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7 Best Gaggia Espresso Machines to Buy in 2023 | Reviews

best gaggia espresso machine

If you read our content you’ve probably noticed that we often mention the company named Gaggia. The name is Italian, and Gaggia is based in Milano. Making both automatic and manual coffee machines has been a matter of prestige and craftsmanship for over 80 years now. Gaggia was founded in 1938 when Achille (the founder) wanted to promote the espresso with “crema naturale”.

Achille Gaggia actually shaped the whole concept of espresso, by improving the espresso-making technology. It soon became so popular that Gaggia started making home espresso machines.

The company doesn’t confine itself to the production and selling of coffee machines. It also provides the world with various coffee accessories such as:

  1. Decalcifiers
  2. Filter-holders
  3. Water filters
  4. Coffee oil removers (tablets)

Gaggia also makes its own coffee! The company sells several kinds of coffees:

  1. Intenso (65% Arabica, 35% Robusta)
  2. Arabica
  3. Decaffeinated

Only the proven Italian methods were used in the roasting of Gaggia coffee beans.

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Gaggia Full Automatic Lines

It’s safe to say that the Milanese company produces mainly full automatic coffee machines. You have the Cadorna line, which is the newest and the ideal 2020 buy. There are also the Velasca and Anima lines, which are somewhat older. Some out-of-line machines have special capabilities, and we’ll most surely address these in our article.

It’s also worth mentioning that practically all lines have a prestige model, so there’s not exactly a whole prestige line. If you’re using automatic machines, bear in mind that oily beans might clog the espresso maker quite quickly. Most people recommend using light to medium roasts, instead of dark oily beans.

Manual Gaggia Coffee Machines

With Carezza and Viva lines, you’ll most certainly find the one you like. Although manual Gaggia products are somewhat fewer, this doesn’t mean that the company neglects this important aspect.

It is the demand that drives the diversity of automatic coffee machines. Nevertheless, there are still people who like good-old espresso methods.

Our Top 3 Gaggia Espresso Machines

Our Top Pick!
Gaggia Carezza De LUXE Espresso Machine

In my opinion, the Gaggia Carezza DeLuxe is the best Gaggia machine. Why? First of all, it has all the things a super-automatic machine should have. Secondly, it doesn’t cost like a second-hand car.

Carezza DeLuxe is followed by Cadorna prestige. Honestly, choosing Cadorna prestige as the best Gaggia coffee machine would be too easy. It has so many options, beverages and overall so much technology that you only have to press a button and voila! But Cadorna is one of the most expensive home espresso machines I’ve ever come across. And trust me I’ve seen a lot of espresso machines.

The best budget Gaggia coffee machine is most certainly Brera. Keep in mind that Gaggia’s machines, in general, aren’t that cheap. While Brera is quite cheap by Gaggia’s standards, it is still more expensive than some really cheap espresso makers.

List of The 7 Best Gaggia Espresso Machines:

Cadorna prestigeCadorna prestige

  • Capacity: 60 ounces
  • Type: Super automatic
  • Number of beverages: 14 + 4 user profiles
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  • Capacity: 55 ounces
  • Type: Super automatic
  • Number of beverages: 7
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Viva ChicViva Chic

  • Capacity: 33 ounces
  • Type: Manual
  • Number of beverages: 2
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Carezza deluxeCarezza deluxe

  • Capacity: 47 ounces
  • Type: Automatic (manual frother)
  • Number of beverages: 4
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  • Capacity: 47 ounces
  • Type: Automatic (manual frother)
  • Number of beverages: 3
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  • Capacity: 40 ounces
  • Type: Automatic
  • Number of beverages: 3
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  • Capacity: 60 ounces
  • Type: Automatic
  • Number of beverages: 6
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1. No products found. – Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia Cadorna Prestige
  • Dimensions: 25 x 38 x 44 cm
  • Weight: 9.6 kg
  • Power: 230 V 50 HZ 1900 W

With 14 different beverages, you won’t have to be afraid that Cadorna Prestige will tire your tastes. Here are just some of the beverages made by Cadorna Prestige:

  1. Cappuccino
  2. Latte macchiato
  3. Flat white

It features cutting-edge new user interface- that thing looks “smarter” than my smartphone.

With 4 user profiles, the whole family can tailor their Cadorna experience. This coffee machine will remember your past choices and preferences, so you don’t have to type in the same things each time. Needless to say, such a prestigious product has an integrated milk carafe, for all those beverages.

If you read our texts on grinding, you’d know that ceramic grinders are the most reliable and venerated throughout the coffee world. Guess which full auto espresso maker features ceramic burrs? You’re right, Cadorna Prestige.

This product is also extra quick, thanks to a special boiler mechanism.

  • Impressive frothing system
  • Quick brew mechanism
  • You’ll be able to brew up to 14 different beverages
  • First year (free Gaggia service)
  • A lot of accessories (grease tube, measuring spoon, intenza filter…)
  • Prestigious price

2. No products found. – Espresso Machine

Gaggia 1003380 Accademia
  • Dimensions: 28.2 x 38.5 x 42.8 cm
  • Weight: 17.8 kg
  • Power: 230 v 50 hz 1500 W (first boiler);
    120 v 60 hz 1500 W (second boiler)

Accademia is somewhat older than the first product, but it’s still a solid all-arounder.

First of all, the whole bodywork was done in stainless steel- so no worries about the quality of the construction. The interface is in color, which isn’t that big of a plus but Gaggia really tried to emphasize this feature.

There’s also the integrated milk carafe and automatic cleaning. Indeed, cleaning a coffee machine can be quite boring and demanding. Especially with that nasty scaling and accumulated oil.

Accademia features adjustable milk foam levels, so everyone can put exactly as much as they wanted. Like most Gaggia products, Accademia also has the so-called Optiaroma. What is Optiaroma? In short, it’s the ability to choose the exact quantity of coffee used for making one cup of our favorite beverage.

There’s also a special cleaning system used only by the milk circuit. On top of it, you’ll also have a cup warmer, which is the trademark of real baristas.

The double boiler system will further reduce the brew time as if Gaggia products weren’t quite fast in the first place. As far as the grinder is concerned, you’ll have 8 selections which is absolutely fascinating. The water tank is also quite large (1.6 liters) so you won’t have to refill it every now and then. The same goes for the bean container and milk tank. In total, you’ll have max 16 pucks with a full bean container.

The cherry on the cake is the simultaneous double brew option.

  • Large water tank
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling
  • Double boiler system
  • Quite large and heavy- it won’t be that easy to move it around
  • Consumes a lot of energy
  • You’ll probably have to empty the drip tray quite frequently

3. Gaggia Viva Chic - Espresso Machine

Gaggia Viva Chic
  • Dimensions: 20 x 29.7 x 26.5 cm
  • Weight: 3.8 kg
  • Power: 230 v 50 hz 1025 w

With this espresso machine, we’re entering the territory of Gaggia manual products. Compared with the first two articles, Viva Chic is quite simple. There’s not that much technology, but Viva Chic still has a rotating knob for adjusting the options. More specifically, with this knob, you can choose whether you want an espresso or steam for frothing milk.

This maker features the so-called “crema perfetta” filter-holder. This holder is suitable for both ground coffee or pods. 

There’s another Italian gimmick on Viva Chic- classic “pannarello”. What is a pannarello? This is the part that transmits the steam to milk frother. The classic pannarello allows you to customize the espresso-making process. This is one of the biggest advantages of manual espresso machines over full automatics.

It will hold up to 1 l of water, while you’ll be able to simultaneously make max 2 cups of coffee. It’ made of aluminum and plastic- but the product is surprisingly heavy considering that it’s made from these lightweight materials.

  • Classic pannarello (great milk frothing experience)
  • Much more affordable than most Gaggia full automatic machines
  • Suitable for both ground coffee and coffee pods
  • The water system rarely (but it still happens) malfunctions and spurts water all over the place

4. No products found. - Espresso Machine

Gaggia Carezza Deluxe
  • Dimensions: 21 x 30 x 28 cm
  • Weight: 5.8 kg
  • Power: 240 v 50 hz 1900 w; 120 v 60 hz 1300w

Probably the best accessory featured by Carezza Deluxe is the temperature gauge. This allows you to choose the best moment for espresso extraction, and we all know just how this is essential.

If you’re using a manual espresso machine, you should really pay attention to the timing aspect. Especially if you’ve only started to get in touch with the barista world, you’d need the temperature gauge.

Most manual machines don’t have the automatic cleaning option, but Carezza will do the basic cleaning all by itself. It will also warn you when descaling is necessary, which is another great perk. You’ll have to do the descaling manually though.

There’s also the indispensable cup warmer- something that adds to the classic feel of manual espresso machines.

The interface is completely analogous- there are no fancy screens, knobs, and things.

Capacity is also Carezza’s strongpoint- it will hold up to 1.4 liters of water.

  • Automatic cleaning
  • One of the best Gaggia products capacity-wise
  • Pre-brewing cycle
  • 2 filters (for both pods or ground coffee)
  • With rinse mode you’ll run out of water quite quickly (which isn’t that big issue)

5. No products found. - Espresso Machine

Gaggia Velasca
  • Dimensions: 25.6 x 34 x 44 cm
  • Weight: 8.6 kg
  • Power: 230 v 50 hz 1500 w ; 120 v 60 hz 1850 w

With Velasca we are getting back to the territory of full automatic espresso makers, but this time the territory is somewhat less expensive.

Velasca has all the standard parts, such as ceramic grinder, optiaroma, and quick heating. Unlike the most expensive Gaggia products, this one has the classic pannarello. This is why Velasca will be a great choice for those who would like to retain at least a tiny bit of that traditional feel.

However, with that traditional feel, you’ll also have the so-called “memo function”. Simply put, Velasca will remember the length of your beverages.

You’ll be able to access the containers directly, which great if you want to clean them occasionally. And trust us, you’d want to clean your machine as often as possible. Why? First of all, this will prolong its life, but most importantly you’ll avoid any unnecessary contact with the Gaggia customer service. Customers’ complaints mostly focus on Gaggia customer service, which is why we decided to warn you about this important aspect.

  • A perfect blend of modern technology (optiaroma, “memo” function”...) and tradition (classic pannarello)
  • You can also use pre-ground coffee, besides the beans
  • Both containers (for coffee and water) have great capacity
  • Sensors for detecting coffee levels sometimes malfunction, leading to frustrating situations

6. No products found. - Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Gaggia Brera
  • Dimensions: 25.6 x 31.5 x 44.7 cm
  • Weight: 8.5 kg
  • Power: 230 v 50 hz 1400 w ; 120v 60hz 1250 w

Brera is similar to Velasca in terms of the price range, although it is a bit more affordable. Brera comes in two colors- black or silver. The product itself has a stainless steel finish which is better than plastic and aluminum (featured by some of the aforementioned products).

For a relatively low price, you’ll get all the super automatic options. Let’s just quickly enumerate them:

  1. Descaling warning
  2. Memo
  3. Ceramic grinder,
  4. Optiaroma

Thanks to a beautiful LED display you’ll feel like a rocket scientist, operating a spaceship.

This is a compact machine, and it will fit anywhere. Ok not anywhere, but with a bit of work, Brera will find its place in most kitchens.

The whole brew group is removable, which means easier cleaning and maintenance.

  • Quite cheap, considering all the options, technology, and features
  • Easy to use, thanks to the intuitive and simple interface
  • This machine is quite silent
  • Might be a bit more unreliable than other, more expensive Gaggia super automatics- with hefty service prices (sending the machine for repair), this can cost you another few hundred bucks

7. No products found. - Coffee and Espresso Machine

Gaggia Anima
  • Dimensions: 21.1 x 34 x 43 cm
  • Weight: 7.9 kg
  • Power: 230 v 50 hz 1850 w;
    120 v 60 hz 1850 w (standby mode less than 1 w)

In Latin, “anima” means soul. This is what Gaggia Anima is about- it’s about getting that essence of espresso, and putting it to your table.

Anima has a milk frother but it’s not automatic. After all, not everything has to be completely automatized, it takes away the fun of it. This espresso machine also has programmable brewing (espresso and lungo).

You can control the temperature easily- and there are 3 different temperatures you can choose from.

Most Gaggia products have a 1-year warranty, but this one has a 2-year warranty which is simply great. Gaggia Anima has rather tall spouts, which means that you’ll be able to use various cup sizes without any problems.

Finally, you’ll experience all the benefits of Gaggia’s “Adapting System”. The company is somewhat secretive about it, but it’s safe to say that the machine will learn your habits after a while. Not for those who are already a bit paranoid about technology!

  • Gaggia Anima has an energy-saving standby mode
  • Affordable
  • 5 different optiaroma selections
  • Big water tank
  • The machine will stop pouring the coffee as soon as it detects low water; when you eventually pour more water in, the brewing process starts anew

Top Rated Gaggia Espresso Machines:

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