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Jura C65 Coffee Machine Review 2022

jura c65 review

For coffee lovers who want the perfect morning brew without the added fuss of preparing it yourself, the Jura C65 coffee machine might be a good option.

Wondering what exactly makes the Jura C65 coffee machine worth pointing out? We’ll explain it in our detailed review.

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About the Jura Company

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Jura is a Swiss company famous in America for its ‘super-automatic’ coffee machines. These machines come packed with features that make life easier. It will not be wrong to state that Jura has changed how we look at automatic coffee machines.

Since the 1980s, Jura has been the name behind some of the best coffee machines. This is because the Swiss company has a brewing experience of almost 30 years.

People prefer Jura coffee machines not just because of their aesthetic and sleek designs, but because of their innovative features as well. While they’re all great, the Jura C65 is a notch higher.

In this Jura C65 review, we’ll dissect what makes this beauty so special:

Jura C65 Coffee Machine Review

With the C65 coffee machine, Jura introduced coffee lovers to a brand new level of espresso adventures.

Jura created the C65 on the same level as its GIGA series while also ensuring the same ease of use that comes with the IMPRESSA series.

Jura C65_J1

So, besides the usual Jura-specific functions, the coffee machines allow you to prepare your cup of coffee with a simple button push. Best of all, you get to choose the strength of your coffee so you can get the kind of hit you like.

Let’s take a look at what else the Jura C65 coffee machine has to offer.

Features and Functions

The user-centric feature of the Jura C65 coffee machine has redefined the way people enjoy their coffee at home. The fine-foam technology helps make milk-based drinks even more tasteful.

1 Reservoir Size

The most note-worthy feature of the Jura C65, especially if you are a power drinker, is the reservoir size that it comes with.

The reservoir measures a good 64-ounces and is top-loading which means, in addition to eliminating the need for constant refills, the reservoir is also easy to access.

Additionally, the water tank can also be fitted with a filter. This may be a more expensive option, so the decision is entirely yours to make.

2 Boiler System

Most people prefer a double boiler because it works much faster.

Although the Jura C65 coffee machine comes with a single boiler, it is still far more advanced in its features than what other coffee machines have to offer.

Its boiler is made of aluminium and makes use of a special thermoblock technology that allows instant heating as the machine switches from brewing to frothing. This helps reduce the heating time. You’ll be done in half the time.

The boiler system also comes with two temperature settings – low to high based on how you want your drink to be.

3 Grinder

The Jura C65 coffee machine makes use of a conical burr grinder made of stainless steel. We loved how consistent this grinder is. You will get your beans pretty near every time you use it.

A conical burr grinder does not only prevent any clumps but also gives you full control of how you want to grind your coffee beans.

Additionally, the grinder has been fitted with Jura’s infamous ‘Aroma+ technology’.

This technology locks the true aroma of the coffee beans even during the grinding process, serving you with a cup of aromatic coffee every single time.

4 Versatile Coffee Spigot

A problem that many people face with Jura coffee machines is a lack of versatility in the coffee spigots. They only accommodate mugs of a certain size and height. There’s, however, no such issue with this one.

With its telescopic coffee spigot, the Jura C65 eliminates this problem completely. It can accommodate cups ranging from 2.6’’to 4.4’’ in height.

So, you no longer have to worry about selecting a cup that perfectly fits your coffee machine. All you have to do is adjust the spigot according to your preferred height.

5 Easy to Control Knob

Jura C65_J2

The highlight of the C65 coffee machine is probably its easy-to-use control system. People are often shocked by the lack of buttons on the machine.

The left side of the machine consists of a large knob that is similar to the ones fitted on a stereo system. You can use this knob to go through the menu and use the knob located on the right side to select your preferred option.

The engineers over at Jura have kept ease of use in mind while building the Jura C65 machine and it is clear to see in its no-button functionality. However, some users might take a little time to get used to the two knob system.

6 Simple Display

The Jura C65 does not have a wide display that is usually found on other Jura coffee machines.

It consists of a text only, one-line LED display. This might be viewed as a drawback by some people, but it actually adds to the simplicity of the machine.

The LED screen is located right on top of the control knob and despite its simple display, it is still pretty bright and not hard to read or understand.

7 Milk Frothing System

Depending on the coffee machine, you get one of the two methods of milk frothing systems; wands or automatic.

The good thing about the Jura C65 is that it comes equipped with an automatic milk frothing system, which is the best option for people who are purchasing a coffee machine for the very first time.

Operating this system is as simple as placing a milk container close to the machine and running a tube between the two.

If you are preparing a milk-based drink, the coffee automatically directs the milk into the boiler, heats it, and then produces a fine froth that you can enjoy.

Since the system works automatically, you will not have to worry about making your own froth as the machine does it for you with ease and simplicity.

8 Cup Warmer

If you want your coffee to retain its warmth and remain fresh without having to pop it in the microwave in between long intervals, then simply place it in the special cup warming tray.

The Jura C65 coffee machine comes with a cup warmer that is built on top of the unit and is easily accessible. It is passively heated and can keep your coffee warm in case you do not want to drink it instantly.

We found that it is pretty efficient and can maintain temperature for up to 2 hours.

9 Easy Maintenance

The coffee machine is incredibly easy to clean. This is all thanks to its maintenance functions that are either semi-automatic or even fully-automatic.

The manual that comes with the coffee machine provides a detailed set of instructions on how the machine needs to be maintained or cleaned.

Additionally, it also has a built-in mechanism that alerts you whenever it is in need of a clean-up or if any of its parts is faulty.

A few things, however, including the dreg box and the drip tray, might require a manual cleanup. But, don’t let it intimidate you as the job is simple. Pull ‘em out, empty ‘em, and place ‘em back.

10 Customization Options

The Jura C65 coffee machine offers customization options in three different areas.

You can customize the strength of your coffee, meaning you can manually choose how much coffee beans need to be grinded and brewed.

The second customization option is the water infusion process, this process allows you to choose whether you want a light brew or a darker coffee.

The last customization option is the temperature. We really like these features especially from the perspective of a new user.

These three customization options are enough for any coffee lover to enjoy a customized cup of coffee made according to their own preferences.

Aesthetics of the Machine and Form Factor

The C65 combines both a sleek and modern look. It may not attract those who pay attention to ornate details. However, for those who prefer a more minimalistic look, this coffee machine definitely has it.

Jura C65_J3

Coming to the actual body of the machine, it might be on the more fragile side. The ABS plastic incorporated in the body of the coffee machine makes it a little more fragile than other Jura coffee machines. However considering the cheaper price tag, this might not be a big deal.

The coffee machine is much more compact than other Jura models. It measures 16.1” in height, while the footprint  measures 13.6 x 11 inches. This makes it suitable for most countertops.

At only 22 pounds, the weight of the machine is another upside. It is easy to move around and carry in case you need a change of decoration.

Overall, the Jura C65 is designed in a way that compliments the decor of even the most modern kitchens.

Warranty and Customer Service

The Jura C65 comes with the Jura-specific 2-year or 6,000 brews warranty – whichever comes first. It covers all parts that may be found to be defected or faults in craftsmanship.

In case you do have any trouble operating the machine, you can contact the incredibly cooperative and helpful team over at Jura. You can send in a detailed email, or, if you want a quicker response, simply call the helpline (1-800-220-5701).

Jura C65 Coffee Machine Review: Pros and Cons

Similar to any coffee machine out there, the Jura C65 also has its own set of pros and cons:


  1. Very easy to operate
  2. Automatic frothing system
  3. Adjustable coffee sprout
  4. Generous water tank capacity


  1. Fragile outer structure made of plastic
  2. Only comes with a single boiler

Jura C65 Coffee Machine Review: Specifications

MaterialStainless Steel and ABS Plastic
Dimensions16.1 x 11 x 13.6 inches
Weight22 pounds

Who Should Buy the Jura C65 Coffee Machine

The Jura C65 is for beginners who want to brew their own coffee at home instead of taking multiple trips to the cafe. Thanks to its easy functionality, the coffee machine makes preparing espressos, lattes, and even cappuccinos a breeze.

Due to the lack of customization when it comes to drinks, this machine might not be for those who prefer trying out a wide range of different coffees. Additionally, the limited options may also not fit those who require absolute precision in their drinks seeing as though you only get customization in three places.

With all that being said, the Jura C65 is perfect for anyone who is looking to purchase their first ever coffee machine.

It is also a good option for those who prefer ease of use without necessarily having to compromise on the taste or quality of their drink.

Above all, the price factor is definitely something to think about at least twice before you make a final decision. However, the long warranty and the added durability of the machine will definitely make your investment a long one.

Jura C65 Coffee Machine Review
  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Grinding
  • Easy to clean
  • Overall score


To sum it all up, this is how we would rate the incredibly simple but modern Jura C65 coffee machine.


Jura C65 Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a freestanding machine or does it need to be plumbed into mains water?

Thankfully,  the Jura C65 coffee machine is freestanding. This means that it can be positioned anywhere you need it to be, whether a table, a shelf, or a cupboard.

Since the device features built-in containers, you only need to fill these with the correct ingredients. This provides you a simple and effortless installation experience.
You will not have to deal with any plumbing or fitting. Simply plug in the coffee machine, and it will be ready to go!

Will the coffee spill? Is there a way to avoid any accidental spills?

In the unlikely circumstance of coffee being poured outside of the cup, or poured into a cup that is too small to contain the drink, the Jura C65 features a drip-tray to collect any overflowing fluids.
 You won’t have to worry about any spillages and mess, as the wide surface area will catch all of the coffee.
This spill tray is easily detachable and only requires a cleanup from time to time, depending on when you feel like it needs a change. 

Are the controls difficult to use?

The interface of the Jura C65 has been designed for your convenience. Beginners and novices will find the interaction with the device user-friendly and accessible.
The machine comes with only two knobs for easy viewing and selecting. The LED screen adds to the convenience by displaying what you choose on a bright screen

Does the machine have a milk frother?

Yes, the Jura C65 includes a fine foam frother, which creates the highest quality froth for your coffee with an unbeatable consistency.
Additionally, the milk frother works on an automatic system, which is an upside for those who are not experienced in making use of a manual frothing wand.
All you need to do is place a milk container close to the machine and place a tube in between the two. This helps the machine take in the milk and guide it towards the boiler where the froth is made. This gives you rich froth on top of your coffee in seconds.

How do I operate the machine?

Thanks to the detailed instructions mentioned on the leaflet that comes with the coffee machine, operating the Jura C65 coffee machine is a piece of cake.
However, in case you do face any problems, here are some of the basic steps that you will need to perform before you start brewing:
1. Add roasted and sugar-free coffee beans to the top loading hopper. The hopper has a capacity of 7 ounces, so make sure you do not overfill it.

2. Add water to the generously large water tank. If you are choosing to add a filter to the water reservoir, make sure you fit it in properly. If not, then try to use distilled water for the best taste.

3. Once you have filled both reservoirs, connect the plug to a nearby outlet and start the machine by pressing the on/off button located at the top of the machine.

4. The knob on the left will allow you to browse through different drinks and choose one, while the one on the right hand side allows you to choose the intensity of your coffee. All your selections will be displayed on the screen in simple language.

5. The entire process takes only a couple of minutes and will give you a fresh cup of warm coffee in the end.
Additionally, for a more frothy cup, simply place a milk container with a tube dipped into it that connects to the coffee machine.

You can also place your cup in the heating tray after it has been prepared to keep it from going cold.

Jura C65 Review: Conclusion

The Jura C65 might not be 100% perfect or as highly functional as other Jura models, but it is still an impressive choice because of its ease of use and built-in maintenance functions. Consider this one if you want a simple and reliable coffee machine.

Get the Jura C65 here.

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