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3 Best DeLonghi Espresso Machine Reviews in 2023 (Updated list)

best delonghi coffee machine

De’Longhi “DeLonghi” is based in Treviso, Italy, the cradle of good coffee and espressos. It was founded way back in 1902, and they’ve been making a variety of products ever since.

Now they are producing bar pump espresso machines, grinders, accessories, Nespresso systems, espresso filters, among many.

Coffee-related products are their “main thing”, although they also manufacture things like multicookers, electric ovens, kettles, toasters, and deep fryers. In other words, they practically have anything that would come in handy in your kitchen.

Finally, DeLonghi products are affordable- although there are some that cost well over $1,000.Today we will present you the 3 Best DeLonghi Espresso Machines

Why Should You Pick DeLonghi?

You might be asking yourself, what is the best way to brew a cup of espresso?

I’m here today with DeLonghi’s newest product line that’s made for coffee lovers. They offer an elegant and easy-to-use machine in compact Italian design that you’ll want on your countertop!

These machines are programmable so they can create exactly what kind of drink you’re looking for while saving time spent cleaning up after brewing.

For less than $200 bucks, these high quality products will keep your company going strong all day long! And when it comes down to customer service and repairs – don’t worry about anything because we’ve got it covered.

3 Best DeLonghi Espresso Machines

1. De’Longhi ECP3120 – Best Budget Option!

best delonghi espresso machine

For the price (about $100), this is one versatile espresso machine. It will make single and double espressos, latte macchiatos, and cappuccinos.

This DeLonghi coffee maker will brew drinks with nice, foamy topping, and creamy textures. The milk frother is manual so you’ll be able to improve your barista skills each time you brew your morning coffee!

With the Advanced Cappuccino System, there will be no waiting between cups. The bottom tray can easily be adjusted so it can fit taller as well as shorter cups.

The water tank is easy to remove, and, most importantly, it is easy to track the water level so you can refill the tank in a timely manner. All parts are rather easy to clean and dishwasher-safe.

Finally, with an elegant, compact design, this espresso maker will easily fit in even the smallest kitchen. Some people even use it for making Cuban coffee, so this is another perk.

Needless to say, there are some cons that just have to be mentioned. Most importantly, this isn’t exactly the most robust and sturdy coffee maker on the market, quite the contrary. But, it’s extremely cheap, so it’s not like anybody fools you or anything.
  • Affordable
  • Versatile- makes espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos
  • Compact
  • May malfunction and stop working

2. DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Our Top Pick!

best delonghi espresso machine

DeLonghi really did their best with this coffee machine! First of all, DeLonghi Magnifica has a built-in Patented Cappuccino System, that will consistently provide you with the richest, most creamy foam texture on your favorite caffeinated drinks.

Like many other super-automatic espresso machines, Magnifica also has a rotary control panel that’s very intuitive and easy to use. All settings and presets are programmable, so you’ll be able to customize your DeLonghi experience.

Coffee spigots’ height is adjustable- you can make all sorts of drinks, from the shortest ones to the Starbucks biggest coffees like Grande, Venti or Trenta. Espresso, Americano, latte, macchiato – Magnifica will make them all.

The bean container can hold about 8.8 ounces of coffee beans. Magnifica has a built-in grinder that’s easy to clean. Medium roast beans with less visible oil are the best ones for this product.

With cleaning tablets, you’ll be able to seamlessly clean your favorite coffee maker. This product is also environment-friendly as it has a 3 hour Energy Saving automatic shut off.
  • Built-in grinder
  • Smart Cappuccino system
  • Instant reheat
  • The grinder may malfunction and get stuck

3. Nespresso Lattissima Pro

best delonghi espresso machine

Thanks to a special Automatic Cappuccino System, the foam on your drinks will be rich, dense, and long-lasting – it will stay even if you like to slowly sip on your coffee. With 19 bars of pressure, Nespresso by DeLonghi will get the most out of your coffee without wasting even a tiny bit of the scent and aroma.

Thanks to the integrated carafe, you’ll always have some milk available for your favorite latte macchiatos and cappuccinos.

The carafe is removable, so you can put the leftover milk in the fridge after you’re finished with coffee brewing. This product has extremely fast heat up time – your espresso will be delivered in a matter of seconds.

Nespresso by DeLonghi uses special capsules, so there’s no need to grind the beans or anything like that. Making coffee was never this easy or fast! That’s what makes it one of the easiest and best Delonghi Coffee Machine to use

Finally, it has a big water container (1.3 l or 44 oz) which is a lot, especially for a coffee maker that’s this compact. Although scaling can be a problem, this product has a smart descaling mechanism – the system will alert you about the water’s hardness, and the descaling pipe will do its job nicely. The energy saving function will turn the machine off after 9 minutes of inactivity (although this period may be manually extended).

  • Rapid heat up time
  • Smart descaling program
  • Made from Aluminum
  • Compact
  • Some customers say that this product doesn’t make good lattes
  • Some coffee lovers may be reluctant about using the Nespresso capsule system

THE VERDICT: Which Is The Best De’Longhi Espresso Maker?

Editors Choice

Our personal choice is Magnifica. It’s nice, elegant, and slick, besides being able to make impeccable coffee. Furthermore, it’s affordable and it delivers high-quality coffee!
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  • Best bang for buck DeLonghi optionDe’Longhi ECP3120 – Simply put this coffee maker is extremely cheap and will get the job done. What more can you ask for? Yes, there are some complaints, usually about some non-essential, superficial features, but this is to be expected. After all, when you buy a cheap watch, you probably don’t expect it to fly off to the moon. Just be realistic, and you’ll be amazed by De’Longhi ECP3120
  • Best DeLonghi Coffee Maker – Without a hint of doubt, the best product on this list is Magnifica. The name says it all, it’s magnificent! It’s not even the most expensive product on this list, which is another reason we’ve chosen it. Magnifica will make all sorts of coffees, and won’t demand much in return. This is a automatic machine so pretty much everything is automated.
  • High-end productNespresso Lattisima by De’Longhi – Compactness, quality, versatility, this espresso maker has it all! Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than other DeLonghi products, but for a reason. Finally, $ 600 for a great capsule espresso machine is not that much.

DeLonghi mostly makes affordable espresso machines that will brew rich, strong, and tasty coffee. The Italian company has a knack for coffee and other related products and should please the tastes of most cappuccino, latte macchiato, and other caffeine beverages.

As you’ve seen your choice depends on the myriad of factors that come into play: budget, available space, idiosyncratic requirements, etc. And in the end, it comes on you to choose the best DeLonghi Coffee Maker. Let us know which one did you choose in the comment section down bellow