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3 Best Saeco Espresso Machines | 2022 Reviews

Best saeco espresso machine

Saeco is an Italian-based company, and it’s based in Gaggio Montano. Some 40 years ago, Saeco started making automatic espresso machines- the so-called “bean-to-cup” machines.

Thanks to a partnership with Philips, the company started making vending machines (including vending coffee machines of course). Yes, I know, “real” coffee-lovers can’t stand vending machine coffee. I don’t have any problems with it- you get a cheap cup of java with lots of sugar- just the thing I need early in the morning when my brain is still sleeping.

Needless to say, Saeco still focuses on both commercial and non-commercial coffee machines. Saeco has the so-called professional line and OCS line. What’s the difference? The professional line contains both automatic and manual coffee machines, and I assume these are for both home and commercial use.

One the other hand, the OCS line stands for office coffee Saeco. Even though these are nominally for offices, you can actually use them wherever you want.

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Which is The Best Saeco Espresso Machine?

Our Top Pick!
Saeco Xelsis SM7684/04 Super Automatic Espresso Machine

There can be no doubt- the best Saeco espresso machine is Saeco Xelsis. Sure, the manufacturer didn’t try to make it compact. But this machine has so many benefits that you’ll have to find space for it in your kitchen. I don’t even want to start enumerating all the coffee beverages Xelsis will brew for you. Let alone all the other gimmicks such as automatic cleaning, frothing…

Another thing- when you look at the Features table, PicoBaristo and Xelsis seem kind of the same, but this isn’t necessarily the case. For instance, they both have the same amount of beverages, but in PicoBaristo’s 15 beverages are included things like hot water, hot milk, etc. Xelsis thus has more relevant coffee beverages.

The second best would be PicoBaristo, simply because it has proven itself as a reliable machine, used by a lot of customers. As far as the best budget pick is concerned, I am afraid this section is not that relevant when one considers the price of Saeco machines. It’s like saying: “What is the most economic Maserati”. The trick is- there are no economic Maseratis. There are only expensive and a bit less expensive Maseratis. It’s the same with Saeco.

Finally, the company sells all kinds of accessories for service and maintenance:

List of 3 Best Saeco Espresso Machines:


  • Number of beverages: 15
  • Compactness: Very compact
  • Grind size options: 10
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  • Number of beverages: 6
  • Compactness: Medium compactness
  • Grind size options: 6
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  • Number of beverages: 15 (6 user profiles)
  • Compactness: Not compact
  • Grind size options: 10
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1. Saeco PicoBaristo – Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco PicoBaristo

“Pico”, means small. Indeed, PicoBaristo is rather compact. However, Saeco didn’t sacrifice functionality or quality in exchange for compactness. Saeco PicoBaristo makes 15 different drinks, and it also has the customization option. These are just some of the drinks this coffee machine will make:

  • Espresso (and lungo)
  • Ristretto
  • Cappuccino
  • Macchiato

Thanks to an AquaClean filter, you won’t have to worry about decalcification before you brew 5,000 cups, and this is not a small number. Grinders will last enough to grind at least 20,000 cups, which is absolutely phenomenal. Needless to say, the grinders in question are ceramic (much better than steel blade grinders). There are 10 different settings- whether you have a light, medium, or dark blend, you don’t have to worry. PicoBaristo’s grinders will accommodate to the type of roast you’re grinding, seamlessly.

  • Dimensions: 16.8 x 8.4 x 12.9 (inches)
  • Weight: 20.6 pounds

This product of course has the indispensable touchscreen, however, the one on PicoBaristo is a bit more subtle. You don’t even notice it as it kind of blends in with the black flashy finish.

Moreover, you can make up to 6 different user profiles. Everyone in the family can have one- of course kids shouldn’t drink coffee as they are energized anyway.

The milk system has a special cleaning function. At first, this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. But trust me, you don’t want to have stale milk in your coffee maker. Coffee goes bad rather quickly, and before you know it, you have unimaginable stomach problems. Been there, seen that. Thanks to PicoBaristo, you won’t have the experiences I had.

Not everything is perfect though. Some customers complain about the magnet found on the hopper door. This magnet tends to fall off after which the machine displays an error message. Moreover, there’s a bit more plastic than you would expect from a “stainless steel” machine (as it’s often advertised).

  • You’ll be able to make 15 different beverages
  • The coffee is absolutely delicious. Even unhappy customers agree on this point
  • Automatic milk system cleaning
  • Excellent grinder with 10 different options
  • One of the most compact machines that have this many options
  • Has more plastic than Saeco is ready to admit
  • Even small damage (losing a magnet attached to a hopper door) will completely incapacitate the machine

2. Saeco Incanto – Carafe Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco Incanto

This espresso machine will most certainly leave you enchanted (which is the English version of the name “incanto”). Saeco Incanto specializes in cappuccinos and latte macchiatos- it will be ideal for all those coffee-lovers who love the combination of milk and coffee.

As a typical super-automatic product Saeco Incanto of course has a built-in grinder. The burrs are made from ceramic, which ensures maximum consistency and grind quality.

  • Dimensions: 16.8 x 8.4 x 12.9 (inches)
  • Weight: 21.8 pounds

It’s quite easy to remove all the parts so the cleaning aspect won’t be too demanding. Moreover, there’s the automatic cleaning option so I am not sure if you’ll have anything to clean in the first place! As far as descaling is concerned, don’t leave this to chance. Scaling can ruin any coffee machine, and this is actually one of the things that will sooner or later cause some problems to your super-automatic machine. Especially if you’re using it a lot (huge amounts of water coming in and out), you can expect significant calcification to happen.

Saeco wanted to counter this via Aquaclean filters (there are also other filters). In my opinion, these filters will mostly purify the water- decalcification will be a bit trickier. This filter should also be changed every 3 months, so be sure to have this in mind when calculating the expenses of Saeco Incanto.

Saeco Incanta has a great capacity- both water container and bean container are quite large. There’s also the waste container (be sure to remove the waste as often as possible). The bean container will hold up to 9 ounces of beans.

Finally, this coffee machine has the so-called bypass option. This means you’ll be able to also drink instant coffee that’s already in powder form.

  • Big bean container
  • Comes with an efficient water filter
  • Good bean grinder
  • Adjustable brew size
  • Some customers (a minority) complain about the frother. According to these reviews, the milk frother will soon start losing its pressure (no more foam)

3. Saeco Xelsis - Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco Xelsis

One of the reasons this machine is so expensive is that it’s partially made from titanium. At least you won’t have to worry about it breaking down in the middle of the brewing process.

For a prestigious price, you’ll get everything that can be fitted onto a compact espresso machine. First of all, the touchscreen (3.5 inches). The touchscreen on Saeco Xeslsis is probably better than the one on my phone.

  • Dimensions: 23.43 x 14.49 x 20.47 (inches)
  • Weight: 25.8 pounds

It has the so-called hygiesteam system- the name says it all. The hygiene of the milk frothing system will be kept at maximum, thanks to the steam cleaning. Hot vapors will clean all the pipes, keeping your espresso machine nice and healthy.

According to the manufacturer- Xelsis will let you program everything. Okay, you cannot code C# or PHP on Saeco Xelsis, but you’ll be damn near close to it! There are all the usual ingredients- user profiles, favorite drinks, dosage, temperature. The machine will remember a lot of parameters, all this in the goal of making the best coffee possible for your tastes.

There’s also a double thermo block which will ensure the most consistent brewing temperature possible. This product actually won iF Design Award back in 2018. A special International Forum in Hannover awards the iF Design Award each year, which is one of the oldest design organizations in the world.

  • Up to 6 user profiles, which are, needless to say, customizable
  • The so-called “coffee equalizer”- you’ll be able to “equalize” all the parameters like- temperature, cup size, amount of foam, milk temperature...
  • 15 different drinks- espressos, macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites, americanos, ristretto, doppio, cortado... (some of these words I heard for the first time)
  • Costs like a second-hand car
  • Might not be the best option if you prefer darker roasts (as mentioned elsewhere, super automatics have a problem with excessively oily beans)
  • Some users complain about the heating problem (coffee might be too cold)


Saeco specializes in making super-automatic machines. There aren’t any manual coffee machines made by Saeco, at least I was not able to find them. But as soon as you buy a Saeco super-automatic espresso machine you’ll forget about manuals.

Saeco makes it so easy for us to brew a delicious cup of java that it kind spoils us. Your just one push of a button away from the most delicious cup you’ve ever tasted. But not any cup- it will be exactly the same cup as that the machine remembered and included in its system.

Top Rated Saeco Espresso Machines: