helps to further maximize the aroma.

3 Pre-Brew Aroma System

Jura coffee machine is the first of its kind to introduce an innovative pre-brew aroma system.

This system marinates the coffee beans in water at optimum temperatures for a short period of time according to the drink you choose.

This process helps to further extract the flavor as well as the aroma from the coffee beans to help make your coffee more flavorful and aromatic.

4 Water System


The Jura WE8 is equipped with a large 101 ounce tank. It will not require constant refills and can easily produce more than 20 cups of coffee.

The water tank comes with a smart water filter that continuously removes any impurities from the water that you pour into the water reservoir.

Having pure, filtered water is the true ingredient that makes flavorful coffee and with its smart filter, the Jura WE8 coffee machine provides just that.

5 Coffee Options and Customization


Thanks to the very intelligent engineers over at Jura, this coffee machine comes pre-programmed with some of the most popular drinks.

This includes 3 coffee-only drinks including Ristretto, Americano and Espresso. On the other hand, it also has 3 milk-based drinks including cappuccino, latte and flat white.

These six options mean that you will not have to spend time customizing your everyday coffee.

Additionally, you can also choose to add a layer of froth or creamy top to your beverage.

In case you need a coffee of your own creation, the WE8 still provides room for customization.

Jura WE8 allows you to customize the temperature of your coffee, the strength and even the volume water effortlessly with a few button presses.

The best part is that it allows users to save their customized beverage settings for next time.

6 Coffee Bean Hopper


The coffee machine comes with a coffee bean hopper that can easily accommodate 17.6 ounces of roasted beans. This may sound like a small amount to some, but when paired with the 101 ounce large water tank, you get almost 30 cups of ordinary coffee without requiring any refills.

Additionally, the bean hopper has also been fitted with a Flavor Preservation Cover. This cover is a small, yet innovative feature that has been introduced by Jura to safe lock the freshness and aroma of the coffee beans while they sit in the hopper.

7 Bypass Doser

It can keep up to 2 full scoops of grounded coffee.

The small amount comes as a benefit, though. It means you get the freshest brew every time.

8 Efficient Burr Grinder

The WE8 coffee machine grinds your coffee beans using a special conical burr grinder. This burr grinder effectively grinds all the coffee beans without taking too much time.

It works quietly and can be kept anywhere without worries.

Moreover, the grinder settings are truly remarkable and worth pointing out for sure. The WE8 offers not one, not two, but 7 different grinder settings.

9 Smartphone Friendly

Using the Bluetooth in your phone and the JOE app by Jura, you can have full control of your coffee machine all from the comfort of your room.

Whether it’s selecting and choosing a drink or customizing your own beverage, you can do it all with a few taps on the JOE app.

This feature is truly unique and something only Jura users can experience.

10 Cleaning and Maintenance

The Jura WE8 coffee machine lives up to its name of being a professional coffee machine all thanks to its self-maintaining features.

With other coffee machines, you need to take out the milk and coffee systems and rinse them out separately. With the self-rinsing feature incorporated into the WE8, it completely takes away the hassle of doing it yourself.

The rinsing routine is done each time you power up your coffee machine and again when you turn it off.

Additionally, there is also a flushing system installed in the milk container which will routinely flush out the system, thus preventing the milk from spoiling.

11 Coffee Spigot


In addition to the two coffee spigots that can accommodate mugs of various sizes, the WE8 coffee machine also has an additional coffee spigot located on its side panel.

This additional spigot can be a great option for offices where you need to serve a number of people all at once.

Jura has certainly kept professional life in mind while designing the WE8 coffee machine.

Aesthetics of the Machine and Form Factor

With an incredibly elegant finish, the Jura WE8 is both professional and simple. Its clean and aluminum-like design hides the fact that its outer casing is made of plastic.


It will seem as though stainless steel and aluminum are the only two components incorporated in the design of the WE8.

One downside to the design, however, is that the mirror-like finish is a real magnet for fingerprints and smudges. Wiping the machine clean every so often is a necessity if you want it to retain its shiny look.

The European design of the machine is what truly reserves its elegance. There are no shiny, over-the-top features.

Although Jura has placed the WE8 under ‘professional’ coffee machines, its footprint is still smaller than most of the coffee machines found in offices. It requires small space of 11.6 x 16.5 inches.

Similarly, its width is also a lot more compact. This is an advantage in case you need the machine to sit in a tight space. However, it is quite tall at a height of almost 17.5 inches.

Coming to the actual functioning of the machine, the Jura WE8 has the classic color display which is both clean and easy to understand. The coffee machine has ditched the stereo-like knobs and works on the press of buttons.

The working of these buttons may take a while to master, but is easy once you get the hang of it.

Warranty and Customer Service

Finding it difficult to operate and run the machine? Fear not, the customer service over at Jura is not only extremely helpful, but prompt in their response time.

Whether it is through email or landline, you are bound to have all your queries answered thanks to the highly trained and friendly customer service staff over at Jura.

Coming to the warranty, the WE8 holds the 2-year or 6,000 brews warranty. This guarantees that your coffee machine will run for a very long time.

Jura WE8 Coffee Machine Review: Pros and Cons

It is important we point out the pros and cons of the WE8 before you decide to bring the coffee machine home.


  1. Simple, one-touch button operation.
  2. Ample coffee bean and water storage.
  3. Optional application control through the JOE app.
  4. Extremely efficient and silent burr grinder.


  1. Outer casing is made of fragile plastic.
  2. Low-store bypass doser.

Jura WE8 Coffee Machine Review: Specifications

Dimensions17.5 x 11.6 x 16.5
Weight22 pounds

Who Should Buy the Jura WE8 Coffee Machine

Keeping all the features in mind, it is safe to say that the Jura WE8 is made for everyone.

The large capacity of the coffee machine makes it the perfect fit for all professional settings.

While its versatility makes it perfect for homes and offices alike, the tall height of the machine is something to consider and keep in mind before you purchase the Jura WE8.

It is far more compact than most coffee machines, but will still require a decent amount of countertop space in order to work at full capacity.

Another thing to consider is the working of the coffee machine which may cause problems for some. The Jura WE8 sadly does not have easy functioning for those who are used to a more ‘one-button’ machine operation.

Additionally, it is necessary to not push the coffee machine beyond its brewing capacities. As mentioned before, the machine is only able to produce 30 cups of regular coffee.

Although this alone is more than what other coffee machines are able to offer, it would be wise to not push the coffee machine beyond this limit.

Overall, this is our personal rating of the Jura WE8 coffee machine:

Jura WE8 Coffee Machine
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Grinding
  • Easy to clean


Keeping all these tiny factors in mind, it is safe to say that the Jura WE8 is fit for both home and office use. A modest number of people can surely enjoy the taste of pure, aromatic coffee with the Jura WE8 coffee machine.


Jura WE8 Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Can the coffee machine prepare other beverages other than coffee?

Since the WE8 is a coffee machine, it lacks the ability to produce other beverages. It can make up to 8 different types of coffees but any beverage other than that is not possible.

However, you can get hot water separately in case you have a teabag at hand and need to prepare a cup of tea or even hot chocolate!

Does the milk frother really need to be washed out after every cycle of frothing?

The milk frother installed in the coffee machine has the capability to produce froth cup after cup without needing to be cleaned.

However, to ensure that the milk frother works efficiently and does not fail even after multiple uses, it is better to keep it maintained and wash it out after every use.

Is there a list of all the drinks that the WE8 can produce?

Certainly! As mentioned before, the Jura WE8 can make over 8 special beverages:

– 2 x Ristretto
– Espresso
– 2 x Espresso
– Coffee
– 2 x Coffee
– Cappuccino
– Latte macchiato
– Flat white
– Portion of milk
– Hot water

Additionally, you can even program some drinks on your own by selecting strength, temperature and frothing options.

How loud is the Jura WE8 compared to other Jura coffee machines?

The highlighting feature of the Jura WE8 coffee machine is its ability to grind coffee beans without producing any noise at all.

If you are standing in the kitchen, chances are that you will hear a low sound as the machine starts working, but the sound is not high enough to wake the entire house up or let everyone in the office space know that you are preparing a cup of coffee for yourself.

The Jura WE8 is by far the quietest coffee machine by Jura.

How do I operate the machine?

Operating the Jura WE8 can be easy for those who have owned an automatic coffee machine before. However, if you are looking for clear guidance on how to get started, here are a few steps:

– The very first thing that you need to do is fill the bean hopper. The bean hopper can be accessed through the top of the machine and should only be filled with pure, roasted coffee beans that have not been treated with any additives such as sugar.

– The next thing to fill is the water tank. Before you do so, it is recommended by Jura that you do a water hardness test using the Aquador testing strips that come with the coffee machine. A colored guide to the right level of water hardness on the manual will help you decide whether or not the water you are using is safe and will provide the best tasting coffee or not.

– Before you pour in the water, it is recommended to fit a filter in place which will help to eliminate any other impurities.

– As you plug in the machine, the machine will perform some self-rinsing features.

– Once your machine is ready to be used, press the power button displays and choose your required settings. Pressing the ‘>’ button will show more options. After you choose from these options, the coffee machine will get straight to work.

– In addition to operating the coffee machine manually, you also have the option to connect your smartphone to the coffee machine via the JOE application by Jura. This makes the coffee-making process much easier.

– If you still face issues while trying to operate your machine, you can always email or phone the incredibly friendly and helpful customer service staff over at Jura.

Jura WE8 Review: Conclusion

The Jura WE8 works like a charm. It is among the most affordable machines from the company.

Once you get the hang of operating the machine and figure out the type of coffee that works best for you, it is a guarantee that you will never want to go to a cafe ever again.

Get the Jura WE8 here.

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