10 Best Keurig Coffee Makers to Buy in 2020

best keurig coffee makers

Coffee is excellent, it gets you in the mood of work, and you should get a cup of a good one, just about everywhere you go. Offices, homes, and restaurants have machines to make a good cup of coffee, but the Keurig machines make it several steps easier. Simply put, Keurig coffee makers are the best ones out there.

When it comes to picking the best Keurig coffee maker, it’s a lot of work. All of these machines have their pros and cons, each specialized for different uses and conditions. Hence, in this list, we will place our focus on the best machines for different settings.

After this list, we have a guide on how to pick the best coffee maker for yourself or the office. When it comes to choosing the right coffee maker, a lot goes into consideration, and we are here to help you make the best choice.

List of 10 Best Keurig Coffee Makers:

Don’t be so worked up about buying the best product, because we have it listed here, just for you. These products are adapted for different settings, as stipulated against the name in this list.

Keurig K155 Coffee MakerKeurig K155 Coffee Maker

  • Main Feature: An advanced full color touchscreen interface with adjustable brew temperature
  • Color: Silver
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Keurig K55 Coffee Maker
Keurig K55 Coffee Maker

  • Main Feature: Brews 6, 8, or 10 oz. single cups in under 2 minutes
  • Color: Black
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Keurig K145 Office Pro Coffee Maker
Keurig K145 Office Pro Coffee Maker

  • Main Feature: Heavy gauge materials for high-volume use
  • Color: Silver and Black
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Keurig K-mini Coffee MakerKeurig K-mini Coffee Maker

  • Main Feature: Travel mug friendly
  • Color: Black
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Keurig K-classic Coffee Maker K-cupKeurig K-classic Coffee Maker K-cup

  • Main Feature: Large 48 oz. water reservoir
  • Color: Black
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Keurig K-café Coffee MakerKeurig K-café Coffee Maker

  • Main Feature: Large 60 oz. water reservoir
  • Color: Charcoal
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Keurig K575 K-cup Coffee MakerKeurig K575 K-cup Coffee Maker

  • Main Feature: Extra large color touch screen
  • Color: Platinum
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Keurig K150PKeurig K150P

  • Main Feature: Direct-water-line Plumbing
  • Color: Black and Silver
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 Keurig K3000SE BrewerKeurig K3000SE Brewer

  • Main Feature: Direct-water-line plumbing (fixtures not included and Plumbing is the responsibility of the purchaser)
  • Color: Silver
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Keurig K-café Special Edition Coffee MakerKeurig K-café Special Edition Coffee Maker

  • Main Feature: Simple button controls
  • Color: Nickel
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Keurig Coffee Makers Review

1. Keurig K55 Coffee Maker – For Home

Keurig K55 Coffee Maker

Things get dicey when picking out a coffee maker for your home. However, Keurig K55 is adapted for home use to make all that stress go away. Just about anything you want from a coffee maker can be achieved and delivered by this machine.

The flexibility this Keurig machine offers is unprecedented, to which it does not undermine the quality of the coffee’s made.

The taste remains excellent, and you get to achieve more. This Keurig machine is also found in big offices, but it is predominantly found in homes.

The machine is designed to perform great functions, to which it enjoys a ridiculously easy setup. With a single refill of the device, you can make about 5 cups of your beloved coffee. It features a water reservoir that can be removed anytime for cleaning.

  • It is effortless to use
  • It is easy to setup
  • It is designed to create different coffee flavors
  • It features an auto-turnoff button
  • Sadly, there is the absence of the descaling option on the machine, which makes cleaning the machine very hard.

2. Keurig K145 Office Pro Coffee Maker – For Office

Keurig K145 Office Pro Coffee Maker

Except you are the only one working in the office, you can go for another model. However, if you want a coffee maker to serve the daily needs of your office and its workers, this is the best bet.

This Keurig machine is always ready to be used, and another great thing about it is that it has a very minimal brewing time. In less than a minute, your coffee is entirely brewed, so the next person doesn’t have to be too long on the wait.

Once you have all the elements you need, in the cup, your coffee will be in the k-cup pod in no time. Compatibility with the large size of offices is just amazing. The machine features a 48-oz reservoir that can always be removed at will.

Draining a coffee machine will never be more comfortable. The device features a Drain Brewer button that leaves the machine devoid of its content in time. Portability was ardently taken into consideration in the production. Not only is the machine portable, but it is also very versatile.

Since it is one adapted for use at an office, where it will receive next to no care, the machine is built to be sturdy and of a long life span.

  • It is designed to last very long, with little maintenance
  • It has a large capacity
  • It is very portable and convenient
  • It is technically noisy

3. Keurig K-mini Coffee Maker - For College

Keurig K-mini Coffee Maker

When you are in a college dorm, you don’t need gadgets and machines that will take so much space of the little space you've got at the dorm. You have to cut your coat according to your cloth, and this Keurig machine helps you achieve that in a coffee maker. This is the perfect machine for your small dorm place.

With the 5 inches frame design, this machine can fit anywhere, ranging from your reading table to the window frame by your bed (if there is one). Whatever small space you have for life in college, this machine is just right for you.

This machine is also right for travel mugs meant for your travels. It is suitable for cups that are a maximum of 7 inches. Just in case you need to clean up, the 7-inch cup is just enough to accommodate all you have brewed.

  • It is very efficient with energy, as the machine turns automatically off when it’s been 90 seconds since your last brew
  • It is very more comfortable to set up and takes less space
  • It can only brew cup size between 6 and 12oz
  • It is not as effective and durable as the more versatile machines

4. Keurig K-classic Coffee Maker K-cup - Best Budget Option

Keurig K-classic Coffee Maker K-cup

Of all the cheap coffee makers out there, this budget Keurig coffee maker still stands out for its design. Place it on any kitchen counter, this machine is ready to compete favorably with other brands.

This particular model differentiates itself from the rest, mainly thanks to the pod-based process of brewing. Thanks to this brewing system, the manufacturer could eliminate some parts. One of such is the mobile brew basket.

Getting to know the needs of the machine when in use is also very easy, as there are lights on the head that indicate these. Needs such as water, descaling, etc., all have different corresponding lights.

With this Keurig machine, in one minute, you can brew about three cups of coffee. That's how fast it is. Hence, you don't need to wait forever to get a good gulp of coffee down your throat.

In cases where you are ready to burn some energy to push the machine to do more, it can go beyond brewing three cups per minute. However, this energy-saving approach that delivers three cups in a minute is more than enough.

  • It features colored lights for signals
  • It has a distinctive design
  • It saves more on energy
  • The piercing needle needs frequent maintenance cleaning.

5. Keurig K575 K-cup Coffee Maker - For Small Gatherings

Keurig K575 K-cup Coffee Maker

Who likes noise? No one, absolutely no one. If you want a coffee maker that gets the job done, without blaring into your ears, this is the right one. This Keurig machine is right for you if you are one that hosts a gathering of friends frequently. Or if you are going to host a business meal in your home. 

This Keurig machine is also designed to work for several k-cup pods. It is suitable to brew sizes ranging from 4oz to as high as 30oz. Yes, this machine can get it all done. It's a brilliant choice too if you have a large immediate family. With the machine, you are good to go, at any time.

Unlike other machines, it comes with two filters, which allows you to enjoy your coffee for a very long time. The device even comes with 6 k-cups, which is to show you that it is the one for your small gathering.

There is no need to punch at buttons all the time, the touchscreen display is responsive and helps you navigate the flexibilities of the machine. It also features a detachable reservoir. This is the machine to get you going in no time.

  • It is very versatile and flexible
  • It is not noisy
  • It is rather expensive and pricey

6. Keurig K155 Coffee Maker - For Larger Office (Overall Best)

Keurig K155 Coffee Maker

At the touch of a button, this particular model brings perfection into your cup. This is the best Keurig machine adapted for large offices. Everyone can get the taste of the coffee they love, and get to work assiduously.

Coupled with the few buttons, there is also an interactive touchscreen that helps you get what you want, done in no time — the screen displays in three languages, which you can choose from, English, French, and Spanish. There are several options of coffee to pick from, over 500 of them.

On display, you can adjust the temperature of the brew. You can also toggle on/off the auto power feature. There is also the total elimination of noise in the machine. It has an extra-large 90oz water reservoir, enough to go round everyone. Drainage and storage are also not issues.

  • It doesn’t make noises
  • It has a substantial capacity to cater for everyone's coffee need
  • It can be easily transported and stored.
  • It takes much space due to its massive size.

7. Keurig K150P - For Commercial Uses

Keurig K150P

This is the machine for commercial purposes. If you are looking to open a café and you need a machine to support your hand-made system, this is the right one.

This Keurig machine is a seamless fusion of art and technology. This machine makes the best coffee we’ve seen, and it’s no joke.

This machine has all you need to brew cups of coffee that will remain hot and give you the perfect taste you should get from your coffee.

  • It is effortless to move around
  • It does not weight so much
  • Cleaning may not be effortless

8. Keurig K3000SE Brewer - For Luxury Use

Keurig K3000SE Brewer

If you are looking to get a coffee brewer for your executive office, this is the one to get. Having this personal one in your office saves you the hassle of going to wait on the general coffee brewer in the kitchen.

Also, this is great for the home. All you need to do is to wake up, brew, and relax with your perfect cup of coffee. 

It also features an LCD interface where you get instructions in English, Spanish, and French.

This is simply a compliment to the ease of use that characterizes this beautiful machine. Get going whenever you want your coffee.

  • It is highly effective than the cheaper ones
  • It is swift, and the engineering is just perfect.
  • It is just perfect for the office.
  • It has a shallow capacity fill of 10oz.

9. Keurig K-café Coffee Maker - Best for Café

Keurig K-café Coffee Maker

Are you a professional barrister looking to have your astounding recipe into something that can run automatically? Then this is your best bet. This Keurig coffee maker is made, especially for the latte and cappuccino coffee flavors.

Once the cup is inserted, and you push a couple of buttons, the rest is history. Before you have to refill this machine, you can brew as many as 6 cups. Thanks to the removable reservoir, you can easily refill the machine.

The machine features a smart start, which allows it to heat up while brewing in a single process. You don't have to wait for these to run in succession. You can also program the auto-off feature in the machine, which gets the engine off if left for 2 hours post brew, without use.

  • It is designed to alert you of maintenance needs
  • The machine can function effectively even at high altitudes.
  • It is suitable for your travel mug of up to 7.2 inches
  • If maintenance is not done correctly, it could lead to electrical damage. Hence, it requires more attention.

10. Keurig K-café Special Edition Coffee Maker - For Café-like Feel in The Home

Keurig K-café Special Edition Coffee Maker

Are you so used to getting your coffee from a barrister, and you will love to relish that feeling in the house? Then this is your best choice.

You don’t have to go for the costly version used in the café, this is just enough to give you the perfect latte or cappuccino mix.

It is designed to support 4 cup sizes – 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounces. It is also designed to have a smart start, which allows it to get heated and brew at the same time.

  • It is effortless to set up.
  • It is very cheap
  • It indicates the need for maintenance, so you don't lose track of time.
  • You have to fill up the machine manually.

Best Keurig Coffee Makers: Buying Guide

Coffee can never be enjoyed if you have the wrong machine. There are several coffee maker brands out there, but Keurig has proven itself to be the best of the best.

Not just with the quality of the products, but always taking into consideration the various needs of various locations. Wherever you need to use the coffee maker, there is a product by Keurig that fits just your needs.

For several persons, the day wouldn't start well without a cup of well-made coffee. This is why you need a coffee maker. Now, buying this for the first time may be tricky.

If you are also on a budget and would love to get the right product, that may be hard. This is what the above guide will surely help you tackle.

There are some things you need to consider in getting yourself a coffee maker.

Consider How You Take Your Coffee

This is a significant factor to consider. You need to have due consideration of how you take your coffee. Do you take it hot, or do you make it cold? This determines what model you get.

You should also consider the number of cups you take. If you are one that finds just a cup or two satisfying before the days' work, then a single serve coffee maker will be the best for you. If not, get a coffee maker that satisfies your needs in a single brew.

Where You Need The Machine

This is also important. You don't buy a single-serve coffee maker for a large office where employees get break time, at once. You need to consider where you will be making use of the coffee maker. If you are going to college, there is no point in getting the K-classic, as it will take up much space.

Various coffee makers are adapted to different uses, and this should be duly considered.

The Features

The various coffee makers out there come with different elements that make them stand out. If you are used to a particular coffee maker, with some specific features, it is best to get a new one with those features. This improves the ease of use, and you won’t spend so much time learning how to handle the machine.

Also, some models are designed to require little maintenance. If you are a busy person, this is the perfect fit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Keurig Coffee Makers

Here are several questions that are commonly asked about the Keurig Coffee Makers

Can they deliver to me when I make an order?

Yes, you get the product delivered directly to your home, through the UK standard delivery.

Can I adjust the water temperature?

Keurig Coffee Makers are designed differently. Hence, some models can have water temperature regulated, and some cannot. 

Can I make iced coffee with my Keurig brewer?

Yes, you can. This can be done on all the models of the Keurig machines. 

How best do I clean my Keurig brewer?

The best period for cleaning is to clean every 3 to 6 months. You can do this with the Keurig descaling solution.

How much power is consumed by the Keurig coffee machines?

You don't need much power. All you need is the same amount of energy required for the 60-watts.


Making coffee is a great way to start your day, but your coffee will never be perfect with the wrong machine. This is where the Keurig models come in. These machines are astutely designed to answer to your various coffee needs.

You simply need to select your choice. This has been adequately discussed and pointed out in this guide. This guide exposes your mind to the various machines that fit your coffee needs.

Ivan is a 24-year old graphic design and computer science student from Serbia who loves driving motorcycle in his free time and is absolutely obsessed with nature, sports and hanging out with friends.

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