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14 Best Espresso Tampers to Buy in 2023 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

espresso tamper
best espresso coffee tampers

Although the best espresso tampers are small and often neglected pieces of espresso equipment, they are nevertheless important, for several reasons. First of all, the espresso coffee powder needs to be tamped nicely before the brewing process. Even if you do all the previous steps the way it should, a bad tamper will put a definite end to your espresso aspirations.

Secondly, a nice tamper will adorn your kitchen and give that nice, elegant touch.

Most frequently, you’ll receive a commercial espresso tamper when you order an espresso machine. These “bonus” tampers are usually made from plastic, or some other flimsy material that’s nowhere near as good as espresso tampers we’ve included in our text.

Quite recently, automatic espresso tampers became a thing, but this is perhaps the costliest option.  There are also dynamometric espresso tampers. They are kind of semi-automatic, somewhere in-between the “classic” versions and automatic tampers.

How To Use Espresso Tamper?

Tamping is the form of art- if your “puck” is too dense and thick, your shots will take too long to extract (as the water passing through the portafilter cannot penetrate the dense coffee puck), and the espresso will be over-extracted. It’s vice versa when the pressure is too low. If you consistently have problems with dense tamping, try to grind your coffee beans more coarsely.

As we’ve mentioned in some other texts, the grinding style is extremely important for every subsequent step of coffee-brewing- for now, it should be noted that you can alter your grinding style if the tamping part turns to be inept for sufficiently good espressos.

Most experts state that it’s the consistency of the tamping pressure that counts and not the amount of pressure on its own.

Types Of Tampers?

Some espresso tampers are unibody pieces of equipment, which means that they are entirely made in only one piece, without distinct parts. With these tampers, you’ll be able to vary the amount of pressure and see which one turns to be the most effective. Most importantly, different grounds necessitate different pressure for tamping, which is another reason these unibody tampers will come in handy.

On the other hand, if consistency is your goal, buying a pre-calibrated espresso tamper is the right option for you. These products have a simple mechanism which always provides the same amount of pressure- thanks to a string that attaches the handle to the body.

List of 14 Best Espresso Tampers

j1Professional Espresso Tamper Black Aluminum with Stainless Steel Base
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Diameter: 58mm
  • Weight: 250 g
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 RSVP International TAM Dual Sided Espresso Tamper, One Size, Multi Color<br data-lazy-src=RSVP Terry’s Dual Sided Espresso Tamper
  • Material: Tumble
  • Diameter: 53 mm
    Weight- one pound (about half a kilo)
  • Weight: /
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 PerriRock Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper Barista Espresso Tamper 51mm Base Coffee Bean Press<br data-lazy-src=PerriRock Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Diameter: 51 mm
  • Weight: 570 g
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 Apexstone Coffee Tamper,Espresso Coffee Tamper,Espresso Tamper (51mm)<br data-lazy-src=Apexstone Espresso Coffee Tamper
  • Material: Solid iron with chrome plated
  • Diameter: 49 mm
  • Weight: 540 g (just above 1 pound)
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 Diguo Elegance Wooden Coffee Tamper. Flat Espresso Tamper for 58mm Portafilter. Stainless Steel Flat with Height Adjustable Wooden Handle. Barista Espresso<br data-lazy-src=Diguo Elegance Wooden Coffee Tamper
  • Material: Wood
  • Diameter: 58 mm
  • Weight: 254 g
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 LuxHaus 58mm Calibrated Pressure Tamper for Coffee and Espresso<br data-lazy-src=LuxHaus 58mm Calibrated Pressure Tamper
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Diameter: 58 mm
  • Weight: about one pound
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 BlueSnail Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper Barista Espresso Tamper 51mm Base Coffee Bean Press<br data-lazy-src=BlueSnail Coffee Tamper
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Diameter: 51 mm
  • Weight: 570 g (just over one pound)
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 Dailyart Calibrated Espresso Tamper Coffee Powder Press for Barista, 58mm with flat base, 304 Stainless Steel, Rustproof, Black Ergonomics Handle<br data-lazy-src=Dailyart Calibrated Espresso Tamper
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Diameter: 58 mm
  • Weight: 1 pound (about 480 g)
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 X-Chef Espresso Coffee Tamper 51/ 58mm Base, 304 Stainless Steel Coffee Bean Press for Barista<br data-lazy-src=X-Chef Stainless Steel Espresso Tamper
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Diameter: 51mm and 58 mm
  • Weight: about 200 g
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 <br data-lazy-src=Vencino Coffee Tamper
  • Material: Uncoated Solid Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: two bases (51 mm and 58 mm)
  • Weight: unknown
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 Tamper - Espresso Tamper - mm Tamper - Coffee Tamper Classic Series - Coffee Press Tool - Tamper Espresso - Stainless Steel Espresso Tamper<br data-lazy-src=Tamper - Espresso Tamper - mm Tamper
  • Material: Stainless Steel and Wood
  • Diameter: 58 mm
  • Weight: 1 pound ( half a kilo)
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 Omgogo Calibrated Tamper Pressure 53mm for Coffee and Espresso<br data-lazy-src=Omgogo Calibrated Tamper
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Diameter: 53mm
  • Weight: 13.4 ounces
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 De'Longhi DLSC058 Coffee Tamper<br data-lazy-src=De'Longhi DLSC058 Coffee Tamper
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Diameter: 51 mm
  • Weight: 9 ounces
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 Motalius 58mm Espresso Tamper - Solid Unibody Design - 100% Stainless Steel - 58 mm Flat Base - Ground Coffee Tamper<br data-lazy-src=Motalius 58mm Espresso Tamper
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Diameter: 58mm
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds (about 700 g)
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1. No products found. – Espresso Tamper,Coffee Tamper 49 mm

Apexstone Espresso Coffee Tamper – Espresso Tamper,Coffee Tamper 49 mm

Apexstone is a shiny, high-quality piece of equipment. The product is made from iron with chrome plating, hence the bigger weight- more than half a kilo.

The base diameter is quite peculiar- 49 mm, and you don’t see this often in the world of espresso coffee tampers. Nevertheless, we think that Apexstone can be quite useful at least for some espresso machines.

After a bit of research, we’ve found that this espresso tamper should fit most 51 mm portafilters. It should fit nicely on models like ECP3120, ECP3620, or Mr.Coffee.

One funny reviewer said: “Good for tamping coffee and self-defense.”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Apexstone is made from two separate parts, which means that the cleaning part won’t be too demanding. As it’s made from iron, the development of rust is a possibility. This is what some buyers complain about, but it seems more like this is a sporadic problem. Customer service should solve this little mishap immediately.
  • Nice and heavy
  • Although it’s a 49 mm tamper, it should fit most 51mm tamps
  • Rust may appear
  • Additional purchases needed in some countries (like Australia)

2. No products found. – Flat Espresso Tamper for 58mm Portafilter.

Diguo Elegance Wooden Coffee Tamper – Flat Espresso Tamper for 58mm Portafilter

It’s rare to see espresso tampers that are made from wood. This product is a good example of how nature and high-end technology can be combined to achieve the maximum aesthetical effect.

Diguo base is made from stainless steel (18/8), while the handle is made from wood.

The handle has a “user-friendly” ergonomic shape which means that using Diguo is a real satisfaction. The height can be adjusted- more specifically, there are 2 height options, to suit all customers’ needs.

Thanks to the wooden handle, the product doesn’t weigh much- just above 200g (or half a pound)

This product might be a bit demanding to clean, as it’s made from several distinct parts, at least when compared with some one-piece espresso tampers.
  • Elegant wooden handle
  • Double height
  • Cleaning may be difficult

3. No products found. – for Coffee and Espresso

LuxHaus 58mm Calibrated Pressure Tamper - for Coffee and Espresso

According to the manufacturer (LuxHaus), their product is only for perfectionists, who always want to sip on a nicely brewed shot of espresso.

The handle is made from a rubbery material, so your LuxHaus espresso tamper won’t slip from your hands easily. This is essential as you can seriously injure yourself if a thing this heavy falls on your leg.

LuxHaus espresso tamper is 100% food-safe, so you don’t have to worry about your health while using it.

This model comes in various diameter sizes- 49mm, 51mm,53mm, 58mm, so you should have no problem finding the one that suits your espresso machine. Just be careful to first measure your portafilter.

Thanks to a spring that attaches the handle to the base of the tamper, the LuxHaus always provides the same amount of pressure- about 30 pounds. This should be enough for most brew styles and will work seamlessly.

This option is more expensive than most other espresso tampers, but we think it’s worth it.
  • Pre-calibrated for ideal, consistent pressure
  • A bit more expensive than the competition

4. No products found. – Barista Espresso Tamper 51mm Base Coffee Bean Press

BlueSnail Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper - Barista Espresso Tamper 51mm Base Coffee Bean Press

BlueSnail is interesting as it has a stainless steel coating that surrounds the internal bit made from iron.

Needless to say, this should protect the iron from rust- this metal will oxidize when in contact with air, so stainless steel coating will do the job.

This is not a uni-body piece of equipment, so bear this in mind.

We think that this is important because the product’s description tends to misrepresent this bit. Otherwise, everything’s fine.

BlueSnail espresso tamper has a flat bottom.

According to many happy reviewers, this product’s most bitter enemy, rust, won’t be a problem Metal coating is done professionally, and people report using this product for years without seeing even the tiniest hint of rust.  
  • Stainless steel coating will protect the internal iron bit from rusting
  • The product’s description slightly misrepresents some facts

5. No products found. – Coffee Powder Press for Barista

Dailyart Calibrated Espresso Tamper - Coffee Powder Press for Barista, 58mm with flat base, 304 Stainless Steel, Rustproof, Black Ergonomics Handle

Another pre-calibrated espresso tamper on our list. DailyArt is made from 304 stainless steel (food grade), and it’s completely rustproof and corrosion-resistant.

The handle is made from aluminum and has an ergonomic shape that’s easy to use. It’s not often that we see espresso tampers being made from aluminum.

However, pre-calibrated tampers don’t need to weigh that much, as the amount of pressure is consistent.

As most pre-calibrated espresso tampers, this has a 30 pounds-force. You’ll feel a subtle click while tamping, and this is by no means something strange. It just means that you’ve attained the maximum pressure, in other words, you can hear the mechanism doing its job.

Simply put, thanks to this click sound you’ll know when you’ve applied the right amount of pressure.

Finally, a lot of reviewers praise DailyArt’s customer service, which is another big plus.
  • Good price for a pre-calibrated product
  • A distinct click sound will let you know when you applied enough pressure

6. No products found. – for Barista Tamper 51/ 58mm Flat Base Ground Coffee Press Tamper

Dailyart Calibrated Espresso Tamper - for Barista Tamper 51/ 58mm Flat Base Ground Coffee Press Tamper

The X-Chef’s espresso tamper is made of stainless steel. The steel is rustproof and heavy-duty. This kind of tamper is a long-term product and can be very durable.

The grip on the handle makes it easier to handle this coffee-making helping tool. It will always generate and distribute a good amount of pressure on brewing material, which will result in an even, solid puck. As we’ve mentioned before, making a good tamp before espresso-brewing is essential for a good-tasting beverage.

It is very easy for maintenance, and very easy to keep it clean. It’s not safe for dishwashers so it is advised to hand-wash it with warm or hot water.

Reviews speak on their own, and they are telling that this product is well put together.
  • Made of good material and durable
  • Great product for its price on market
  • It may happen so that one or of both ends become loose

7. No products found. – Barista Espresso Tamper 51mm Base Coffee Bean Press

PerriRock Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper - Barista Espresso Tamper 51mm Base Coffee Bean Press

When we talk about this kind of tampers for espresso, we have to mention everything about the material and its great structure.

It is made of stainless steel on the external part, and on internal, Perri Rock espresso tamper is made of iron.

Perri Rock stands up to its name- this is a rock-hard piece of equipment that will come as a great helping hand in commercial as well as domestic use. Needless to say, you don’t want to make a rock-hard tamp.

As we’ve mentioned in the introduction, getting the ideal density and structure are essential for good espresso brewing.  

Dimension and weight are as follows: Tamper height is 80mm, while it weighs about 570g.

Perri Rock espresso tamper stands out as one of the rare products in this category that have a characteristic conical shape. The design itself is quite remarkable and interesting, but you’ll have to get used to it, especially if you’ve been using standard espresso tampers before.
  • Great quality for its price
  • Hard, heavy and apply real amount of pressure
  • Interesting conical design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Has a peculiar shape which is why the handling of this product, at the beginning at least, may be challenging

8. No products found. – Dual Sided, Barista Espresso Tampe

Vencino 51mm/58mm Coffee Tamper - Dual Sided, Barista Espresso Tampe

Vencino espresso tamper guarantees a great help in tampering for you to achieve a better tasting caffeinated beverage.

Extremely great pressure is delivered by the flat base, which is great even for beginner because of its palm pressure design which is easier to control the finger pressure products.

This one is actually dishwasher safe, so it doesn’t request a hand wash. If you remember what we’ve said earlier, you’d see that this is a big plus, as most espresso tampers cannot be washed in the dishwasher.

Product is made of stainless steel which, which means there is no rusting and no fear of this “metal affliction”.

Lifetime warranty is included in any case of unintentional damage. If you do succeed in damaging this heavy-duty coffee accessory, you ought to get a medal!

A lot of baristas turn to this tool after using a plastic tampers for a long time, they are great for beginners by making your hand feel comfortable in that handle.
  • Great for both beginners and experienced espresso makers
  • Applies a great amount of pressure
  • It’s not a unibody piece of equipment which means that it will break more easily

9. No products found. – Coffee Tamper Classic Series

Tamper - Espresso Tamper - mm Tamper - Coffee Tamper Classic Series

VD Coffee espresso tamper has a beautiful polished wooden handle, which will give you a nice grip. Besides this, this handle also has a great aesthetic touch.

The handle is made of highly durable beech wood and is exceptional in redirecting that pressure on the base.

The design of the wooden handle espresso tamper has a very comfortable ergonomic design. Thanks for the comfortable grip you can easily and comfortably compress your favorite ground coffee.

The base itself is made of remarkable stainless steel 304 which will crush grounds just right.

Grip has great and classic looks, but it doesn’t stop there because it is even more comfortable than it looks.

Right measures, right looks, that’s all you can say about the base of this tamper, which does to the ground just what everybody needs, and that’s making their coffee taste every time like it gets better with each press.
  • Great looks, even better quality of its work
  • The wooden handle is made from high-quality beech wood
  • Won’t fit 51 mm portafilters

10. No products found.– Espresso Tamper

RSVP Terry’s Dual Sided - Espresso Tamper

This masterpiece will come in handy to both experts in bars and coffee makers at home.

And all this is possible thanks to its great texture that is made of aluminum it has a great commercial quality.

As we’ve mentioned before, products that are made from aluminum tend to be much lighter, without taking away robustness, sturdiness, and quality.

This is a “double-edged sword”, not in a bad way, of course. This is, of course, a good characteristic as its both sides can tamper different types of holes, both sides allow you to get espresso that will make your senses go wild.

Products materials make it resist corrosion, and doesn’t have any chemicals left in it from the building process of it (texture doesn’t allow acids from coffee to rest on it).
  • One of the most sought-after products on our list
  • The price can’t get any lower—this is perhaps the most expensive product on this list (although it’s currently on discount)
  • Sizes may vary unpredictably so that your product doesn’t fit any portafilter

11. No products found. – Pressure 53mm for Coffee and Espresso

Omgogo Calibrated Tamper - Pressure 53mm for Coffee and Espresso

Omgogo espresso tamper has a bell-shaped handle that’s ergonomic, comfortable, and most importantly, extremely easy to use.

Omgogo is a pre-calibrated espresso tamper, made to achieve consistent puck that will result in a perfect shot of espresso.

Although it has a funny-sounding name, this espresso tamper is serious when it comes to high-quality coffee brewing.

You won’t take any chances with this one- it will give you an even, consistent tamp every time you use it.

There’s one funny comment about this product: “… resisted buying the spring-loaded tamper because that’s not what the pros use. I finally figured out that I’m not a pro and maybe this might be a good thing.”

Indeed, pre-calibrated tampers are made to make your life just a bit easier.
  • 30 lbs pressure is the perfect pressure for a perfect coffee
  • Odd size- 53 mm, but should fit most portafilters

12. No products found. – Coffee Tamper

De'Longhi DLSC058 - Coffee Tamper

As we’ve written elsewhere, De’Longhi makes some high-quality coffee-brewing machines. Along with these machines, you can also buy affordable espresso tampers!

De’Longhi coffee tamper is a slick piece of equipment, that should be suitable for all espresso machines (according to the manufacturer, although we highly doubt this claim).

Experience the amazing flavor of a smooth and evenly graded tamp which is the key to the perfect espresso drink

An elegant wooden handle has a special ergonomic shape which will be extremely easy to use. The base is made of stainless steel, which will tamp the coffee ground nicely.Some customers compared this product with plastic alternatives, and needless to say, De’Longhi espresso tamper has an upper hand.

You’ll have to screw the metal base on and tighten it after the product arrives but after this small bit of manual work.
  • Affordable
  • Only comes in one color

13. No products found. – 58mm, Black Aluminum with Stainless Steel Base

Professional Espresso Tamper - 58mm, Black Aluminum with Stainless Steel Base

This is a slick and elegant piece of equipment made from aluminum (the base is made of stainless steel).

Even though the brand is called Barista Hustle, you really won’t have to hustle even for a little bit as this piece of equipment is effective and easy to use!

Unlike with other espresso tampers, vacuuming won’t be a problem here. No, we don’t think of the usual vacuuming, but of the vacuum which appears when you push down your espresso tamper too hard.

Thanks to a double flange that’s put between the base and the upper part of this product, vacuuming is eliminated.

The ergonomic handle will give you a nice grip and will suit most hand shapes. The texture of the surface will impede any chances of this tamper slipping from your hands or anything like that.

It only weighs 250grams, which isn’t a lot when you look at other espresso tampers. According to the manufacturer, this will put less strain on your body. The base is replaceable, so if any mishaps happen, you’ll be able to replace it.
  • Made from high-quality aluminum
  • One of the best lightweight tampers
  • Rather expensive
  • Could be a bit taller, according to some reviewers

14. No products found. – 5Solid Unibody Design – 100% Stainless Steel

Motalius 58mm Espresso Tamper - 5Solid Unibody Design - 100% Stainless Steel

We simply love these unibody espresso tampers! They are gorgeous, especially when they are made from shiny polished stainless steel, like this Motalius.

Funny name, Motalius, but this product is by no means funny- it will seriously tamp your coffee grounds. It’s completely food and drink safe, and, of course, rust-free.

Unibody tampers have one big advantage– dust, coffee grounds, and other small particles simply cannot get in- there are no indentations and crevices where they can pass (or as the manufacturer said- “no nooks and crannies”. The price also doesn’t seem to be too high for this kind of product, which is a big plus.

Some reviewers claim that it has a loose fit, as it’s 57.7 and not 58 mm in diameter. It is one of the heaviest products on our list- 643 grams, which is a lot.
  • Slick unibody piece of equipment
  • A heavy piece of equipment
  • Some reviewers complain about a loose fit

More Espresso Tampers!

No products found.

We didn’t joke when we said that tampers go for more than 200$! Macap is just an example- this is actually a very simple product- there’s a lever that helps you adjust the pressure and get the most perfect puck. Most importantly, the tamping part of this instrument is changeable, so you can experiment a little bit, especially if you’ve previously bought classic versions of these products.

3 Best Espresso Tampers Comparison Table

Table could not be displayed.
  • Best Espresso TamperBarista Hustle’s Professional Espresso Tamper – In my opinion, product has all it takes to make a perfect puck and will be your loyal little helper in your espresso endeavors! It’s black, it’s slick, it’s elegant. Most importantly, it has a high-quality unibody design that will stay sturdy forever!
  • Runner-upPerri Rock Coffee Tamper – Honestly, when I’m buying a product, I have something that I like to call “buyer’s instinct”. I want my product to work, is readily available, and of course, I don’t like to pay too much if I don’t need to. Whit this kind of mindset, Perri Rock would most certainly be my “first pick”. Actually, second pick, as it just slightly lags behind Barista Hustle.
  • Best BudgetRSVP Terry Dual Sided Tamper – While some people complain that coffee tampers are too expensive, with a little bit of research you can find a tamper for less than 10 bucks! RSVP is just a nickel above 6 bucks, which is a great deal considering that most products in this category go for anywhere from 20 to 200+ dollars.


Phew, that was a lot of espresso tampers. A lot. But, this kind of research is necessary when searching for the best espresso tamper! As you’ve seen (if you read the whole text), there are many types of espresso tampers, and it is not that easy to choose the one you like. Some are made from stainless steel, others from wood and aluminum.

But perhaps the most important factor is the pre-calibration. More specifically, pre-calibrated products are good for people who are new to manual espresso tamping and still didn’t get the pressure right. For professional baristas, pre-calibrated tampers won’t come in handy, as these professionals know exactly when and how to vary the pressure.

Why are espresso tampers so expensive?

Not all are that expensive, but the ones that have built-in mechanisms can sometimes have a hefty price to them. The price also depends on the material. Espresso tampers come in various shapes and sizes, usually being made from stainless steel, iron, and aluminum.

Aluminum products are lightweight, with a shiny, polished finish. While these characteristics may be alluring to some buyers, others like their espresso tamper nice and heavy. Heavier products are made from stainless steel and even iron, and some weigh more than half a kilo, which is a lot.

If there’s something we wanted you to learn, it’s that coffee-brewing business is by no means a simple one. It may look so when professionals are doing it, but it most certainly isn’t easy.

Hope you found our text interesting, we’re off to take a break with a tasty cup of coffee. Cheers!