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GAGGIA CLASSIC PRO RI9380/46 Review | 2022

gaggia classic pro review

The Gaggia Classic Pro RI9380/46 is one of the best choices if you want a barista level perfect cup of coffee every time. This is a modern and premium quality version of the espresso machine. The features that make it superior to other coffee machines are its state-of-the-art design, excellent milk frothing, easy maintenance, and quieter brewing.

The Gaggia Classic Pro is recommended for beginners who want to buy an affordable espresso machine with top-notch quality and unique commercial-grade features. In the following section, we have given an honest review of Gaggia Classic Pro (RI9380/46), its pros and cons, and further, you will find out if the machine is worth buying.

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Overview of Gaggia Classic Pro 

Gaggia Classic Pro is one of the finest models of espresso machines by Gaggia. The Gaggia is your own trusted and well-recognized brand, producing espresso machines since 1947. The passion and ingenuity of Achille Gaggia led to the espresso machine’s invention to brew espresso without using steam.

The Gaggia Classic Pro is the fruit of years of effort of the professionals. The company’s purpose is to provide a barista-level delicious coffee cup to everyone in a few minutes.  

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Gaggia Classic Pro is the stainless steel model of the espresso machine. It comes with a perfect 9.50 x 8 x 14.20 inches dimension and 20 pounds weight that can be easily placed at your kitchen counter. The compact design, best consumers’ value, and exquisite features of Gaggia Classic Pro make it unparalleled to any other modern espresso machine at this range.

The exciting features of this espresso machine are not less than the commercial coffee machines out there. The stainless steel brushed casing of Gaggia Classic Pro makes it durable and easy to clean. The commercial-grade steam wand helps you brew barista-style drinks, and upgraded pump mounts reduce the noise produced during frothing and brewing.

If you are still having second thoughts about buying this espresso machine, we suggest keeping on reading for the detailed and in-depth review of Gaggia Classic Pro RI9380/46!

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Aesthetic Value of Gaggia Classic Pro

The stainless steel state of the art design of Gaggia Classic Pro RI9380/46 gives it a unique, stylish, and elegant look at the first sight. It is a meticulous combination of classic and modern elements of espresso machines. Additionally, the minimum use of controls and switches of this contemporary model makes it superior to others.

The stylish footprints of Gaggia Classic Pro (dimension; 9.50 x 8 x 14.20 inches) are perfect for your kitchen counter. In the front of the espresso machine, you will see an easy ON/OFF button, a Brew switch, and a Steam button, each includes indicator light. At the top, there is a cup warmer that can be used to warm two cups of coffee.

Gaggia  (RI9380/46)  Classic Pro

Water can be easily refilled in the transparent water tank by opening the lid, present at the top without removing the tank. The transparent surface of tanks allows seeing through water level while brewing. However, if you want to pull the water tank out of the espresso machine, you can do it by removing the grid, drip tray, and drain pipe.

The three-way solenoid valve in this espresso machine alleviates pressure off your coffee ground to produce a dry and easily discardable punk. The drain pipes release the excess water from the coffee ground. The two-way commercial-grade steam wand has dual functioning, i.e., frothing or steaming milk for your drinks and dispensing hot water. 

At the top right side of the machine, there is a steam/hot water knob used to regulate the flow of steam or water in the steam wand. The rubber grip on the steam wand and drain pipes protects against burn while operating Gaggia Classic Pro. Another interesting feature of the steam wand is its ability to move, which allows adjusting the grid’s size for the bigger frothing or water dispensing pot. 

Specifications and Key Features

The Gaggia Classic Pro is a semi-automated top tier espresso machine with commercial-grade features and specifications. This is a perfect espresso machine to fulfill your dream of being a barista. Using Gaggia Classic Pro, you can brew a professional level coffee by having entry-level knowledge about the coffee ground, brewing, and ground size. 

The espresso machine makes the process of brewing and frothing even easier and faster. This well crafted one of the best and high standard models of Gaggia classic comes with an affordable price tag in-spite of its top quality feature.

The coffee maker comes with a portafilter, traditional 1 CUP, and 2 CUP filters, measuring spoon, frothing jet device, and tamper. You need to buy additional coffee grounds or coffee pods to brew your first cup of coffee.

The micro-foam velvety texture of milk produced by the commercial steam wand is ideal for latte arts. The upgraded chrome-plated commercial style 58 mm portafilter for brewing expert level espresso and commercial grade single and double shot filter baskets are incomparable to any other model of the espresso machine. 

The pressurized baskets help to get the most out of your coffee ground or ESE pods. The improved and better quality design of mount pumps make the brewing quieter than before.

The Gaggia Classic Pro espresso machine is a versatile package with stunning features including a rugged brushed stainless steel casing, a three-way commercial-grade solenoid valve, and a high-capacity water tank (2,1 liter). The frame of this model is updated for a more accessible reservoir.

1 Improved Frame

The updated stainless steel brushed frame of Gaggia Classic Pro gives it an elegant streamlined look in your kitchen and makes it highly durable and reliable for long-term use. Additionally, the redesigned model has better access to the water reservoir in comparison to other models. 

2 Commercial grade Portafilter

It has a commercial-style chrome-plated brass portafilter (58 mm) to brew expert-level espresso-like cafes and coffee houses. The portafilter of Gaggia Classic Pro is comparable to the commercial espresso machines out there. It weighs around 1 pound with a durable handle and double spouts.

3 Dual Filter Baskets

The espresso machine is comprised of both pressurized and unpressurized filter baskets. A pressurized filter basket helps to produce the thick crema layer and consistent shot quality without grinding. The basket has a few holes in the bottom to build up pressure for extracting maximum flavor from the coffee ground. For this, insert a frothing jet tool in the filter holder before installing a pressurized filter basket.

However, in the unpressurized filter basket, the pressure is generated by the espresso machine itself. This gives you better control over the concentration of your espresso than the pressurized basket.

4 Commercial Style Steam Wand

Gaggia Classic pro has a commercial style steam wand that serves as a milk frothing/steaming tool and dispenses hot water. The two-hole at the top of the steam wand allows making nice and thick micro-foams for barista-style latte arts. After some practice, you can definitely brew an expert level coffee by using this feature.

5 Brewing Capacity

The coffee maker can only produce a maximum of 2 espresso shots at one time. It would help if you spent more time brewing extra servings. After adding the right quantity and coffee level to the filter, you can insert the holder into the brewing unit. The double shot serving takes about 20 to 25 seconds to brew.

6 Dual Heating System

The dual heating elements of the espresso machine makes the heating process even faster. It enables the boiler to brew in just five minutes and to steam milk in 30 seconds.

7 Three-Way Solenoid Valve

The Gaggia Classic Pro consists of a 3-way solenoid valve that helps produce dry puck after brewing to facilitate cleaning and easy maintenance. When the machine is turned off, the valve opens to remove the water pressure and drains excess water forcefully from the coffee ground through a drip tube towards the drip tray. This also helps in backflushing and decreasing the pressure on the internal components.

8 Better Pump Mounts

The superior quality mounting of vibration pumps allows it to produce less noise while brewing compared to the commercial espresso machines. Therefore, you can brew an excellent cafe style coffee at your home without making any noise.

9 Large Water Reservoir

The espresso machine has a large water reservoir capacity of up to 72 ounces. This amazing feature helps you to store water to brew coffee for the future. High water storing capacity also removes the hectic of refilling water tanks after short intervals.

10 Updated Controls

The control panel of Gaggia Classic Pro comprised of three buttons for steaming, brewing, and for power. The indicator lights below these buttons tell you about the activity or inactivity of the following feature. 

An auto-switch On and Off feature automatically turns the button off after 20 minutes of your espresso machine’s inactivity. This saves energy as well as helps to avoid any mishap. You can again turn on the switch to brew another drink.

Pros and Cons


  • Stainless Steel Casing – The brushed stainless steel casing of Gaggia Classic Pro gives it a stylish and elegant look and makes it durable for long term usage.
  • Quieter Brewing – The espresso machine has improved mount pump which reduces the sound produced while brewing.
  • Faster Heating – The dual heating element makes the steaming and frothing process faster. It can brew shot espresso within 30 seconds.
  • Thick layer of crema – Pressurized filter basket allows you to make nice and thick crema out of any type of coffee.
  • Large Water Reservoir – The espresso machine can store a large quantity of water which reduces the need for repeated refills.
  • Commercial Grade Machines – The Gaggia Classic Pro has commercial-grade features and comes at affordable price tags, unlike other espresso machines.
  • Auto On/Off – The auto on and off feature of the espresso machine makes it superior to other models.


  • Low Coffee Spout – The coffee spout is low (up to 2.75 inches), so, you cannot fit a large mug in the space.
  • Small Drip Tray – Drip tray cannot accommodate a large quantity of water. Spacious – The machine is large in size and takes some space.
  • Single Boiler – Due to the single-boiler, the machine cannot froth and brew at the same time.
  • No Grinder – The Gaggia Classic Pro does not come with the grinder, therefore, you may need to buy a grinder with this espresso machine. 

Installation and Operation

The Gaggia Classic Pro is an updated model with versatile commercial-grade features. However, its installation and operation do not need any expert-level knowledge. You can efficiently operate this espresso machine after taking a little help from the product manual. 

The best practice and basic level of knowledge of brewing coffee will help to make a cafe-quality espresso. The first step to operating the espresso machine is to refill the water tank. The silicone tubes should be dipped properly in the tank to make it work. 

After filling the water tank, attach the machine with a power source and turn the switch on. If you are using the device the first time, remove the steam wand’s water. Next, turn the STEAM button on and gradually turn the steam water knob anti-clockwise and press the BREW switch for dispensing hot water.

You can dispense water through the steam wand by using a bigger container. To stop the dispensing process, simply turn off the switches of BREW and STEAM. Preheat the portafilter by heating hot water and put the filter basket in the filter holder, and the next step is to fit it in a brew unit. Press the BREW button to preheat the filter by running hot water. After refilling water, you can brew your first cup of coffee by adding coffee of the desired quantity.

Attach the filter basket with the filter holder and then put it at the brew unit’s bottom. Now, place a cup under it and press the BREW button to extract an amazing cup of coffee. Press the switch again to stop the brewing process and wait until the last drop falls. 

Clean the dry puck from the portafilter after pulling the filter holder out. To prepare milk frothing, add some milk to the frothing pot. Press the STEAM button to start steaming, turn the steam/hot water knob anti-clock to get rid of condensation, and turn it in a clockwise direction.

The steam coming out of the steam wand indicate the time of frothing. Dip the wand inside milk to make perfect foam. Stop the process when it is done according to your desire. Turn on the STEAM and BREW buttons to get hot water. With the help of Steam/hot water know, you can regulate the steam pressure.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Due to the stainless steel casing of the Gaggia Classic Pro, you can easily wipe stains from its surface using a cloth piece. After frothing or steaming remember to remove steam through the steam wand and clean it with a cloth. It is suggested to clean the filter and its holder to get rid of residues of previous brewing. 

To wash the water tank and dripping tray, you can use simple dishwashing liquid. Descale the machine every 2 months to remove the mineral build-up. This will help you to brew perfect taste coffee every time.

Why Should You Buy the Gaggia Classic Pro RI9380/46 Espresso Machine?

The Gaggia Classic Pro is a coffee machine for beginners. It is not a coffee machine for real baristas. The machine does not come with the grinder and, it cannot brew and steam simultaneously. You need to buy pre-ground coffee for this machine.

Check the price of the espresso machine if you can afford it. It may look costly in comparison to other models but its commercial graded features make it superior to others.

The pressurized filter basket helps you to brew perfect taste barista-style coffee. The 58 mm portafilter is similar to the commercial machines in coffee houses. If you are a complete beginner then with some practice and proper technique, you can learn some real skills using this machine.  

Gaggia Classic Pro Review Conclusion

The Gaggia Classic Pro RI9380/46 is a semi-automated, premium quality model of modern espresso machines. It has a brushed stainless steel casing, commercial-grade features, and excellent brewing capability. The improved mounting on pumps makes the brewing process quieter. You can learn some real coffee-making skills with this machine by using basic knowledge and proper technique. The machine is one of the best alternatives to commercial coffee machines.