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The 11 Best Espresso Machines under $2000 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best espresso machine under 2000

Look at it this way, a person who loves good cars will never say something like: “Pff, $3000, for that old Chevy? No way!”. It’s the same with great coffee-lovers. When you look at it from this perspective, paying $2000 for a coffee-maker doesn’t sound that unreasonable, quite the contrary. 

Additionally, even if you are indifferent towards coffee and drink it solely to get more energy, you just have to appreciate the reliability and efficiency of more expensive espresso machines. Even if you are not a car admirer, you might want to buy a car that’s a little bit more expensive but that won’t betray you when you least expect it.

As prices of espresso machines vary quite a bit, we wanted to make it easier for by making a list of 11 best coffee machines under $2000.

We’ll try to cover the whole range- from cheapest to the most expensive products. This niche is so diverse, that even a list of 100 won’t do it justice, but we simply don’t have that much space (and nobody would want to read about 100 different products). So we had to choose only the best ones from each category- portable, semi-auto, lever, fully-automatic, and built-in espresso machines all found their way on our list.  

Out Top Pick
Jura 15097 E8 Espresso Coffee Machine

To conclude, the best espresso machine under $2000 is Jura E8. Simply put, price to quality ratio is the best. It is fully automated, won’t break under pressure, and has loads of good customers relishing in its benefits on a daily basis. It practically does not require any skills so everyone can learn how to use Jura E8.

List of 11 Best Espresso Machines under $2000:

Jura E8
Jura E8

  • Dimensions: 17.3 x 11 x 13.8 inches
  • Weight: 22 pounds
  • Main Feature: 6-Level Aromag3 grinder
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Breville BES980XL Oracle
Breville BES980XL Oracle

  • Dimensions: 16.25 x 15.00 x 18.00 inches
  • Weight: 34.5 pounds
  • Main Feature: Automatically grinds, doses & tamps the required amount of Coffee for mess Free, barista Quality Espresso.You can choose one shot, two shots or manual espresso dose setting.
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Saeco HD8927/47 PicoBaristo
Saeco HD8927/47 PicoBaristo

  • Dimensions: 16.80 x 8.40 x 12.90 inches
  • Weight: 20.6 pounds
  • Main Feature: Easily select one of 15 delicious drinks, or customize it to your taste with Coffee equalizer and save it to one of 6 user profile
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Delonghi ECAM45760B
Delonghi ECAM45760B

  • Dimensions: 18.36 x 10.20 x 14.16 inches
  • Weight: 24.47 lbs
  • Main Feature: The De’Longhi LatteCrema System creates perfectly layered espresso beverages
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Breville BES920XL
Breville BES920XL

  • Dimensions: 14.7 x 14.8 x 14.7 inches
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Main Feature: Dual stainless steel boilers and dual Italian pumps for simultaneous espresso extraction and steaming
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La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II
La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II

  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 16.5 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 62 pounds
  • Main Feature: Steam tip with 4 smaller .9 mm holes
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ProfitecPro 300
ProfitecPro 300

  • Dimensions: 16.34 x 10.04 x 15.16 inches
  • Weight: 39.7 pounds
  • Main Feature: Dual Boiler
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Rocket Appartamento
Rocket Appartamento

  • Dimensions: 17.70 x 10.80 x 14.40 inches
  • Weight: 44 lbs
  • Main Feature: Featuring compact dimensions, the Rubino is sure to fit perfectly on any countertop. Ideal for those where space is at a premium.
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Gaggia RI9700/64 Babila
Gaggia RI9700/64 Babila

  • Dimensions: 16.53 x 9.64 x 14.17 inches
  • Weight: 28.7 pounds
  • Main Feature: One touch brewing and frothing: bean-to-cup feature. Milk carafe includes automatic milk frothing for cappuccinos, and milk froth. Manual steam wand doubles as a hot water dispenser
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Quickmill Alexia
Quickmill Alexia

  • Dimensions: 17.70 x 10.80 x 14.40 inches
  • Weight: /
  • Main Feature: E61 Grouphead with thermo siphon circulation for outstanding temperature stability
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La Pavoni PC-16
La Pavoni PC-16

  • Dimensions: 16.1 x 14.6 x 9.8 inches
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Main Feature: Great steaming mechanism for cappuccinos
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1. Jura 15097 E8 Espresso Machine – Our Top PIck

Jura 609458-15097 15097 E8 Espresso Coffee Machine, 28 cm x 35 cm x 35.1 cm, Chrome
  • Chrome with black accents with TFT color display
  • 12 programmable specialties and 8 programmable levels of Coffee strength

 Jura is Swiss-made espresso machine, which is currently one of the best engineered espresso machines. It is a fully automated and it has many additional features- some of them are optional so you will have to ask your provider for these other possibilities.

This means that user only need to select his favorite coffee and this espresso machine will make it for him.

The knowledge of texturing techniques or ratios with milk will not be needed as the espresso machine does everything for the user. The machine has an interface which is controlled by many customizable options on a small LCD screen. It has options such as to save 16 different variations of drinks and to choose selections of beverages. 

The grinder is quiet and fast and it outperforms the competition in the industry.  One good feature on this model is also adjustable spout which is good for travel mugs because they can be pretty weighty.

Simply put, Jura E8 is in our opinion probably should bear the title of best coffee machine under $2000.

  • One of the most versatile espresso machines on the market.
  • Designed so it’s easy to clean.
  • BONUS Energy saving feature!
  • It produces some of the greatest epsresso drinks
  • Getting used to it and to its many settings can be tricky.

2. Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine

Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel
298 Reviews
Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • The Breville Oracle fully automatic delivers third wave specialty coffee at home using the 4 keys formula; It has a professional Dual Boiler construction that delivers unparalleled temperature control and simultaneous extraction and steaming
  • Dose Control Grinding: The integrated precision conical burr grinder automatically grinds, doses and tamps 22 grams of freshly ground coffee, for maximum flavor

This espresso machine is similar to Jura E8 it is only less-automated with similar price. Many functions are hands-free but still some of them are automated.

For example, the grinder automatically grinds, doses the amount of coffee which is needed for the user’s beverage but still the user will be required to transfer portafilter before extraction, but thankfully this isn’t that challenging to do.

 Instead of using integrated milk system for hand-free milk frothing user has to pour milk in the pitcher and place it under spout. Even though it isn’t fully automated the wand is capable of self-cleaning. Breville has a black and white LCD screen, with rotary knobs and buttons for programming. It is easy to use and it is allowing more of control over variables like temperature, espresso volume and dose.

 Breville also features a one touch button for quick and easy Americano-style drink. The external look and interior shows that is it made of good, high-quality materials such as dual boilers and Italian-made pump with integrated temperature control.

  • The material that it’s made out of is super durable.
  • Comes with a lot of accessories.
  • Easy-to-use design.
  • It may be a problem for some that all of its parts have to be individually cleaned by hand.

3. Saeco HD8927/47 PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco PicoBaristo Super Automatic Espresso Machine, 1.8 L, Stainless Steel, HD8927/47
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew. 2)It is important to note that the amount of espresso extracted will vary depending on the grind size and amount and reprogramming may be needed when the size and amount are adjusted
  • Easily select one of 15 delicious drinks, or customize it to your taste with coffee equalizer and save it to one of 6 user profile

PicoBarista is also fully automated espresso machine and has some high-end features on it. It has a modernistic, sleek design with high end internal part such as 15 bar pump, a single boiler which is capable to immediately brew drinks one after the other, grinder which has 10 settings, removable brew group for simple cleaning and also pitcher with automatic frothing mechanism.

 It is controlled with a touch screen control panel which can customize up to 15 different drink, also it can save up to 6 user profiles. As said earlier it has a modernistic and simplistic design which means that it will not take much space on the countertop.

The components are easy to remove so it is also simple to clean, also the steaming system has an internal cleaning mechanism. This machine gives basically all main functions hand-free so the user only needs to choose the drink and just wait for some time (hopefully not too long- if you’re waiting too much, it’s time to contact customer service!).

  • Product size compatible to almost any kitchen.
  • Very easy to keep clean and to maintain well.
  • A lot of options to choose from!
  • Some larger cups may not fit.

4. Delonghi ECAM45760B Espresso Machine With Latte Crema

De'Longhi Eletta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine with Latte Crema System, Black
195 Reviews
De'Longhi Eletta Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine with Latte Crema System, Black
  • Fresh Espresso for every cup the integrated burr grinder with adjustable settings grinds fresh beans every time to ensure maximum freshness. You can also use pre-ground in the second chamber – your choice of regular, specialty or decaf.
  • The de’longhi lattecrema system creates perfectly layered Espresso beverages, with dense, rich, long-lasting foam in every cup from start to finish.

This espresso machine is somewhat comparable to the top pick, but regarding of quality of the materials, components, and design, it is lacking the characteristics that set apart the best espresso machines form the rest. 

It features similar grind system like Breville with some adjustable setting for roughness of grinding (fine, extra fine).

Like on Jura it has a second chamber which allows the user to add side ingredients. Latte Crema system is unique when compared with other espresso machines on this list. In some way the milk is maintained in canister which will automatically steam and froth, the wand has a self-cleaning system, and refill of the canister is pretty much simple.

Delonghi is capable of making 11 various drinks without any additional-programing needed. The front panel has a small LED Screen with small numerous buttons which are controlling temperature, volume, frothing and bean grind. It is not advanced like the other espresso apparatus on this list so it can feel little bit outdated. Heating up is instant because it has a two thermoblocks and switching between extraction and frothing is easy.

  • Great, consistent-running machine with great results!
  • Additional Lattecrema system that has a self-cleaning button!
  • Basic, yet simple design and easy-to figure out.
  • Some parts are made out of plastic, so they are a bit more fragile than the ones that are made out of more durable materials.

5. Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

Breville BES920XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Note: 1)Too coarse a grind, too little coffee, or insufficiently tamping the grounds before brewing can all lead to inadequate pressure for a proper brew. 2)It is important to note that the amount of espresso extracted will vary depending on the grind size and amount and reprogramming may be needed when the size and amount are adjusted
  • The Breville Dual Boiler with commercial features delivers third wave specialty coffee at home using the 4 keys formula; It has a professional Dual Boiler construction that delivers unparalleled temperature control and simultaneous extraction and steaming

This machine, unlike others from the top of the list, requires some skill because it is semi-automatic. The model features a dual

boiler with a dual Italian 15 bars pumps for simultaneously extracting and streaming the coffee, a valve to limit extraction for perfect shot, PID Controller which is for regulating temperature, an LCD screen and a removable water tank.

This model does not have built-in grinder so you have to buy one separately. This might be a bit of a hassle, even though here we’re talking about coffee machines under $2000.  Now that we look at it, it actually has quite a lot of tech-gimmicks considering that it’s semi-automatic espresso machine.

The wand is easy and comfortable to use it is perfect for making latte or cappuccino. Because it has its own powered boiler it can froth and brew at the same time. It is also capable of making a perfect micro-foam for some eye-catching latte art. Barristas will love this espresso apparatus!

  • The dual boiler feature makes a huge difference when you have to hand out many cups.
  • Easy-to fit anywhere, does not take much space.
  • Good material that will ensure a great durability.
  • The steam pressure power is not amongst the highest ones out there.

6. La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II Espresso Machine

La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II BLACK Espresso Machine
  • NEW Redesigned Top Cover
  • NEW Redesigned Portafilters

It is designed for commercial and home use, it features two boilers which allows for simultaneous brewing and steaming, precise real-time thermostat for the boiler, a dual manometer which displays pressure for getting the perfect brew and steam boilers. Mini Vivaldi II has a power steam pressure which is perfect for making microfoam quickly.

It is available in two models 15- and 20-amp variations. One downside of this espresso machine is that heating the boilers usually takes up to 5-10 minutes. In other words, Mini Vivaldi II is not so great for people who have coffee shops, bars and restaurants, since you’ll likely find yourself overwhelmed in these situations if you don’t have a fast a high-quality espresso machine

It is made in such a way to be always on, even though there is a switch to turn off the large boiler. This is due to the long heating time- in other words, don’t turn it off, otherwise you’ll have to wait a lot to make some nice coffee. The sides on the machine and drip tray are made out of plastic, but this plastic is of high quality, and it won’t break under pressure. On the top it is also having some sort of cup warmer that doesn’t have an integrated grinder and pre-programming does not exist.

  • Dual boilers, includes thermostats, and pressure-meter.
  • A great option for home users!
  • Very classy appearance.
  • Not the fastest boilers, but the double makes up for it in a way.

7. ProfitecPro 300 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

One of the smallest espresso machines with dual boilers on the market, the machine is categorized as a semi-automatic. It has a small PID display which shows the temperature of the coffee boiler and brewing time in seconds.

The pressure lines inside of the machine are made of copper and braided steel which means that it is designed for long-lasting experience.

It has a programmable ECO-mode and the steam boiler can be turned off with switch to save the power. One nice feature is the automatic shut-off meaning when machine has reached low water level then it will shut down. As mentioned before, Profitec Pro 300 has smaller boilers then the usual dual boiler machines, and because of that some users think that this espresso machine cannot really reap the benefits of this ingenious system.

  • Also very compatible for home usage with its ECO mode.
  • Heats up to temperature very quickly.
  • Its small size is the biggest pro for some people with limited kitchen space.
  • Smaller boilers means more time spent boiling when multiple cups have to be prepared.

8. Rocket Appartamento Espresso Machine

Quick Mill Rubino Espresso Machine Commercial Grade For Coffee Shop Or Restaurant Manual Expresso Coffee Machine Cappuccino Machine Rocket Espresso Machine
1 Reviews
Quick Mill Rubino Espresso Machine Commercial Grade For Coffee Shop Or Restaurant Manual Expresso Coffee Machine Cappuccino Machine Rocket Espresso Machine
  • COMPACT AND POWERFUL. Featuring compact dimensions, the Rubino is sure to fit perfectly on any countertop. Ideal for those where space is at a premium.
  • 1.8 LITER SINGLE COPPER HEAT EXCHANGER. Comparable to the Rocket Espresso Appartamento, the Rubino provides all the same features PLUS extra at a lower price. Handmade in Milan, Italy.

As the name itself implies the machine is designed for more confined spaces, but this does not mean that Rocket Appartamento underperforms, or that its small sizes affects the quality of the drink. 

Its design has an analog “vibe” with big stainless case and circular cuts-out, big control knobs, with an analog bar meter (this espresso machine is basically fully analog, with nothing digital in it). It is available in two colors- white and copper (additional costs on copper).

It has a heat exchange boiler which can simultaneously steam and brew. The Appartamento has a dual pre-infusion, which is quite unique- pre-infusion works in a way that the water flows out gently making cream-rich extractions.

Even though the machine is small, it includes a 1.8l liber boiler and 2.25l water tank- E61 brew group. The downside of this small machine is that it does not have an insulated boiler which can result in slightly reduced temperature stability.

But this instability will perhaps only be noticed by the experts, while the “amateur” user will really be amazed by this espresso machine. The cup warmers rails are made out of plastic, so this is sort of a downside, one of the rare ones, to be honest.

  • Simultaneous brewing and steaming.
  • Analog design with no sorts of complications using it.
  • Temperature stability is not its strongest point.

9. Gaggia RI9700/64 Babila Espresso Machine

Gaggia Babila RI9700/64 espresso Machine, Stainless Steel
107 Reviews
Gaggia Babila RI9700/64 espresso Machine, Stainless Steel
  • One touch brewing and frothing: bean-to-cup feature. Milk carafe includes automatic milk frothing for cappuccinos, and milk froth. Manual steam wand doubles as a hot water dispenser
  • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: 1 bottle of Gaggia Descaler, 1 AquaClean Water Filter, 1 Water Hardness Test Strip, 1 Tube of Brew Group Lubricant, 1 Brew Group Brush, 1 Coffee Scoop/Grinder Key

Gaggia is categorized as an automatic machine but still, user will require some skills to make a good espresso. For example, milk-frothing system is not quite advanced so you will need to handle all the nuances of lattes and macchiatos to get the final texture.It features a removable 50.7 oz water reservoir.

It also requires maintenance because it doesn’t have a self-cleaning system. Numbers of drinks available for this model is 8, which is nice but still not as good as the competition above. The extraction is analog rather than digital like in others, it uses a flow-knob for adjustments.

It features a grinder which can also switch between two modes- whole bean and pre-ground. Spout is similar to the one on Jura, capable of filling even the larger coffee mugs if needed.  The black and write LED screen offers some pre-programming options, but it is not advanced like in others. Still it is a reliable machine for coffee drinks and it will make some beautiful espressos

  • Incredibly customizable for optimal preffered drink
  • Easy-to clean as the brew unit can be entirely removed
  • Easy to Access to Water Reservoir

10. Quickmill Alexia Espresso Machine

Quickmill coffee apparatus is probably the most “manual” of all we’ve mentioned here, it requires good timing and skills. Using this machine is more like an old school experience.

Even though it’s fairly “manual”, it offers PID temperature adjustments, easy access expansion valve, three position power switches, simple pull out tray. Another good accessory is a cup warmer which will keep your drink nice and warm.

This coffee maker is made out of stainless steel, and even though it is mostly manual it is a user-friendly espresso maker and simple to clean. This machine gives more control and more hands-on experience than others, no digital features such as pre-programing.

To conclude, more professional baristas will probably love this product, as it allows you to put your whole personality in the art of making coffee.

  • Good for baristas who like a “hands-on experience”
  • Simple-to clean
  • You’ll need to work more around this one
  • Only one arm for steam and hot water
  • Milk-based drinks, steam wand can be annoyingly slow.

11. La Pavoni PC-16 Professional Espresso Machine

La Pavoni PC-16 Professional Espresso Machine, Chrome
91 Reviews
La Pavoni PC-16 Professional Espresso Machine, Chrome
  • Professional-style machine
  • Attractive chrome base

This machine is not for the newbies. It requires pretty good knowledge of coffee-making, and it won’t be the best choice for those who want to make it simple and quick. It is a manual machine which means it has a lever which is allowing the water to infuse the coffee grounds.

By pulling the lever it depresses and pushes the hot water through the portafilter to complete the extraction.  In other words, everything depends on you and the amount of pressure you put- it probably takes years of hard practice to get this part right!

With different amounts of pressure, you can change the espresso strength and flavor. It has big 38 ounces boiler which means that you’ll be able to make two big cups of espresso before refilling. The only downside is that user need to wait up to 10 minutes to remove the cap of the reservoir because it needs to cool down.

It has only one button which is used for turning on and has a streaming mechanism for cappuccinos. La Pavoni espresso machine is made out of chrome-plated brass with stainless steel base.

  • The non-electric aspect does not influence the great results of the product!
  • It is an art getting to know the entire process of manual coffee making.
  • Great material, super durable.
  • It takes practice to perfect the technique, especially for newer coffee enthusiasts.

What to Consider When Buying a Coffee Machine Under $2000

When buying an espresso maker, the user needs to pay attention to these factors: durability, grinding capacity, water storage, frothing capability, is it simple to clean, is it simple to storage and the design.

best espresso machine under 2000


Some machines are not designed to work all day, a small machine might break or overheat if it is used a lot.  Espresso makers also need to be able to handle a lot of pressure, so keep this in mind when trying to find the best one for you- especially take a look at the parts that are attached directly to the boilers, for instance.

Grinding Capacity

There are two types of espresso machine which comes with or without the grinder. If the machine is without the grinder then the user will have to invest more, and buy a nice coffee grinder. If the user looks to brew for many people the machine should have a higher capacity grinder.

Water Storage

Broadly speaking, espresso machines can hold up to 8 cups of espresso. Some of the machines have a reservoir or you can also connect them directly to a water source. If buying are buying an espresso maker that connects to a water source, you should first check the piping routes and reroute them properly so you don’t experience any inconveniences such as leaks etc.

Frothing Capability

Most espresso machines come with a frother system unless it is really low budget.

Cleaning system

To maintain a functional espresso machine, it should be cleaned regularly. The user should find out is it easy to disassemble and reassemble it with ease. On the other hand, you can also find an espresso machine that has an automatic cleaning system.Storage

Whether you are a daily coffee drinker or you simply like to drink espresso from time to time; you should consider the storage options. Some machines can be big and heavy, quite challenging to carry around. For example, if there is no space in kitchen to store safely the machine, user will maybe be forced to put it in the garage, and garage is not a perfect place to store an espresso machine they could get rust or even getting knocked over which can result in catastrophe.


The design is also important thing to look out for. For example, you should pay attention to   the spout location- if it is in weird angle, pouring will be difficult and this will result in in a myriad of little inconveniences that will make what should be a pleasant coffee-making experience into daily hassle.

Conclusion: Which is the Best Coffee Machine Under $2000?

The Ultimate Shot - as this is one long list with a lot of products, it was hard for us to choose only one ultimate product- which is why we chose 2 best espresso machines. Gaggia RI9700/64 Babila is by far the most high-tech, modern espresso machine we described in this text. It is at the same time the most expensive one.

Nespresso Essenza Mini- is the polar opposite of Gaggia- it’s small, rather cheap, but nevertheless, it doesn’t fail to provide nice rich-tasting coffee.

Phew, that was a lot of espresso machines. No wonder all we want to do know is sit for a little while and slowly sip some high-quality espresso.

Joke aside, we think that now you have a much better perspective than before reading this text.

In other words, you are now aware of the diversity of espresso-machines- moreover, there is so many of them it simply impossible to even briefly examine most of them.

This is why we’ve comprised this list. We hope that you will be able to make your choice and choose at least one or two we’ve mentioned here.

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