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Gaggia TS Review

The Gaggia TS Espresso machine is one of the best-recommended espresso machines. If you are looking for a top-notch coffee maker containing commercial-grade features, then Gaggia TS Espresso must be your number one choice. You may find other alternatives to this espresso machine, but no one can replace this one.

In the following section, we have shared a detailed review of Gaggia TS Espresso machines, and we will give you the reasons to buy this masterpiece.

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About Gaggia 

Gaggia is a well-known and trustworthy brand founded by Achille Gaggia. He laid down the foundation of the company in 1947 with the invention of commercial espresso machines for coffee bars. The massive success of the idea and his passion for coffee making inspired him to invent consumer-level coffee machines.

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The Gaggia espresso machines, you see nowadays are the fruit of the year of hard work and diligence. Currently, Gaggia is producing one of the best high-standard espresso machines that cannot be compared with the ordinary espresso machines available in the market.

Gaggia TS Espresso machine is one of them, it contains all the best features and functionalities that you can only find in commercial-grade espresso machines. If you want barista-style coffee at your home every time without extra effort then do not wait anymore and buy this semi-commercial, professional-grade, stainless steel model of the espresso machine.

Overview of Gaggia TS Espresso Machine

Gaggia TS Espresso machine has gained excellent customer feedback due to its exquisite features, high-end performance, and spectacular brewing capacity. The espresso machine comes with a stainless steel body containing a modern exterior including a cup warmer. You can control the streaming and frothing of coffee with the easy to use knob-based controls.

Gaggia TS

The coffee maker comprises all the commercial features that can brew barista-style coffee under a minute. The stylish and elegant body of Gaggia TS Espresso tells us about its superior quality and high-end production.

It has stainless steel 2.5 inches legs that make cleaning and maintenance of the coffee maker easier.

The machine is meticulously constructed by keeping the coffee lovers and perfectionists in mind. Gaggia TS Espresso is not designed for the large coffee houses or cafes, it is best for satisfying your need for a wonderful cup of coffee at your home.

Design and Specifications  

The well constructed, semi-commercial model of Gaggia TS Espresso is superior to all other competitive models of espresso machines in this range. The stainless steel body and silver color of Gaggia TS give it a stylish look and make the maintenance and cleaning process easier. It is a durable and reliable version of coffee makers and is best for everyday use. 

The espresso machine has dimension 20 x 12.20 x 18.50 inches and weighs up to 60 pounds. At the top, there is an integrated cup warmer having 10.25 x 13 inches dimensions. Besides the cup warmer, there is a removable water tank that can hold up to 96 ounces of water capacity. You can remove the water tanks to refill water by pulling it in an upward direction. Be careful while removing water tanks as the machine contains controls at the sides of the water tank, they can be disconnected by negligence.

The coffee maker is designed for anyone having a basic knowledge of brewing coffee. Its limited buttons and controls make the task simpler. You will find two switches and two knobs for operating the Gaggia TS espresso machine. The main buttons are the coffee switch (with boiler loading light), ON and OFF button, a vaporizer tap, and a hot water tap. 

At the front panel, there is an indicator light which indicates the lower water limit in the water tank. Below the panel, there is a hot water tap and a vaporizer tap to regulate steam to make a perfect cup of coffee. Due to the presence of two control knobs and a coffee switch, the process is hassle-free and a lot easier.

The brew group is located in the middle, right under the front panel. It contains the swivel vaporizer tap at the right and hot water spout on the left side. You can see the pressure gauge below the ON and OFF switches of the coffee maker. 

The pressure gauge indicates either the machine is ready to brew your drink. The operating pressure of the machine is between 1.2 – 1.3 BAR. The drain pipe is present at the lower right from where the water flows to the drip tray.

The meticulously designed 2.3-liter copper boilers come with 1500W heating units. They help to brew your coffee under stable temperature and control the overheating. The heating elements provide a quick initial rise in temperature of only 102 seconds and a recommended heat up time of 12 minutes.

The time required to warm 8 ounces of water is about 22 seconds with the optimal temperature of 168 degrees. However, it takes 25 seconds to warm a cup of coffee. The optimal temperature for 2 ounces of paper cups is 169 degrees and 167 degrees for 8 ounces of paper cups. You can steam 8 ounces of milk in about 42 seconds whereas milk froth can be produced in 39 seconds. 

The 58 mm portafilter (weighs 1 pound) makes it superior to other coffee machines. It has a small space (up to 3 inches) to put a mug under the brewing tap therefore, you need to brew again for extra coffee. The drip tray is bigger than other competitive models of espresso machines. You do not need to dispose of the waste after short intervals.

Gaggia TS Espresso Machine Ratings:

  • Features
  • Brewing
  • Value for Money

Further, we have discussed the in-depth features and functionalities of the Gaggia TS Espresso machine and its pros and cons.

Features of Gaggia TS Espresso

The machine comes with professional standard design, components, and capabilities. It offers all the features like a commercial-grade coffee maker and the small footprints make it ideal for light commercial use or for home. The machine may have a high price but it is justified with its spectacular performance, durability, and amazing design. You do not need to program it like other coffee machines of a similar range. In the following section, we have given a comprehensive layout about the features of the Gaggia TS Espresso machine.

1 Simultaneous Steaming/Frothing and Brewing

The espresso machine comes with the best heating elements to produce perfect coffee every time. The machine is designed to provide consistent heat to brew your coffee. The separate brewing and steam/frothing milk functions of Gaggia TS espresso give it edge to the other coffee makers. You do not need to wait to finish brewing to start the steaming/frothing process. The brewing function is manually operated by the COFFEE switch which helps to On and Off brewing.

2 Copper Boiler

Gaggia TS espresso machine is equipped with a 2.3-liter copper boiler with 1500W heating elements to maintain the stable heat and to avoid overheating. The boiler is horizontally mounted to keep the heating element submerged in water when in use. Additionally, the larger capacity of the boiler helps in quick heat up and speedy recovery for continuous brewing and consistent supply of hot water. 

You can keep an eye on the pressure of the boiler with the pressure gauge present in the front panel. If you want a coffee maker with a stable heat supply then the Gaggia TS espresso machine is your best choice.

3 Professional Grade Brew Group

Gaggia TS espresso machine consisted of an electrically heated brew group and a thermostat. This helps you to maintain the outstanding temperature consistency per cup and to brew wonderful coffee. The thermostat regulates the temperature and provides stable heat for the best brewing. The chrome-plated brew group ensures its durability and longevity.

4 High-Quality Steam Wand

The high quality four holed steam wand provides excellent frothing results for a barista-style coffee. This microfoam texture of milk is ideal for making spectacular cups of lattes, macchiato, cappuccinos, and other drinks. The quick rotation of four holed steam wand helps to obtain perfect consistency and the desired texture of coffee. 

The steam knob regulates the mobility of the steam wand and allows it to swivel faster and to use it for the different size angle in the frothing pots. The turbo steam nozzle releases powerful dry steam to froth milk in less than 40 seconds. The special anti-suction valve prevents the suction of milk at the steam wand.

5 Three-Way Solenoid Valve

The three-way solenoid valve releases the pressure after the extraction of coffee. This allows us to dry out the excess coffee and prevent the dripping. The solenoid valve drains off extra liquid directly into the drip tray for the hassle-free brewing.  

6 Removable Water Tank

The espresso machine has large water tanks that can be easily removed and refilled. The hassle-free removal and internal water reservoir make the maintenance and brewing a lot easier and simpler. The light sensor is located at the front of Gaggia TS which tells you about the dropped water level in the water tank.

7 Commercial Grade Portafilters

Gaggia TS espresso coffee maker includes two 58 mm commercial grade portafilters and stainless steel backflush disc. The single and double spouted portafilters are composed of chrome-plated brass which increases the durability and effectiveness of the coffee maker.

8 Hot Water Dispenser

The hot water dispenser allows you to get a consistent supply of hot water for your coffee, you can also use it to make tea, soups, or other drinks. It can be moved left and right. The water dispenser is controlled by a knob present at the left side of the panel, this also helps to regulate the flow of water.

8 Large Cup Warmer

Gaggia TS espresso has a spacious stainless steel cup warmer which can be used to warm your cups before brewing. Therefore, if you want a few more cups of espresso then you can preheat the cup to keep your coffee warm.

9 2.5-Inches Legs

The espresso machine contains 2.5 inches long stainless steel legs. The legs are slip-resistant and can be easily placed on the kitchen counter. Due to long legs you can easily clean spilled drinks and other stains under your espresso machines.

10 Pre-Infusion Technology

The commercial-grade pre-infusion technology of Gaggia TS allows maintaining the flavor and aroma of your drink. The coffee maker automatically runs water in the coffee before applying pressure this helps to brew a perfect barista-style coffee. These commercial grade features of the Gaggia TS espresso machine make it the best option for households and for small coffee houses. The drip tray located at the bottom of the machines makes the maintenance and cleaning of machines easier.

Pros and Cons


  • Stable temperature – The Gaggia TS contains excellent heating elements and a thermostat that maintains stable temperature when brewing.
  • Fast heat up – The espresso machine has a quick heat-up system.
  • Rapid steaming – It has a commercial-grade steam wand that allows rapid steaming.
  • Anti-suction valve – The anti-suction valve pulls all the milk froth out of the steam wand and does not let it clog.
  • Simultaneous frothing and brewing – The espresso machine can froth and brew coffee at the same time.


  • Expensive – The machine is expensive and heavier than other competitive models.
  • Basic functioning – It does not have any programmable option and adds on features.
  • Not for beginners – If you do not have the basic coffee-making skills then this is not for you.
  • Lack of options – The espresso machine does not offer coffee making options like semi-automated machines.

Installation and Operation

The Gaggia TS espresso machine is not difficult to install and operate like other automated coffee machines. You just have to unbox the machine and then attach it to the compatible power source. The power cable is about 40 inches long so make proper adjustments to connect the machine to the power outlet (110V).

The next steps are easy if you have a basic knowledge of coffee making. First, turn on the power button (by pressing “I”) and fill the water tank for brewing coffee. Then see the reading on the manometer if it reaches the limit of 1.2 – 1.3 BAR then it is good to go. Then press the COFFEE without installing portafilters to see if the machine is working. 

Keep in mind, in the beginning, the filter holder will not be attached perpendicular to the coffee maker. You will be able to lock it in a perpendicular position after its frequent use. The standard temperature of the coffee is 169 degrees. However, the temperature can be reduced by replacing the standard thermostat with the low-temperature thermostat when you buy Gaggia TS. 

The two control knobs located at the right and left side control the steam and hot water. You can turn the knob anti-clockwise to increase the flow of water or steam, turn it in a clockwise direction to stop the process.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Gaggia TS espresso machine has a stainless steel body and can be easily wiped out with a wet cloth. Clean the coffee maker after every, switch on the steam knob for one or two seconds to let it clean. To clean the brew unit, run water through the unit for a second or two after removing portafilters. 

The turbo frother nozzle can be removed pulling it out, and an anti-suction valve will prevent the clogging in the steam. You can find the detailed guide of the cleaning and handling of the espresso machine in the company’s manual. The machine is best to use between temperature 5 to 40 degrees, try not to expose it to harsh temperatures such as sun and rain.

Brewing Process

The machine has an excellent thermostat which produces the same temperature coffee every time. You can use the single or double spouted portafilters according to your desire. The machine comes with different filter baskets for coffee pods and ground coffee. You can use appropriate coffee for the ideal espresso shot. 

Preheat the portafilter before the brewing process and then fill the coffee in the filter basket. Insert the filter holder in the brew unit and press the COFFEE button to brew coffee. The machine has a rapid steaming/frothing system, using four holed high-quality wand for the perfect texture of froth. A standard cup of coffee takes about 25 seconds. You can also stop the brewing process manually if you have extracted the required quantity of coffee.

Why should you buy a Gaggia TS espresso machine?

If you have basic skills in coffee making, then the machine is best for your home or a small coffee house. If you want instant coffee and do not want to spend time on learning then this is not the best choice for you. 

The espresso machine is long-lasting and durable. This is the excellent commercial grade coffee machine in which you can brew and steam coffee simultaneously. The coffee maker is best for the people who desire to develop barista skills and want a machine containing top-notched commercial grade features.

Gaggia TS Espresso Review Conclusion

The Gaggia TS Espresso is the best commercial-grade espresso machine with top quality features and capabilities. It has the capacity to brew and steam simultaneously which saves your time. The machine has an elegant stainless steel body and long legs which makes its cleaning and maintenance easier. 

The spacious cup warmer and excellent heating element provide you perfect coffee every time. The three-way solenoid prevents the clogging of milk froth to the steam wand by its anti-suction capability. If you want to learn barista skills and are looking for the best quality espresso machine for your home or small cafe then Gaggia TS espresso machine is your best choice.