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gaggia babila review

Picking the best coffee machine that can fulfill your demands needs a lot of research and good knowledge about top quality designs. You may come across plenty of brands and modern coffee machines during product hunting, but do you know which is the right one for you?

If your answer is ‘no,’ you need to go through this review to decide and get answers to your queries. Additionally, we will give you an honest assessment of the world-class and best seller coffee machine with excellent customer feedback. 

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About the Company

Gaggia is a top-notched, trustworthy Italian brand. The roots of Babila can be traced back to 1938, when the first modern steamless coffee machine was invented. Gaggia wanted to share the spectacular experience of instant espresso with his clients and started producing the top tier and high-performance coffee machines commercially in 1947.

Initially, the company relied on the original design of Gaggia to establish itself commercially. Due to the great success and customers’ interest, they decided to produce the coffee machine’s consumer-oriented version. Today, Gaggia continues to create several fascinating manual, semi-automated, and fully-automated models of coffee machines.

About the Product

Gaggia has recently launched a super automated Babila RI9700/64 Espresso Machines. This is the most favored and number one choice for coffee lovers. The Babila Espresso machine is a 21st-century state of the art design with a magnificent blend of modern espresso and latte making technology.

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The creative but user-friendly design of the Gaggia Babila coffee machine comes with 8 special brewing options and an exquisite milk frothing system, making it superior to other coffee machines. Gaggia has meticulously assembled all the classic and modern elements in this timeless Italian aesthetic technology.

The easy to use, stylish screen of Babila RI9700/64 allows customizing the coffee’s aroma and its temperature according to your desire.

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  • Value for Money

Overview of Gaggia Babila Coffee Machine

The wold class stainless steel design of Gaggia Babila Espresso Machine is second to none. The machine presents a single touch brewing option and amazing frothing features. The milk carafe comes with automated functions such as milk frothing for cappuccinos plus milk froth. It has a bean to cup feature and the manual steam wand for perfect steaming.

The Gaggia Babila coffee machine includes a bottle of Gaggia descaler, 1 brew cup brush, 1 test strip to check water harness, 1 AquaClean water filter, a single tube of brew group lubricant, and 1 coffee scoop.

Why Gaggia Babila RI9700/64 is Better Than Other Coffee Machines?

The advanced stainless steel super automated, user-friendly, multi-function technology of Babila makes it better than other coffee machines. For a coffee lover, it’s a treat to have such an exquisite combination of classic and modern features. It has an integration of multiple milk frothing systems, unlike other fully automated coffee machines.

gaggia babila review

The machine contains a single touch automatic milk frother for the ease of beginners to make a perfect foam for coffee. Moreover, you will also get the option of a manual steam wand which allows creating an ideal and desired coffee shop style frothing in your drink.

The efficient and well-designed coffee grinder has a silent ceramic disc and comes with 15 grind options which give you the world-class experience of coffee-making just like a professional. The outstanding water to bean capacity ratio of Babila coffee machine is perfect for precise refill timing. The 10.58-ounce bean hopper and 50.7-ounce tank are the ideal fit.

The reliable and powerful model of Babila espresso machine comprised of a bypass doser, an auto-cleaning carafe, and a removable brew unit which is unparalleled to any other model of the coffee machine.

Pros and Cons


  • Outstanding Taste – The Babila RI9700/64 always gives you outstanding experiences and produces perfect coffee without any burnt taste.
  • One-Touch Milk Frothing Feature – The one-touch automated of Babila coffee machine contains a milk frothing feature. It helps to make hassle-free cappuccinos that do not require any guesswork.
  • Excellent water to bean capacity ratio – The spectacular design of the coffee machine perfectly measures water capacity to hopper capacity.
  • Easy to clean – The Babila coffee machine comes with dishwasher safe portable units that make your life trouble free.
  • User-friendly machine – The efficient and user-friendly design of Babila RI9700/64 is easy to manage, refill, descale, and clean.
  • Compact design – The coffee machine has a more compact design which is incomparable to other coffee machines.
  • Multi-feature frothing – The Babila RI9700/64 coffee machine has both classic (manual) and modern (automatic) milk frothing features for the best customers experience.


  • Expensive – The coffee machine is expensive due to its top-quality features and super automated design. Moreover, you need to replace its water filters after every few months which also adds up its maintenance cost.
  • Heavy – Gaggia Babila coffee machine is heavier than other models.
  • No cup warmer – The machine does not come with an integrated cup warmer.

The State-of-Art technology

The spectacular coffee machine of Gaggia Babila is a beautiful combination of old and modern elements. The machine has the curved aesthetics of the 1960s and highly advanced programming and system of the modern era. It is a state of art stainless steel technology that will go fine with your kitchen appliances.

The exquisite and beautifully manufactured design of Gaggia Babila gives it an elegant and stylish look. The elements of the machine are made up of ABS plastic.

The compact machine can be easily adjusted in a small kitchen. It is up 9.64 inches wide, 14.78 inches tall, and 16.53 inches deep.

It comes with a simple LCD screen, you will find soft-touch buttons at the four corners of this screen for menu settings. The buttons allow you to adjust the coffee dose, navigation through the menu, and to access 8 brewing options to prepare different styles of coffee. There is also a button for manual settings to prepare a customized drink according to your taste. 

The coffee machine has two spigots in the center which is sufficient to accommodate two coffee cups up to 6.375 inches taller. On the right side, you will find a removable milk carafe and on the left side, there is a milk frothing wand. The top compartment of the machine is comprised of coffee bean hopper and bypass doser. The dripping tray is spacious which can hold up to 31.5 ounces of fluid.

Specifications and Features of Gaggia Babila RI9700/64

In the following section, we have given some of the wonderful and noteworthy features of the Gaggia Babila espresso coffee machine.

1 Single Touch Brewing

The stylish and feasible Babila espresso coffee machine has 8 programmable one-touch buttons that make your work easier and less laborious. You can prepare commonly available barista-style coffee recipes by touching six of these options without any hassle. The drink will be ready in a minute with only one press of a button. It does not require extra settings or customization which saves your time and effort.

Now, if you want a perfect cappuccino, a tempting latte macchiato, an amazing espresso lungo, magical ristrettos, an amazing espresso, or flat whites then you just need to press the respective button. You can also prepare a delicious Americano or ordinary coffee by a single touch. In the Babila espresso machine, you can also show your innovative skills and can prepare your own special coffee with desired brewing by making specific settings.

The machine allows you to make a magical cup of coffee that suits your palate by adjusting the dose of coffee, the volume of water, and the preferred temperature. There is a special flow knob which is used to fine-tune the strength of your drink. Moreover, its special features hinder the spillage of coffee out of the cup. You can adjust the level of extraction to switch between a strong espresso or a lighter cup of coffee without over-extraction.

2 Single Touch Milk Frothing Technology

The magnificent super automated technology of the Gaggia Babila coffee machine simplifies your way of living and provides multiple single automatic features to make your task easier. This advanced version of Babila coffee machine contains a modern milk frothing feature that delivers the excellent quality of milk foam by selecting the perfect consistency and density of milk froth. Gaggia Babila machine is a fantastic option for latte drinkers who are beginners. If you do not want to put effort into milk frothing then you can leave this task for the coffee machine.

3 Manual Frothing Wand

For the barista-style coffee, you can go for a manual frothing wand to perfectly adjust the desired density and consistency of milk froth. The process may require some extra effort but it cannot be replaced by automated frothing. 

The dual functionality of Babila coffee machine makes it an ideal choice for coffee purists and beginners. If you want micro froth for latte then you must use a manual frothing wand this way you can decide the consistency for milk froth according to your drink.

The manual wand allows you to customize the texture of your coffee and to create a milk-based drink according to your desire and specification.

4 Double Boilers System

The spectacular dual boiler design of Babila espresso coffee machine saves time and produces delicious coffee efficiently. This super automated model of coffee machine side by side steams milk and brews your coffee to provide speedy results. The machine has an elegant and simple LCD display for the ease of customers. The 5 temperature settings help to customize the temperature to prepare the desired cup of coffee by adjusting the heat.

5 Great Tank and Hopper Capacity

The Babila RI9700/64 espresso coffee machine comes with a large tank of water (50.7 ounces) and a high capacity bean hopper (10.58 ounces). This does not need frequent refills and produces a hefty amount of perfect drink. The size of the water tank and bean hopper is sufficient for a large family or for the family of heavy coffee drinkers. 

Babila has a super automated bean to cup design. Additionally, this is a superb quality machine if you are craving instant coffee or freshly brewed coffee. The integrated bypass doser holds a pre-ground coffee scoop and helps to prepare instant coffee under a minute. The only issue is that the bypass doser can accommodate only a single scoop of pre-ground coffee.

6 Noise-free and Efficient Coffee Grinder

The Gaggia Babila coffee machine comprised of the high standard ceramic disc which is better than other stainless steel designs. The feature allows regulating the heat of the conical burr grinder to maintain the taste and quality of coffee beans. 

Due to the modern ceramic design, your coffee will not leave a burnt taste and the operation will be noise-free. It also comes with 15 different grind settings that are unparalleled to the 5 or 6 grind settings of other models at the same price. You can easily regulate the strength of coffee by using its fully automated design. The system also includes a grinder key or scoop.

7 Installation and Operation

You will be amazed by the super automated system of Gaggia Babila but still, you need to keep a few points in your mind while operating this coffee machine.

We suggest to go through the company manual and learn about the different options and menu settings of Babila espresso coffee machine. This may take a few hours but it will help to understand the customization of your drinking profiles. If you want to prepare the desired drink by adjusting the desired strength of aroma, water, and temperature according to your palate then go through the menu to make necessary adjustments and modify it according to your need.

The initial settings can be challenging for complete beginners or for the people who are not well versed with modern technology. After initial desired adjustments, you do not need to put extra effort.

8 Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of Babila espresso coffee machine is not a difficult task due to its easily removable parts and self-cleaning programs. The fully automated comprised of AquaClean filters which help to descale unit spontaneously. However, the water filters are expensive and need to be replaced after every few months as the company provides only one water filter during purchase. Therefore, you have to buy a new one to replace the previous water filter.

The best feature of the Babila coffee machine is that it comes with self-cleaning technology. Every time when you turn off the coffee machine, its automated technology rinses all the debris or waste from the coffee machine to maintain cleanliness. The same process takes place when you turn on the system of the coffee machine.

The dual-chambered milk carafe also contains a self-cleaning system to keep its circuit clean. You can also remove the brew unit to clean it thoroughly. All the removable parts of Babila’s coffee machine are safe to be washed and sanitized with the dishwasher.

Why Should You Buy a Gaggia Babila RI9700/64 Espresso Coffee Machine?

The Babila espresso coffee machine is best for power drinkers or the families that consume a hefty amount of coffee daily. It is not for the people who drink coffee once or twice a week. The machine is perfect for the people who want precision and prefer barista-style coffee. If you are a busy person and do not have time to brew coffee then you should buy this fully automated coffee machine today. It is not suitable for people who consume decaf drinks.

To operate the Gaggia Babila, you should have a basic understanding of technology. If you like traditional methods than the programming of Babila coffee machine can be complicated for you.

There is no doubt, Babila coffee machine is expensive due to its fully automated and modern design and advanced features. So, the average income families may find it difficult to buy before making necessary adjustments in their budget. 

You also have to consider its operating cost if you want to install this super automated technology in your house. No one can doubt the high standard performance of this coffee machine. If you want to enjoy the perks high-quality coffee and you can afford this machine then there is no need to have a second thought.

Customer Service and Warranty

The Gaggia Babila espresso coffee machine comes with a trouble-free 2 years of warranty which is directly handled by Gaggia USA.

Gaggia Babila Review Conclusion

The Gaggia Babila RI9700/64 espresso coffee machine is a premium quality super automated machine for power drinkers. It contains highly advanced design and its multi-feature technology allows you to make instant drinks on a single touch and you can also make adjustments in coffee according to your desire to make barista-style desired drinks. 

The Babila espresso coffee machine comes with a self-rinsing program and auto cleaning system which makes it superior to other coffee machines. It is the best choice for coffee purists and for absolute beginners who love to drink outstanding coffee.