About Me


Hello, my name is Ivan, and I am an insatiable coffee-drinker.

After trying strong, “Turkish” coffee for the first two times, I thought that I will never be able to drink that appalling beverage (or so I thought at the time).

However, with a bit of perseverance, I grew accustomed to it, and now I can gulp copious amounts of Turkish coffee without batting an eye.

However, the thing that got me hooked is espresso. While, on the one hand, espresso has the kick and bitterness of Turkish coffee, it is much tastier and, let’s be honest here, much fancier.

After trying espresso, I wanted to try all types of coffee. Shortly after, it became evident to me that this was an impossible task. As I researched more and more, it dawned to me that there is practically an infinite number of coffees in the world. Now I just want to try as many as I can, and perhaps travel the world while trying to find those rare coffees like Kopi Luwak.  

I also try to brew my own coffee as much as I can. Unfortunately, this is not always possible so I have to rely on fast, cheap instant coffees for my daily doses of caffeine.

I also like to regard coffee drinking as some kind of social event. In my country, people don’t just come to a coffee shop, drink their coffee, and part ways. Coffee drinking is much, much more important here. People come to a cafe and sit for hours, talking about their ideas, problems, and other things that happen in their lives. You can even regard it as a special type of “psychotherapy”. Coffee is also a good way to establish strong bonds with neighbors. In the Western world, I think that people are slowly becoming more and more isolated, and they should most surely drink more coffee in good company. Not sure which one is better, good company or good coffee, but in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

My enthusiasm for coffee sparked a lively interest in caffeine and its benefits. By doing my own research, I learned that caffeine is an extremely useful substance.

Recently, I’ve experimented a bit with French Press coffee, but it seemed kind of weird and not really nice. Generally, speaking, I don’t like the American way of drinking coffee- especially not the drip and percolating methods.

I might even develop a plan to introduce the more relaxed, laid back style of drinking coffee to the Western market. Of course, people won’t necessarily like it, as everybody’s hustling a lot nowadays, but who knows.