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Does Coffee Effect Exercise Performance?

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Coffee as we all know is a trend that has been skyrocketing for a few years now, although coffee has been around for longer than all of us. The younger generation have clocked on to the health benefits of coffee and so, we now have at home baristas wherever we turn, which is a good thing!

Millennials are hell bent on a healthy lifestyle which has caused another trend to rapidly increase, the fitness industry. Turn on Instagram and you’ll be smothered with pictures of Greek gods and goddesses flaunting bodies that look carved out of stone by Zeus himself.

There must be some correlation between coffee and the fitness industry, perhaps to do with the increased energy surge after drinking a coffee or has coffee been mixed with other health products to promote the right kind of lifestyle?

Weight Loss:

All it takes is a quick google and you’ll find plethora of pages of companies pushing weight loss tablets which include caffeine as a main source of weight loss and health benefits, a popular example is called complete thermogenic.

Caffeine is used in this case for a variety of reasons. The first and perhaps main reason caffeine is pushed into weight loss products is the fact that it is known to aid and increase your metabolism. Studies show that caffeine increases the metabolism between 3-11% and increase fat burning properties by up to 29%


The fitness industry has also opened its doors to another caffeine-based product which has a slightly different use. Caffeine not only helps people with weight loss, caffeine is also known to be a natural stimulant which helps increase alertness and energy levels. You can see why the fitness industry has jumped on to the caffeine train.

Having said all of this, and, especially for the weight loss tablets, caffeine does have side effects when taken in large amounts and the best source of caffeine will always be a green tea or coffee. These both have natural antioxidant properties as well so they’re hardly unhealthy.

The pills will be packed full of other ingredients so its worth consulting a doctor before purchasing as some on the market aren’t regulated and you could find yourself doing more harm than good.

Drink Coffee Before a Workout:

Another trend that has been increasing around the fitness industry is drinking a coffee before a workout, supposedly it helps to increase your performance. It is recommended to drink a coffee roughly 45 minutes before working out to ensure maximum results. Here are the reasons:

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1 It Increases Performance

As mentioned above, this is the obvious one. Caffeine activates part of the brain which boost our alertness and energy levels which are crucial to working out. A quick google search will show you the many studies conducted by reputable scientists which back up the claim that consuming caffeine before a workout does increase performance.

2 It Accelerates Fat Loss

I know I mentioned this earlier, this time there is a slightly different point with a new set of benefits. When coffee is consumed before exercising it can cause fat cells to be used for energy instead of glycogen which means you’ll burn more fat from working out rather than burning off last nights dinner.

3 It Improves Your Focus

Coffee will help you stay productive and effective whilst working out, maybe that coffee you had 45 minutes ago is the reason you’re able to pump out a few extra reps on your last set. It may not seem like a huge performance difference but over time have increased focus and energy levels is going to take your workouts to a whole new level.

4 It Helps Decrease Muscle Pain

There was a study conducted by the University of Georgia that found that a moderate dose of caffeine can reduce post workout pain by up to 48 percent. This can be backed up by the fact that caffeine is used in a lot of pain relief medication around the world.

5 It Keeps You Healthy

This is an obvious one that is a health benefit for coffee regardless of exercise. Coffee is a source of natural antioxidants and can help increase your physical health. If you pair this with a healthy balanced lifestyle that includes working out regularly you will take your health even further.

You can also drink coffee after a workout if you are feeling sluggish or drained and feel like the rest of the day is going to be hard work, that’s me on a normal day. There are no benefits to drinking it after your workout over before, it is always recommended to drink your coffee before a workout if possible.

So, if you’re reading this and you’ve been holding off drinking coffee as you weren’t sure if it was going to mess with your gains, now you know, workout to your hearts content! – Just make sure your arms aren’t so sore you can’t raise your coffee mug to your lips, that would be a disaster.