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Barista Must-Haves: Coffee Making Tools And Accessories

essential barista tools
essential barista tools

Essential Barista Tools

All baristas, whether professional or amateurs have their favorite coffee making accessories. Sometimes, the tiniest coffee making accessories are baristas’ favorites, and for a reason- while these tools for making java are seemingly not that important, they help you make the best possible coffee and give it that important finishing touch and your feel.

Gadgets like these are a perfect present for someone crazy about his favorite caffeine beverage. Coffee gadgets are also nice gifts for those who are only starting to make their brews. Besides finding coffee accessories gifts, this type of additional gear will come in handy in any coffee shop, bar, or even restaurants.

Needless to say, there are many essential coffee accessories, and your pick depends on the exact type of java you make. Making espressos, French Press coffee, macchiatos, cappuccinos, etc., necessitate various kinds of accessories and miscellaneous coffee gear. We’ll also mention a few coffee accessories stores which are known for the quality and utility of their products. Most java gear can also be purchased on the Internet, but some customers simply like to go to a real-life shop and see it for themselves.

Finally, most of the products we’re about to describe are quite flashy and elegant-looking, which is another great thing for professional baristas who love to show off their skills using the best tools possible.

Our Favorite Pick

The one product that we recommend to all of our beloved coffee enthusiasts, the Baratza Encore has to take the prize for that. We don’t have to say much here since we already said everything great about this automatic grinder, but once again, if life has been hard lately, it is time to go for the automatic, stress-free experience every time you make yourself a cup of Joe.

Hand Grinders

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

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You will make no mistakes with JavaPresse Manual Grinder! Sometimes it happens that you buy a „coffee grinder“ and the instruction manual says „not for espressos“. This is most surely not the case with JavaPresse but you’ll have to work a bit to get that fine espresso grind. After all, that’s what you would expect when you buy a manual grinder.

With this tool, you’ll get an adjustable grind selector that’s fabricated built-in. Another good thing is that you’ll get a code to get a free bag of whole coffee beans that you can later use to test your new JavaPresse. Free coffee here we come!

Jokes aside, this is a very durable and sturdy product- there are practically no plastic parts that will fall off or break, so you’re safe in this aspect. This product also has quite a funny ad, check it out if you want, while you purchasing this great coffee tool.

  • Sturdy, durable, high-quality stainless steel
  • Adjustable grind selector
  • Ceramic burrs
  • The Only downside is that you’ll have to work hard for your fine grind!

Akirakoki Manual Coffee Bean Grinder

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While this may look like something that came straight from the 19th century, there’s no reason not to try Akirakoki. Besides having a fabulous name (it sounds kind of Japanese). After a bit of research, we’ve found out that this product is made in Taiwan, which speaks for itself in terms of quality.  First of all, this product is made from wood (solid block of wood). The iron conical burrs utilized by this grinder don’t produce heat in the process of grinding, which means they won’t affect the taste of your beans. Coffee grinding and travel have never been so close!

Needless to say, this accessory is quite silent so it won’t wake up your roommates or family when you wake up early and want to start the day with a tasty cup of java.

When you come across tools like these, you may think that we complicate things with all those electronic accessories! And you may be right, especially if you consider the quality, price, and efficiency of Akirakoki wooden Mill.

  • Old-school wooden mill
  • Iron conical burrs
  • Easy storage and cleaning
  • Grind consistency may be a problem

Hot Water Kettles

Bonavita Electric Goosenexk Kettle

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We would all like to have enough time to make our brew, have the best coffee you can ever get from your household, but some people are not entitled to this privilege. Some have to have coffee on the go, they are in a rush, they have to go to work, so they have 5 minutes to make their coffee. T

he main ingredient of your cup of Joe is water, and you need boiling water to make it. This takes a bit of time on the stovetop, and if you leave it and forget it, it can boil over and create a watery mess all over the hot stovetop, which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but you don’t want it anyway.

If you invest in a hot water kettle, you will boil water much faster, you don't have to watch over it and they all have some sort of a sound sign when they are done boiling, so you know when it’s time to add the coffee.

Plus, kettles work in a manner when water reaches boiling point, they stop heating it, so that’s another great side to these accessories. Overall, they make boiling water from simple to very simple, and way faster. On Amazon, you can find great coffee accessories like the Bonavita Electric Goosenexk Kettle

This amazing product gives you boiled water in a minute or two maximum, with its 1000 watt heater, with even distribution of heat. Its design is complementary to its great functionality, it looks very modern, with stainless steel coating and an elegant and fancy so-called “ gooseneck“ for the better and more controllable pouring experience.

This is a great option for people who don’t have much time on their hands to make coffee from scratch, this way, boil water, add coffee and it’s up and ready!

  • Nice and elegant design
  • Fast, quick and efficient
  • Gooseneck for better pouring experience
  • At times, you have to clean the inside so the limescale doesn’t accumulate too much

Automatic Grinders

Baratza Encore Automatic Grinder

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So earlier we were talking about hand grinders, how they work, and what options we seem suitable for the average coffee enthusiast or even professional enthusiast.

On the cons table, we only said that you will have to work a bit harder for your beans, so if this does bother some people, the automatic grinder is the thing for them.

You have a lot of great options out there even for a price of under 20 bucks, but the absolute best that we can recommend is the Baratza Encore Automatic Grinder.  This one is so versatile and practical, with its 40 grinding options, so the size regulation won’t be a problem if you invest in having this product. The great thing about this one is that during the grinding process, it makes the beans cool, so they won’t release any premature flavor before you make it into a coffee.

One great thing about it as well, it makes minimum noise, so your housemates won’t yell at you in the morning because you are making noise while they are sleeping. This one was actually on the list for one of the best coffee gadgets in 2019.

  • A great number of grinding options, super versatile
  • Keeps the beans cool while grinding them
  • Keeps the noise to a minimum
  • It is a bit more expensive than some other products, although for a good reason

Baratza Encore Automatic Grinder is a great option for caffeine lovers, and it is extremely easy to use. Its design is fairly simple: A big GRIND button at the front, and on the side, you can adjust the grind to your personal preference. Froma average enthusiast, to coffee maniacs, this is one of the best out there for them.

The Aeropress

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

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Aside from all the coffee machines, tools, and gadgets, that are all great by the way, you have some coffee accessories with some specialty.

For the example, The Aeropress is a very simple, several-part contraption that betters your coffee tasting experience. This one does not require any electricity, it is optimal for carrying, if you wanna go camping, why couldn’t you have great cups of joe in the morning on your trip as well? It includes a part for aerating the coffee, the good old brewing part, and it comes with a few useful tools for measuring and such.

Nonetheless, a great tool for coffee lovers that can travel with you anywhere, it creates a minimal mess and the result is a richly flavored cup of Joe that has also a rich body.

  • Easy to carry with you, lightweight
  • Multiple tools for a variety of options
  • Great caffeine beverage experience!
  • It may be hard to keep track of all the individual items that are included in the kit

Frequently asked questions(FAQs):

Where are the best coffee accessories near me and how to get them?

This one is pretty straight-forward, a lot of shops that sell electric equipment such as computers or washing machines, also include pretty much all of the mentioned types of products, except maybe from the manual grinders.

What are the best coffee accessories in 2019?

Two of the products mentioned here, the Baratza Encore Automatic Grinder and the Aeropress all fall into the list as some of the best accessories out there in 2019.

Are the accessories worth it?

It depends. They are for sure not the number one priority when it comes to the kitchen, but if you do drink coffee on the regular, you should consider buying at least one gadget that suits your needs, because it saves a lot of time and the coffee drinking experience is increased as well.