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Black Coffee Benefits and Side Effects

black coffee benefits and side effects

With the great number of types out there, sometimes we ask ourselves, which coffee is the best for us in general. After all, we do drink it every morning, day, or night, so a little research about the pros and cons of this drink is a wise thing to do. You will find out what is the best option regarding coffee bean choices, additives you put in it, and so on, so you can adjust your personal preference to make it a bit healthier for you.

The Basics

So first of all, what is black coffee? What is the recipe for a black coffee?

Black coffee is a caffeine beverage, but to say that someone doesn’t know what it is almost impossible, because next to tea, this drink is the most consumed one in the whole world.

You make it by first, boiling some water, then adding the ground black coffee beans into the boiling water, mixing it and letting it cook a bit more to release all the oxygen that can be caught inside the grain itself, and also to let everything come together, then serve it hot.

Some people put sugar inside, some people put milk or honey inside, and some drink it as it is. Since it is the world’s number one drink, a lot of scientific research has been conducted to examine all the benefits that the chemistry inside the drink can provide, and what bad sides exist next to it.

Whatever some scientific study says how you should do it, it all comes to personal preference at the end. If you like adding sugar, ignore the researches that say that you should avoid sugar. But it is also important to be aware and to stay informed.

Black Coffee Benefits and Side Effects

Black coffee reduces the inflammation in the body, and next to containing some vitamins like B2, B3, and B5 and minerals like manganese, potassium, and magnesium.

But, the caffeine content inside the coffee is why we drink it, because it lifts you, gives you the boost you need to start your day. A lot of people are so used to it, so much that they can’t imagine their day without their morning cup, to some extent that some would even collapse without it. After all, it has a therapeutic value as well. Nothing better than having enough room to take your time to drink coffee in the morning, without rushing, resulting in a stress-free experience and the right mindset. The great thing about this drink is that it will help you lose weight.

Black coffee benefits for weight loss are the following:

  1. It is a fat-burning beverage, and it stimulates brain cells to use fat a source of energy instead of glycogen
  2. Black coffee benefits you before a workout because it boosts your metabolism, and the best time to drink black coffee is half an hour before your workout, or before going to the gym.

-Keep in mind that weight loss results do not come directly by consuming black coffee, but it does help the overall process.

Overall Health Benefits:

There are so many, but keep in mind that these benefits are not the most visible or something that you feel over time, but they are benefits. Just a reminder that only drinking it is not enough for having a very healthy life, but it is recommended!

First of all, let’s talk about black coffee with sugar.A lot of people put sugar in their morning cup, maybe because of the well-known myth that sugar boosts your energy.  So, if you are going for the healthiest experience, take the sugar out, maybe switch it out with a little bit of honey, since one teaspoon of sugar contains more calories than a teaspoon of honey. The benefits of black coffee without sugar is keeping your teeth a bit healthier, and of course, reducing the sugar blood level, which can cause some nasty side effects.

Next, it can make you smarter, at least for a while. The caffeine has this boosting effect that makes you more alert, more careful, increasing cognitive functioning inside the brain. The activation of the brain will help you with memory, so old people that have problems with Dementia. Parkinson’s or similar diseases should go for the black coffee early in the morning, or in general. It is scientifically proven that it has a high percentage of chance to reduce the risk of having these diseases.

It also makes you happy! Next to activating and boosting the brain, it regulates your mood, great for fighting depression. After all, we did mention the therapeutic value of this drink that can be confirmed by many happy consumers around the world. It is a good dopamine boost that will keep your mind and body also, younger than without it. Just imagine a scenario at your workplace, full of tensions, which will make you tired, or even sad at times. But a nice break with a cup of your favorite drink can make you feel better pretty much instantly, because of the dopamine boost it causes. These tense situations can seem harmless at times, because you forget about them pretty easily, but you should know that they aren’t so harmless, since they can lead to many life problems or even illnesses at times, so make a break always.

Like with all fluids, they will make you want to go to the bathroom a bit more. If you choose the option without sugar, it will increase the rate of flushing the toxins inside your system, cleansing your belly, and preventing any unwanted stomach pains or issues.

Drinking black coffee benefits your skin as well, it can reduce cellulite on your skin, it will remove dark circles around your eyes, and as we just mentioned, makes your body age more smoothly, and it can have antimicrobial properties that protect your skin from germs. The ground product can also be used for scrubbing away dead skin cells.

Now For Some Real Health Benefits:

Reduces the risk of getting cancer, which is a rather controversial saying, since the best partner for a cup of this beverage, for many people, are cigarettes.

Nonetheless, it has been proven that the caffeinated version of this drink has certain chemical compounds in itself that will help strengthen up your organs, primarily the liver, because the drink itself will reduce the level of harmful liver enzymes in the blood. So this is some good news for the people who drink it daily because by drinking it, you keep your liver safe and happy.

It will also reduce the chances of getting strokes caused by cardiovascular problems if you drink a cup or two a day. As we said in the beginning, it also reduces inflammation, which can result in a tumor. Diabetes is a nasty disease that can lead to organ failure, which is greatly reduced by drinking this caffeine, or even decaffeinated drink, but of course, without sugar.

All in all, the health benefits of coffee(and tea) are the high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, regulations of body health(and mind care), as well as therapeutic comfort.

Disadvantages of coffee:

Just because there are good sides regarding this beverage, doesn’t mean that there aren’t any bad ones.

Coffee, especially black coffee can result in teeth discoloration since the “black” sticks to your teeth over time when you drink it. Also, if you drink it when it’s not the best time, you can have some stomach issues.

If you, for example, drink coffee on an empty stomach, the acids inside the drink can mix up badly inside your empty stomach, that already has acid in it (stomach acid is used to process food in the manner in which you can digest it and send it further towards the rear end). This can end up in stomach pains, which is unpleasant and unwanted in any occasion.


We showed you all the good and bad sides. Overall, it is a health benefit if you consider to include this drink into your daily life. Sugar, without sugar, milk or no milk, it doesn’t matter, drink it as you like it. We just wanted to make sure that you are well aware of the contents you are consuming.

This is a rather reasonable fact, but even if it is healthy, do not drink it more than you need. Everything is healthy in moderation. Choose the correct time for drinking it, and enjoy it!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

How much black coffee can you drink per day?

Somewhere around 400mg of caffeine, which is contained in 4 cups is safe for adults to drink per 24 hours.

When should I drink it?

The best time to drink it is when your stomach isn’t empty, and avoid drinking it in the evening.

Is black coffee harmful?

It is not harmful, except in some instances when some people are a bit more sensitive to caffeine, or they have drunk it at the wrong time, which can cause some problems with sleep.